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Posted - 27 Oct 2001 :  16:37:11  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
UCC Redemption proponents offer 'cure all claims' and 'silver bullet solutions' to present dilemmas in the struggle for freedom and independence. One of the reasons the world is in such trouble today is because we are to willing to sign on to offers that sound to good to be true. If we will grab at straws in desperation why not grab at strawmen? I believe there are some deadly flaws hidden among the truths of the UCC redemption process.

Before going to Ur, Abraham and his people lived in the Indus Valley. They left because of conflict with the Asuras who were "The mercantile caste". What do they mean Mercantile caste and what was the conflict all about?

When the Bible says Abraham was led throughout all the land of Canaan the term meant something particular. Canaan means merchants or traffickers which is what the Asuras were.

Trafficker of what?

Human sweat and blood. To live by the blood and sweat and toil of your brother rather than your own sweat is a form of social cannibalism. It was a covetous system imposed on men by men.

This is really what UCC is all about, merchants of mankind.

"For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." Revelation 18:3

Commerce has to do with the buying and selling of goods having "profit as the chief aim" which means 'gain'. Gain and profit is not a matter of mere exchange but includes the idea of increase, usually at someone else's expense.

In looking for a good definition of commerce the best one I found was from The Devil's Dictionary (C)1911 which says, "COMMERCE, n.. A kind of transaction in which A plunders from B the goods of C, and for compensation B picks the pocket of D of money belonging to E."

It is interesting to note that the US Census is no longer done by the Department of Interior but by the Commerce Department. Birth Certificates are also registered with the Commerce Department, not only in this country but in many others. Many nations did so around 1957. So, is the Census merely an inventory of commodities available for trade or collateral?

Birth Certification by the Federal government through the State and local Counties is nothing more than adoption of a child as a child of the state where by the State becomes the father or Parens Patria.

It is not by consent or apparent consent alone that one may be subjugated as a commodity or mere Human Resource. It is also by participating deeds.

The Social Security systems also plays an important role in sealing the fate of a people (in other countries these systems are called by other names, all bound together by treaty). Social Security is both a Corban which Jesus warned against [see Mark 7:11] and a corvee system of statutory labor [not unlike that slavery in Egypt] where by a portion of your sweat, blood and tears becomes the property of the State in return for the security and protection of that exclusive corporate society.

"UCC Redemption" is supposed to protect you from the surety nature of the Social Security system.

What "UCC Redemption" does is make you solely responsible for any and all debt. It removes you from the collective debt but does not remove the liability. You become your own redeemer, beneficiary and fiduciary. You do not become the owner of your self but the owner of your debt and surety responsibility. Many will become angry at the idea that there may be a real debt. Let us assume for a moment spiritual and physical debt are as linked as body and soul.

Yet, Michael the Archangel, when contending with the devil in dispute about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee [see Jude 1:9].

If you keep your Certificates and surety number [SSN] you will still fall under their power and nothing will stand between you and them. You will stand naked in the World.

Expatriation is the key. Abraham, Moses, Israel and the rest of the people, priests, and Levites often found it necessary to expatriate and separate themselves from the commercial parens patria type systems that have appeared throughout history. This was also true of the early "Christians". Redemption is the answer, but how should that redemption be accomplished?.

Moving from citizenship in the "United States federal democracy" [a legal corporation] into the American Republic in which that corporate government does exist is the first step to expatriation. But, in the law of nations, a true Republic has no standing except as a loose group of naked individuals standing on the land. An individual is not a nation.

In a true republic, the leaders are only "titular". Because of this, the representative leaders do not have real treaty-making powers. If they are granted such powers, the freedom of the individuals of the republic is diminished considerably.

The constitution did not create a Republic. It created the corporate US federal democracy within a Republic which, being organic, has continued to metamorphose itself into the present bestial state of control, exercising authority of elite men over the others. The more you are involved with this corporate entity, the more power it develops to regulate your life. It's ability to make agreements on your behalf is greatly expanded. The federal Government takes on the role of Parens Patria, your protector and father.

"Patronus (Lat.) In Roman Law. A modification of the Latin word Pater, father. A denomination applied by Romulus to the first senators of Rome, and which they afterwards bore."

"A person who stood in the relation of protector to another who was called his 'client.'" Black's 3rd Ed. page 1338.

"Excise (excise taxes or tribute), in its origin, is the patrimonial right of emperors and kings." Vectigal, origina ipsa, jus Caesarum et regum patrimoniale est.

Government and its power is based on indebtedness or the right of the Father over his sons or adopted children. Adoption often begins with certification.

Expatriation in the United States Code is found in TITTLE 8 - ALIENS AND NATIONALITY CHAPTER 12

To expatriate alone does not include repatriation to another sovereignty. There has never been any Nation or Kingdom that has presented the perfect law of Liberty better than the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

[See TITLE 15, Sec. 15h. Applicability of Parens Patriae actions: STATUTE- Sections 15c, 15d, 15e, 15f, and 15g of this title shall apply in any State, unless such State provides by law for its non-applicability in such State.]

Parens Patria action is not applicable in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth because we are commanded so:

And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. (Matthew 23:9)

To make such a statement was a shock to those who thought man's governments and the Roman political and judicial system, its peace and commerce was good for society and business. Since Rome and the US are identical systems, modern Christian "patriots" would find that statement unbearable if they ever understood it.

In the original Greek text we find the Latin word pater, meaning 'father'. Pater was used everyday as a title of address in reference to the Senators of Rome and of course the Emperor (and before him the pro council) was referred to as 'the father of the senate' and therefore 'the Empire'. The Romans developed an elected congress called patres consritpi, the conscripted fathers.

So, we can assume that the people of the day when they heard the word pater, they knew what Jesus was saying.

The Apostate Church and church type organizations do not preach the good news of the kingdom of Heaven on earth nor the perfect law of Liberty. They instead crown men kings over other men, call for submission to those who would rob widows and orphans, who would take your sons to run before their chariots, who would kill the innocent and mine the wombs of your daughters, who devour the weak and covet the wealth of all. They have hidden the Kingdom of Heaven from the people and have turned God's world upside down and Making the word of God of none effect through their traditions

So, where is the Kingdom of God on earth? We always think of Kingdoms as land, but the most essential ingredient is that of men which are made of land anyway. Abraham knew this and so did Moses and Jesus.

Land has always been an essential ingredient to sovereignty, even of a Parens Patria position of the Father. In this case, the land the individual freed men are standing on is generally not their own land, nor do the individual states still have title to their land.

Land ownership, of some amount, somewhere is essential to the Law of Nations. It establishes domicile and freedom. This is why God has always had His kingdom of Heaven on earth. Often through individual Patriarchs from Adam to Noah and Shem to Abraham and Moses to David and finally Jesus the king.

With expatriation and repatriation one need not claim fraud or mistake but there may be a reason to do one or the other. The prodigal son, Luke 15:13.

I do not deny that there has been fraud in the creation of this world system, but I do believe that fraud should not be our first claim to voiding the relationship. The reason that I prefer the claim of "mistake" in reference to these constructive contracts is because 'mistake' focuses our attention on the beam in our own eye rather than the speck or beam in their eye. If we do not deal with our own foolishness we will simply be deceived again. Also it puts the burden of proof on them. A minor point but it sets the stage for where we should be going.

Since intent is the key element of a lawful contract, e.g. a meeting of the minds, the claim of "mistake" on our parts will work just as well as the claim of fraud. As distasteful as it may sound, in both cases, whatever tax that appears on the books should be paid-up for a number of reasons.

Many will tell you that you can leave such imagined obligations behind and "they can't touch you". This was not the advise Jesus gave Peter. Neither Jesus nor Peter owed the tax, nor did the remaining disciples. But because Peter made the mistake of saying that his master paid the tax, Jesus advised him to pay it. If Jesus is not reason enough, then I will point out that if you claim other than US citizenship by virtue of Rule 877 of the IRS codes (for what appears to be tax evasion), they have already claimed the right to confiscate all your property. This is done regularly and will continue to be done.

According to their own laws, you may expatriate to another recognized country at any time as long as you do not do so to evade taxes or apparent obligation of a preexisting nature. See:

"The 666 section" ..."HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT OF 1996," also known as Public Law 104-191 - 104th Congress, An Act." ... section 511 through 513 that provides for the forfeiture of property of anyone who losses his/her United States Citizenship (within the meaning of section 877 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986). ...

Should you use the UCC forms to escape the power of this system?

The use of the "UCC Redemption" form (UCC-1 Finance Statement) is a claim that there was no 'mistake', that you agree with the constructive contracts, and you are taking the responsibility for any debt. You may claim fraud, but that is just saying that you believe those managing things have committed fraud. You are now taking over their responsibility that was once held collectively. The UCC is not within the U.S. alone, but worldwide.

It is that SSN number [and the certified membership it expands and represents] that brings you into debt subjugation and or vulnerability.

"Redemption is deliverance from the power of an alien dominion and the enjoyment of the resulting freedom. It involves the idea of restoration to one who possesses a more fundamental right or interest. The best example of redemption in the Old Testament was the deliverance of the children of Israel from bondage, from the dominion of the alien power in Egypt." according to Zondervan's Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible

There is only one nation whose king has not joined with the New World Order of Rome and yet is recognized by that order: The Kingdom of God on earth. They have proclaimed His Kingdom in an official document nailed on the cross and sealed in blood and renewed in modern Law. If they back out now, then their own blood is forfeited. They have a blood debt to the kingdom of God on earth.

The best example of redemption is Jesus Christ. You are redeemed in His Kingdom when you expatriate from the one you are in and repatriate to His.

Moses, by adoption, became the heir to the house of Pharaoh and therefore had title to the household of Pharaoh. When he said let my people go, he was talking about his property. Moses did not want to rule over the people, but set them free within the limits they could endure. This was not unlike like Abraham when he "exited" Haran and built his alter of earth, adamic clay.

Abraham had gone from, exited, the Indus Valley to Ur, Ur to Haran and finally expatriated when his father simply started another UCC authoritarian system in Haran. Moses Expatriated. He left his father's family.

Israel was a Theocratic Republic with individual patriarchal families at its core until the people went under a King. The Israelites expatriated again under Rehoboam. The Kingdom of Judah became the remnant of the Kingdom of God on earth under the Parens Patria of the House of David.

Jesus was the Highest son of David and therefore king of Judea. He was proclaimed by the people and by Rome which the Kingdom of Judea had invited into the country for the sole purpose of making such decisions. Jesus was a King according to the World Order then and now. He would not appeal to Rome, treaty with it or submit to its authority and neither would his followers which included at first of tens of thousands of those citizens of Judea who followed the way of Jesus. They then spread out through out all the nations.

Jesus appointed ministers to His Kingdom. "And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me;" [Luke 22:29]. They were not like the rulers and princes of the gentiles (nations). They could not exercise authority one over the other but were true servants, clerks of the Kingdom. These ministers and clerks spread a faith that created a dark age for tyrants.

There had been a split in the kingdom. Those that followed Jesus were the true Kingdom of God on earth, the Kingdom of Heaven which was "at hand". Those that denounced their inheritance by saying they had no king but Caesar were out, barring themselves from the promise.

In the following years this Kingdom of Heaven on earth was spread through out the world. Men were free to choose another king or not. For years Kings and centralized governments were constantly set back on their road to conquest. Why? Because Christianity was offering a new government of Liberty that operated on charity, love and faith through individual responsibility.

It was not like the government of the gentiles that exercised authority one over the other so in history it does not stand out like the dictators, depots and tyrants so well recorded in our public school texts as heroes of civilization. About mid millennium one of these would be Caesar had ventured out of his castle long enough to raise the ardor and contempt of the people. Men marched on his princely lair to teach him that tyranny would not be tolerated. His emissary went to meet this militia of freemen in hopes of negotiating a peace. After several weeks he came back frustrated saying he could make no treaty with their King for they say they are all kings.

Today, in the world, the United Nations, and the New World Order recognize the Kingdom of Jesus, but they are focusing on the false clerks and ministers who claim to be that Church. This is what happened at the time of Jesus with those who had usurped the priesthood by lies, distortions and the bloodshed of Zacharias and the prophets.

"The law of Truth was in His mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity. For the priest's lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he [is] the messenger of the LORD of hosts. But ye are departed out of the way; ye have caused many to stumble at the law; ye have corrupted the covenant of Levi, saith the LORD of hosts. Therefore have I also made you contemptible and base before all the people, according as ye have not kept my ways, but have been partial in the law. Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers?" (Malachi 2:6, 10)

If you come out of the U.S. but continue in the ways of Canaan, then you have gained little to nothing. If you use "UCC Redemption" so you can continue to use the numbers of that system, then you are still bound. Social Security is a Corban system which Jesus preached against. There is no such system in the Kingdom of Heaven.

"And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived." Revelation 18:23

If a father and mother wish to be cared for in their old age they better start taken care of their children and raising them to be men and women of independence, love, patience and charity. Social Security System is also a Corvee system of statutory labor that Moses had led men out of. Our children are not held in service to them by anything more than our service, and love to them. If you have not rid yourself of the numbers of the system or its nature then you are not free of these systems. If you claim UCC redemption, then the debt is on you. To redeem is to take ownership by paying a special price. If UCC redeems you, then you must pay the price.

If you are redeemed in the Kingdom of Jesus on earth, which is still at hand, then His Blood, His Kingdom and His Coverture stands between the armies of Pharaoh and you. The seas will part before you.

We should find out what the Kingdom of Heaven on earth really is all about and what it really looks like and repatriate there for He, Yeshua, has provided our redemption in His Kingdom on earth where in which a real salvation is waiting for our times.

The ekklesia church does not sell the truth nor freedom with multilevel marketing plans. We do not charge for admission to the sermon on the mount. We are not Patriots of our Father in Heaven for profit. What we have received, we freely give.

The Church, like the Levites and porters, was instituted for a reason. "For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" (see 2 Peter 1:11).

This is what we hope to do as brothers at The ekklesia Church with the same Father in Heaven coming together in His name, e.g. with the Character of Christ.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are sons of God. For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. (Romans 8:14,15)

You are Welcome to join in the Kingdom.
Peace be on your house
Gregory at the
Phone: (541) 943-3208 Fax: (541) 943-3268
Via Summer Lake Post Office,
Summer Lake, Oregon [97640]

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Posted - 23 Jul 2002 :  15:28:04  Show Profile  Visit rdm's Homepage  Send rdm a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
While I appreciate the sentiment in the above analysis of the UCC Redemption process it is based upon many false statements and doesn't get us any closer to the actual Redemption we have in Christ, Jesus (Yahshua).

What I agree with is the need to seperete from the false artifices that the "Merchants of Mankind" have created and charge against us (i.e. The Strawman). The author states "the UCC is all about, merchants of mankind." I have to answer, "Yes, and how do we overcome it?" How do we rebut it? How do we repent of the many contracts and covenants we have made with these merchants for a mess of pottage? As we shall see the UCC Redemption processes offer a way to accomplish this repentance so we can truly claim freedom and be free indeed.

To condemn without offering an alternative is simply to be a critic, not a liberator. The author (Greagory?) hasn't given us a path to the promised land, only condemned us in our servitude. Thus they aren't liberators but have only given us more greif with no remedy.

The primary false conclusion proposed by the author is as follows:

""UCC Redemption" is supposed to protect you from the surety nature of the Social Security system. What "UCC Redemption" does is make you solely responsible for any and all debt. It removes you from the collective debt but does not remove the liability. You become your own redeemer, beneficiary and fiduciary. You do not become the owner of your self but the owner of your debt and surety responsibility. "

This is simply rebutted with some basic common sense:

How does this process make you "solely responsible for any and all debt"? The assumption is we become the "owner" of the strawman and its debt and surety responsibilities". Where does this idea come from? How does a creditor (one who is owed) become the owner of the obligation to pay what is owed?

The reality is a creditor is a receiver of the what is owed, not the one obliged to pay the debt. The UCC Remption process is used to place the living flesh and blood man as the receiver of any and all obligations owed by the STRAWMAN. This makes the living man the receiver of the debt, not the "owner" (as in one obliged to pay). How can any other conclusion be arrived at?

So the author bases his whole conclusion on false assumptions that are simply illustrated as unrepresentative of what the UCC Redemption process actually accomplishes.

What the UCC processes offer are a way to rebut and find remedy against these contract/coventants imposed on us by the merchants. Like David, we only have to find the "stones" to stand up to these "giant" merchants and pick up their sword (the UCC) and cut off their head with it. The very weapon used against us can be turned back upon the user with a little courage and knowledge.

The author of the critical article has a good handle on the ultimate redemption of mankind through the Christ, Jesus. This redemption has already been accomplished. We have been freed and redeemed, but we gave it away for a mess of potage by signing up for benefits from the state. So the problem is really not that we need to find redemption in the Christ, Jesus but to get back what we gave away through contracting with other "gods" (i.e. the State). So we really need to be taught how to repent from these covenants. This is what the UCC Redemption process helps us do.

We are faced with the problem of overcoming man's presumptions that we are still slaves to his system. This is our task - overcoming the world through our testimony. How do we testify (by testiment, affidavit, etc) this redemption when we've told the state we give them our allegiance by the covenants/contracts we made seeking their benefits? How can the state think any different of us if the only testimony they have from us is our applications to them?

For a full understanding of how the process works you can download two free seminars at MV Spoken Word Hotline Server. For instructions go to:

Get- Cracking the Code 3rd Edition and
Regaining Freedom Thru Private Contract.

These will help you understand the truth about the UCC Redemption strategies that allow you to remove yourself as surety from the obligations placed upon the STRAWMAN (Your Name in ALL CAPS). The "redemption" is from the presumptions made through the UCC processes that you, the living being, is liable for what they charge against the STRAWMAN. It allows you to redeem these charges from the merchants and claim them as receiver (creditor) of all that is charged against the STRAWMAN. It gives you a way to "overcome the world's presumptions" by exercising your right to Redeem what was given away without compensation.

So the truth is the UCC Redemption stategies are not about redeeming your soul, but for repenting from the contracts/covenants we have made with other gods (i.e. the state, bankers, etc). It is truly a liberating procedure to perfect our repentance and stand upon the Testminent we have of our ultimate redemption in Christ, Jesus.

Office of the Overseer for the Popular Assembly of Redemptive Dominion Missions, a corporation sole, and his successors.

Edited by - rdm on 23 Jul 2002 16:06:46
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Posted - 23 Jul 2002 :  20:16:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Your posts to the on-going debate about Redemption on the Ecclesiastic Commonwealth Community website, have been interesting and enlightening. (Even in spite of the bad spelling!) I have a copy of "Cracking The Code," and am working my way through it. Do you know of any Chat Groups or other Networks associated with this subject? I have been in the process of "Redeeming" myself for several decades -- though the legal aspect has piqued my interest for only the past few years.

The problem is -- whom to believe? Randy Lee seems to have some answers. So does Gregory (I am awed by his over-all knowledge of law and history.) And even Irwin Schiff has had success with the IRS Monster. BUT it is all so recondite! One must have the knowledge of a lawyer (and more!) to stave off the assaults of Ceasar and his minions. Is this practical for everyone?

I once [briefly] considered becoming a lawyer to help the poor multitude who are being raped by this Whore we call Government. However, it soon became clear that almost all of my character had to be compromised, to remain an agent of of the court of Ceasar. (ALL lawyers belong to the bar and are therefore agents of the court. Judges are only lawyers in black robes.) It is the old fallacy of "working within the system" -- only to be swallowed up by it.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Be Well,

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Posted - 23 Jul 2002 :  21:44:03  Show Profile  Visit rdm's Homepage  Send rdm a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
--- George Daniel <> wrote:
> Your posts to the on-going debate about Redemption on the Ecclesiastic
> Commonwealth Community website, have been interesting and enlightening.
> (Even in spite of the bad spelling!) I have a copy of "Cracking The
> Code," and am working my way through it. Do you have anything to do with
> the book or the organization (BBCOA) promoting it?

Bad spelling, eh? I'm sure my grammar could be improved also.
Which version of Cracking the Code? The Third Edition? It is a much different creation than their 2nd edition. I don't have anything to do with BBCOA besides promoting what they have done that is good. Have you heard their audio seminars and conference calls? You can download them from the MV Spoken Word Hotline Server. Instructions for download are at:

> The problem is -- whom to believe? Randy Lee seems to have some answers.
> So does Gregory. And even Irwin Schiff has had success with the IRS
> Monster. BUT it is all so recondite! One must have the knowledge of a
> lawyer (and more!) to stave off the assaults of Ceasar and his minions.
> Is this practical for everyone?

They all have some part of the truth. The trick is to discover the principles, then find the best method for applying them that best suits your situation. It really doesn't take a lot of knowledge. The hardest part is discarding what we think we know and seeing things for what they really are. Some of this is just too fantastic, too silly, for most people to believe. They find it hard to believe the true state of affairs they find themselves in.

Is it practical for everyone? Yes. Will everyone do it? No. Laziness. Apathy. Cognitive Dissonance. Inability to discern the principles and find a method they can use. Many reasons for their default and unwilliness to seek out what will work for them.

> I once considered becoming a lawyer to help the poor multitude who are
> being raped by this Whore we call Government. However, it soon became
> clear that almost all of my character had to be compromised, to remain an
> agent of Ceasar. It is the old fallacy of "working within the system" --
> only to be swallowed up by it.

Hereford Van Dyke calls himself a non-union lawyer. He says attorney's are not lawyers. He has a very interesting perspective of how a person can become a lawyer without compromising himself. You may want to read his articles at:

> Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe if you could see the utility of what each person can offer, you can best evaluate what you can learn from them? They all come from different perspectives. Different motivations govern their methodologies but they are all struggling with similiar problems.
I enjoy Randy Lee's material for its separatist nature from a spiritual perspective. He gives us a spiritual foundation from which to seperate from the world, while still living within it, where the rubber meets the road... That is, by giving us methods for witnessing our true testimony in a language they can understand.
Gregory shares this perspective but sometimes has a hard time acknowledging the fact that most of us are still stuck in the world of commerce to get the things we need to live in this world. Our disagreements on Redemption are primarily from his inability to see what the UCC Redemption process actually is. He wants to condemn it as some sort of cheap alternative to the spiritual redemption we have in Christ, Jesus. Yet he offers no practical translation of how we can witness our redemption in Christ, Jesus to the world around us where it counts - in the realm of commerce. He is all theory and definition with no application. In other words he offers a lot of understanding without any real application. He has yet to move from teacher to engineer. He has yet to take his knowledge and engineer it into practical applications.
BBCOA and others promoting UCC Redemtpion strategies can help people stuck in this commercial system find a remedy while they seek ways to extract themselves from it and find an independent way of earning the things they need to provide for themselves and their families. These methodologies can be used by believers and non-believers, since they deal only with commercial processes. The UCC Redemption processes can do nothing more than reverse an injustice against you. The new BBCOA strategies with the Name Copyright gives you a way to turn Goliath's sword (UCC) against any aggressor seeking to plunder and pillage you.
The Expatriation advocates show you methods of how to "get out of the system". Some provide strictly Bible-based methods within God's Law (like Geoffrey benRichards barAbba's Exodus from Egypt) for overcoming covenants made with worldly kingdoms. Then there are others who combine Biblical foundation while seeking expatriations strategies from federal statutes like Bernie Besheer's Strategic Withdrawl (to be fair I just got a copy of his book and am still going through it). Randy Lee provides a broader perspective on what it takes to live completely free of the system. But in all these strategies and methods they require a lot of financial independence and where-with-all. And even then they are only defensive remedies.
The thing I like best about the new 3rd Edition of Cracking the Code is it provides a commercial remedy for holding rogue, criminal agents of the government accountable for their actions personally and financially. It is the only method provided I've found that gives a way to achieve true restitution when you are victimized by agents of the state. It gives those willing to stand like David against the Goliath of the state a means of knocking them down and picking up their sword (UCC) and using it to defeat them and restore what they destroyed.

Office of the Overseer for the Popular Assembly of Redemptive Dominion Missions, a corporation sole, and his successors.
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Posted - 11 Aug 2002 :  09:55:04  Show Profile  Visit DanielJacob's Homepage  Reply with Quote
rdm, maybe you can answer this question for me. I listened to the audio on the UCC process and I would like to know this: If the "ALL CAPS" name is a creation of the government, then how, even under the rules of common law copyright, can someone copyright that which they did not create or own? As I understand it, even under common law, the property must be created or owned by the one that copyrights.

Just a thought.

Peace to all.

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Posted - 30 Apr 2003 :  12:46:43  Show Profile  Visit DanielJacob's Homepage  Reply with Quote

I would like your comments on the following article.

Please read the article carfully before you make your comments. I would like both the pro's and con's point of view.

Peace to all.
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Posted - 30 Apr 2003 :  16:14:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Daniel,

There is some good information available there, but most of it is out of date. As you probably gather from reading the text in RED, there is also an EGO problem. Whoever put up the website wants to claim that ONLY they have the answer and everyone else will get you in trouble. Not true. They are also in it to make money. As an example, the videos from Rice McCleod that they are selling for $25 can be ordered from the person doing the recording for only $15 each. But do they tell you that? NO. Here is a link to all of Rice's material.... I will be ordering all of the tapes from last year and this year in the next day or so.

What I see so far, is that no one has 100% per cent of the answers. Everyone is working with only about 80-90% knowledge. We are learning new knowledge almost daily. I am spending 8 or more hours a day in research to verify the materials and to try to add to the knowledge base.

One thing I have found to be consistently true is, that those who really KNOW their stuff, charge almost nothing for you to have it. Everyone else is trying to make an easy dollar on reselling other people's work. For example, if you live in the Dallas area, you can attend Rice's seminars, which are held at 7:30pm the first, third and fifth wednesdays of each month by simply showing up. He does not charge any one that he provides help to. If you feel led to compensate him at a later time, he will accept that, but he doesn't ask for it. He trusts the Lord to provide for his needs.

Another group is Jack Smith in Ohio. His tapes are available for $6 per 2 tapes. His meetings are every Monday night and are also free.

So, that is part of my yardstick for measuring the validity of what people are presenting. If they want big dollars for it, don't expect them to be truthful in what they give you.

Doer, mentioned the book "Cracking the Code". I got a copy a few weeks ago. It is an excellent resource, but it is dated. A lot of the processes are being done differently now. We have learned a lot in one year. But, the book is a worthwhile reference for your library and to understand what UCC is all about.

ADMIN mentioned Expatriation and Re-patriation. Only he didn't mention Re-patriation to what. Also, Expatriation does not free you from the reach of the system for 10 years. I can point you to numerous court cases that support this fact.

If you want more specific or indepth information, please send me a private message.

Peace to all,

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True North
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I also have spent some time studying the redemption process. Not like Lewish and others but I have the aware group materials. About which the website you wanted evaluated said, "Also, Howard Griswold is NOT teaching "Redemption", and neither is the book "Cracking the Code" which was offered on this website a while back, and neither is Qui Tam. And neither is "the aware group" and their $900.00 package...".

I imagine you also have already studied the process but for the uniformed...It is based on several ideas, namely...the strawman ideology, the ideology that since 1933 the system has operated in commerce and the Title 26 ideology that shows a Treasury Direct Account (TDA) $1,000,000 limitation. [From Title 26 USC section 163(h)(3)(B)(ii) which states, "The aggregate amount treated as aquisition indebtedness for any period shall not exceed $1,000,000 ($500,000 in the case of a married individual filing a separate return)."]

The ideology that the flow of currency must continue in this TDA to maintain the system and that all the different laws that contradict each other are part of the commerce system that is now governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). And finally that you can accept for value the charges (affidavits) of the system and charge back these affidavits to the one who issued them because they are based on the fictitious "digitally created" money governed in commerce by the UCC.

Howard Freeman has a paper called the "UCC Connection" on the web that is very informative and I recommend it for recognition of the UCC system and how it could be utilized as a witness to the system concerning the real government of Y'shua.

My analysis of the matter is thus...

We have many members in the body. Those that have the gift of giving are not interested in the type of study of Law that interests those who have the gift of teaching. And so on for all seven different callings of the church.

If one has the gift of giving, money comes easily, in almost every endeavor that you put your hand to. This gift is to provide for the functions of the ecclesia. The redemption process may be necessary for one with the gift of giving and also a call to teach, to be able to balance the teachings of Y'shua with the gift to provide the needs of the church.

For the one with the gift of teaching, it is easy to see that Y'shua is Law and anything that contradicts the commandments of Law must be put away. There is for each an "...hour of temptation , which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth." Revelation 3:10 in which (in my opinion) nothing will stand but Law.

This is not a good analysis of that website or of the Kingdom but maybe it shows where I stand as a talmidim of Y'shua.
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Hi True North,

I also have the Aware Group materials. An almost total waste of money. If you start looking at the laws and codes that they are citing, they are taking only bits and pieces to make their case. You can't do that. It is like taking part of one scripture and building a whole religion on it.

First off, the Aware Group talks about this Treasury Direct Account. There is such a thing, but not as they describe it. The TDA is used for conducting commercial business with the Treasury. If you want to buy Bonds or T-Bills directly you get a TDA. There is no $1,000,000.00 limitation as they describe it. They took part of Title 26 which descibes the maximum dollar limitation that you can deduct home mortgage interest on, and made it say something else.
I have found that about 90% of what is in their material is blatanly misleading.

I have spent 8 to 12 hours a day for 5-1/2 months researching this. I think I have a fair understanding. I am willing to share what I know with anyone who is willing to take the time to understand what it is all about. The path I am following, is the path of Light from our Creator. It is putting him first in all things, and looking to him for guidance and understanding. It is recognizing that his Law is supreme and that everything belongs to him. We are only given the responsibility of taking care of it, while we have the use of it.

Peace to all,

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Thank you for your thoughtful and timely responses. I am going to do more research on this subject. I also agree that if we have the info we should share it not expecting any other reward than what our Father, the Eternal, has put on it. This amount, I believe, is put on the heart of he who receives the information and what value it is to him.

Peace to all.
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True North
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Hey Lewish

I appreciate all your suggestions and input. Your offer to share your research time and effort is appreciated, generous and an example to follow.

I knew that the aware stuff didn't coalese but you pointing out the mortgage section of title 26 (tax code) is a connection I missed. All the signs were there for me but I would not peek out from under the veil I had placed over my eyes when I requested their stuff.

Anytime I find a flaw in someones research I try to slow down and examine the motive of why I want to believe what they are saying. It is sometimes difficult to separate the truth out of a persons' writings when you cannot see their facial expressions and body language. But if one "listen" closely, "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned." Matthew 12:37.

Is your opinion the same for trust and land patent part of their package? I tend to want to throw out all the writings of one who repeats trash or puts together stuff "just" for commerce.

Concerning the UCC, you have your own "path" but look again at Gregory's post at the beginning of this thread. I won't pretend to understand to the depth that this post goes but the burden of proof is on usually on you anytime you move into or parallel with the beast system.

Simplicity is the key. We do not fight the beast, it is finished. Faith and belief are the same in the testaments. In the "new" testament, it is a verb, the Greek word peitho. The same root word everytime. Your action(s) and words place the burden of proof on you or leave it at the comfortors' feet.

"Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him." Hebrews 10:38

"But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul." Hebrews 10:39

The Israelites couldn't believe that water and food would be provided for them in the desert but I have been taking the burden of proof instead of acting in the simplicity of a child.

Abba, Abba ... kodosh, kodosh, kodosh Adonai Tsviot
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Hi True North,

Yes, I think the Aware Group's Land Patent info is about like their redemption at law info. A lot of non-sense.
I do know a person who is an expert in Land Patents. He teaches a seminar that is 30 something hours long. He has been doing Land Patents for people for 28 years. I could contact him, if you wish, and ask permission to post his e-mail address here. Let me know if you are interested.

What I see about the system is this..... As long as you continue to use Funny Money, i.e. Federal Reserve Notes, and as long as you continue to meet and deal with other people, you are going to be dealing with the system of Caesar. Even our Savior had to deal with it when he walked the earth. The question is, what can we do to minimize the effect of our contact with it. To me, that is what the UCC redemption path is all about. I don't know how to put food on my table or pay the electric bill without being in contact with the system. So, what can I do, to insulate myself and my family from its satanic effects. What can I do to keep the beast at bay. Well, for me, I can put up a Commercial Wall that keeps them out. Inside of that I have my Spiritual Wall. Inside of that is where I try to stay. But, when Caesar comes banging against me, I want that outer wall of protection to hold him off. Since it is created from his tools, he has no power over it and no way around it.

If you look at the books of Hosea and Habbakuk, and you put some of each with the other, you can come to the following idea..... In the end days, the slaves of Babylon will use the tools of Babylon to destroy Babylon. That is in essense what I can trying to do in my life. Use the tools of Caesar to destroy any effects of Caesar. Now, before you quote, yes I know the scripture, you can't use Satan to throw out Satan. That is not what I am doing. I am not using Caesar to throw out Caesar, I am using Caesar's tools to defeat Caesar. A big difference.

But, as a warning to others, I am finding that the freer I get of Caesar, the harder Satan is trying against me. I am having to work hard to keep his influence out of my thoughts. So be advised.

Peace to my brothers, and may you too find your path to true freedom,

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Lewis makes a wonderful point.

To be entangled in strategies for the purpose of fending off Caesar, is to place oneself directly in the line of fire. When we STAND UP to Caesar, no matter what strategy is employed, we become a beacon. Then EVERYONE in Caesar's system is ready to take aim at us -- looking, searching for that weak chink in our armor. Therefore we must be extremely knowledgeable in The [Common] Law to defend ourselves properly. No amateurs need apply.

But that is not the least of our concerns. For to live in Commerce, is to place ourselves constantly in jeopardy. It is like a gambler working in Las Vegas. The temptations are always around us, and we must be unbelievably faithful to our cause – which, above all else, is to follow the Voice of our Creator.

Be Well,
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Originally posted by doer

Lewis makes a wonderful point.

But that is not the least of our concerns. For to live in Commerce, is to place ourselves constantly in jeopardy. It is like a gambler working in Las Vegas. The temptations are always around us, and we must be unbelievably faithful to our cause – which, above all else, is to follow the Voice of our Creator.

It is impossible to live outside of "Commerce". One can strive to live outside man's "code" and "statutes", but there is no escaping commerce unless one lives alone on an island.
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During my due diligence I have come across the below content and now submit it for rebuttal to all proponents of the Redemption/UCC theory....


Flaw 1: The birth certificate is not the basis for the creation of credit in this country.

Economic texts and a wide variety of other materials plainly demonstrate the manner by which credit ("money") is created in this country: a bank (or central bank like the Fed) extends credit in exchange for the receipt of some note or other financial obligation made by either a private party or government. At the federal level, the Federal Reserve extends credit to the U.S. Treasury simply by book keeping entry made in favor of the United States when the Fed buys obligations of the United States. In contrast, a birth certificate is not a note or other debt instrument, contrary to what Roger Elvick, Ron Knutt, Wally Peterson or idiots like Dave DeReimer may contend. Simply stated, a birth certificate is not a note, bond or other financial obligation, and it is not sold to financial institutions, contrary to the blatant lies of the "liaryer" promoters of this argument. In short, the birth certificate is not the foundation for the credit used as money today.

Why don't you ask the advocates of this argument to produce some reliable documentation that birth certificates are the basis of credit in this country rather than the instruments mentioned above? It is simply foolish to rely on the word of Roger Elvick. It is even more foolish to believe anything that DeReimer declares.

Flaw 2: The birth certificate cannot be, as a matter of law, a guarantee of debt.

A debt is created by a debtor making a promise to pay a creditor a specified amount of money over a specified period of time. Merchandise purchased on credit involves the buyer delivering a promissory note to the seller wherein he promises to pay a specific periodic amount with interest until the debt is paid. When a borrower obtains a loan, he delivers a promissory note to the lender. A promissory note by definition requires the payment of certain specific amounts of funds to the holder of that note. Is a birth certificate a promissory note? It simply cannot be because the party named therein has no obligation to make any payment of anything to some alleged holder thereof (and traffic tickets, indictments, IRS documents and letters, etc., also are not commercial instruments).

But ignoring for the moment this major fatal flaw, presume for purposes of argument that a birth certificate is indeed a promissory note. The redemption advocates claim that the "straw man" is liable to pay some unspecified amount to some unspecified creditor who holds the financial instrument known as a birth certificate (I have been unable to learn from the advocates the name of the ephemeral creditor). They further argue that the "counterpart" of the "straw man," you, must answer for this debt of the "straw man." This is legally impossible. I view such an argument as evidence of lunacy.

The "statute of frauds" originates from the common law and every state today has a general "statute of frauds." For example, here in Alabama, we have a "statute of frauds" found in Ala. Code §8-9-2, which states that "every special promise to answer for the debt, default or miscarriage of another" must be in writing and signed by the party to be charged. This same type of requirement appears in our version of the UCC, Ala. Code §7-2-201, which requires contracts for the sale of goods of more than 500 bux to be in writing and subscribed by the party liable. Precisely where is your agreement to answer for the debt of the straw man? If such an agreement exists, have you signed that agreement making you legally liable to pay that debt of the straw man? The truth of the matter is that such a signed agreement does not exist. But without your signature to a guarantee making you liable for this debt, you cannot legally be liable.

The advocates of this insanity further contend that the international banks which hold these birth certificates as security for some unknown financial obligation have a claim against you for your whole life, unless of course you "redeem your straw man" by perfecting your claim against him by filing a Form UCC-1 financing statement. Can you really be legally responsible for some debt for the rest of your life? Again, our statute of frauds found at Alabama Code §8-9-2 requires that "every agreement which, by its terms, is not to be performed within one year from the making thereof" must be in writing and signed by the party to be charged. The redemptionists assert that whenever a child is born and his birth certificate is filed in DC and later bought by some big bank, that creditor owns you for the rest of your life. We all know that the average life expectancy of a baby is longer than a single year. Just where is this agreement signed by you (apparently on the day you were born) which cannot by its very terms be performed within a single year? Have you ever signed such an agreement? The truth of the matter is that every aspect of this redemption theory flies in the face of the statute of frauds.

Flaw 3: Our bodies and our labor are not articles of commerce.

The "redemption process" advocates contend that via our birth certificates, we have pledged our bodies and the labor of our lifetimes to those creditors who hold these birth certificates; in essence, our labor is commerce according to this theory. The purchase of these birth certificates is allegedly performed in Washington, DC. However, at this place where federal law clearly applies, federal law declares via 15 USC, §17, that "The labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce." Does this "redemption" argument not plainly conflict with federal law?

Flaw 4: The 1935 Social Security Act did not create an account for everyone born in this country in the amount of approximately $630,000.

In review of the material I have been provided regarding this argument, it is plainly alleged that whenever anyone is born in this country, a sum of approximately $630,000 is deposited into some account at the US Treasury or the Social Security Administration and that this account was created by the 1935 Social Security Act. This contention is utterly false as may be seen simply by reading the act which is posted to the SSA web site.

Flaw 5: The above named account is not the "Treasury direct account."

Neither the original Social Security Act nor any amendment to it created an account known as the "Treasury direct account." However, there is such an account established by Treasury for those who routinely purchase US notes and bonds. A description of this account may be found at 31 C.F.R., part 357 and specifically 31 CFR § 357.20. Those who assert that everyone has such an account know nothing about such accounts. And there is no "public side" and "private side" for these accounts.

Flaw 6: You cannot write sight drafts on the Treasury of the United States via this non-existent account.

If you send any such sight draft to anyone, you will be prosecuted for violations of 18 USC §514 which provides as follows:

Sec. 514. Fictitious obligations

(a) Whoever, with the intent to defraud -

(1) draws, prints, processes, produces, publishes, or otherwise makes, or attempts or causes the same, within the United States;

(2) passes, utters, presents, offers, brokers, issues, sells, or attempts or causes the same, or with like intent possesses, within the United States; or

(3) utilizes interstate or foreign commerce, including the use of the mails or wire, radio, or other electronic communication, to transmit, transport, ship, move, transfer, or attempts or causes the same, to, from, or through the United States,

any false or fictitious instrument, document, or other item appearing, representing, purporting, or contriving through scheme or artifice, to be an actual security or other financial instrument issued under the authority of the United States, a foreign government, a State or other political subdivision of the United States, or an organization, shall be guilty of a class B felony.

(b) For purposes of this section, any term used in this section that is defined in section 513(c) has the same meaning given such term in section 513(c).

(c) The United States Secret Service, in addition to any other agency having such authority, shall have authority to investigate offenses under this section.

Violations of this statute provide for a maximum period of 25 years imprisonment.

A friend of mine from Kooskia, Idaho attended a meeting where Jack Smith of Wrong Way Law spoke regarding this new "redemption process." During a break at this meeting, my friend asked Smith to provide specific authority and documentation demonstrating that this was a bona fide argument. Smith admitted that this new argument was 100% theory.

The "redemption process" is one of the craziest arguments I have ever seen arise within this movement. Yet, people blindly accept this argument without question or investigation.

Latest News About the Redemption Process (Feb. 23, 2001):

This e-mail was received this date; it concerns one of the unfortunate followers of the process who was recently indicted:

Ballard man doubts U.S. existence

By: BILL ARCHER, Staff February 19, 2001

BALLARD - The small Monroe County farming community of Ballard seems an unlikely place for a story with national implications to emerge, but that's exactly what is taking place. One of the community's residents, Rodney Eugene Smith, is involved in litigation that calls into question the very existence of the U.S. government. Smith, 63, seems quiet, polite and soft-spoken in his court appearances. Like about anyone would, he expressed a preference to be seated in the audience gallery during hearings. But unlike everyone in the federal courtroom in Beckley on Thursday, he was in the custody of U.S. Marshals, and therefore, had to sit at the defense table.

U.S. District Judge David A. Faber of the Southern District of West Virginia had ordered him to take a mental competency exam at a hearing on Feb. 5 in Bluefield. At that time, Faber questioned the "nonsensical" motions Smith has been filing in the case involving the serious federal criminal charges he faces.

Smith's life isn't necessarily an open book. At least eight years before appearing in federal court in the Southern District of West Virginia, Smith was convicted in the State of New York for passing fraudulent documents - a felony. A similar set of circumstances led to his Dec. 6, 2000, arrest and initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Mary S. Feinberg.

The charges that brought Smith into the federal courts in Bluefield and Beckley involved passing four "bills of exchange," totaling under $50,000, to various people and entities. The Internal Revenue Service agent heading the investigation characterized the drafts as being associated to "fictitious obligations." Since his arrest, the government's initial complaint has expanded to include charges of possession of firearms by a convicted felon. A Beckley grand jury issued a "superseding indictment" against Smith in January.

None of that seems to faze him. Based on his statements to the court as well as the voluminous number of documents Smith has filed in this and other cases he is associated with in federal court, the entire process seems to be an exercise in "acceptance for value."

The federal government and several states are aware of the entire "acceptance for value" concept. The U.S. Department of Justice is constantly monitoring any surfacing of what they term the "Redemption Scheme." As of June 2000, 16 states including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming have passed at least some laws - in several instances several laws - to protect public officials and private citizens from becoming victims of the scheme.

Much has been written about the evolution of the so-called "redeemers," but the thumb nail version goes like this. Redeemers (who don't refer to themselves by that term) are essentially a composite of several fringe (militia-like) organizations that tend to hold some very strong anti-government beliefs.

During Smith's hearing Thursday in Beckley, Faber made reference to two specific documents that he said helped the court understand some of the phrases Smith has been using in court and in his "pro se" (self-represented) court filings. Faber referenced a paper by Mark Pitcavage, Ph.D., titled "Old Wine, New Bottles: Paper Terrorism, Paper Scams and Paper 'Redemption,'" published Nov., 8, 1999, and "The Radical Common Law Movement and Paper Terrorism, The State Response," dated June 2000, by Denise Griffith and L. Cheryl Runyon.

At the risk of oversimplification, the independent researchers and the state and federal agencies mentioned in the reports, claim that "redeemers" trace their roots to a murky event in 1909, that somehow - in redemption practitioner belief - caused the United States to go bankrupt. Pitcavage states that in the redeemer's scenario, the World Bank gave the U.S., a 20-year moratorium to get its financial act together. However, when that failed to happen, the stock market crashed and America was thrown in the depths of the Great Depression.

Redeemer beliefs, according to Pitcavage and Griffith, are interwoven with significant developments in American history including passage of the U.S. Social Security Act of 1935, and the change from a "gold standard" monetary policy to a money system backed by the Federal Reserve, founded in 1913. The researchers claim a thread of continuity connects present day paper terrorists with high-profile groups such as the Texas Freemen, the Branch Davidians and others.

Griffith wrote that anti-government activity "escalated to unprecedented levels during the 1009s," and referred to the 1992 confrontation between Randy Weaver and federal agents at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, as well the 1993 federal action at the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, Texas, as being some of the more prominent events.

"It was the 1996 standoff at the Freemen compound in Montana, however, that helped shed national light on a quieter, less visible form of protest that is being played out in the nation's judicial system," Griffith wrote. "...the filing of frivolous liens against the property of public officials." She added that clearing the fraudulent liens, "clogs an already overburdened judicial system."

Smith has filed documents indicating that Rodney Eugene Smith will "accept for value" and documents filed on RODNEY EUGENE SMITH, spelled in all capital letters. Smith refers to HJR-192, a House Joint Resolution passed by Congress on June 5, 1933, among the massive federal New Deal package, that redeemers interpret as the nation's declaration of bankruptcy.

Redemption scheme practitioners cite the Uniform Commercial Code as defined in HJR-192 as their vehicle for recovering what they call their "straw men" or "stramineus homo," an entity they claim the government created to serve as a conduit to extract energy from flesh and blood citizens. They claim each person's "straw man" is referenced by the government in all capital letters.

Subscribers to this philosophy appear willing to invest whatever is required of them to liberate or "redeem" their straw man. The passing of fraudulent documents, such as the bogus "bill of exchanges" Smith was arrested for, as well as other bogus documents called "sight drafts" are considered means of liberation, according to Griffith and Pitcavage.

The Treasury Department's Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation issued alerts to banking officials, warning about the fraudulent sight drafts and instructing bank officials to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation if they receive one.

"Your institution should also prepare a Suspicious Activity Report," according to an OCC advisory. "Under no circumstances should your institution honor one of these instruments or submit it for payment."

Pitcavage and Griffith also described a redemption scheme tactic meant to harass public officials. Both explained that, for example, if a police officer cited a redemption practitioner for a traffic violation, the practitioner would fix a "value" to the document - say $50,000 - accept it for value, then submit an IRS Form 1099 naming the issuing officer as the recipient of a gift. Under normal circumstances, the IRS would see the gift as unreported income when the unsuspecting officer filed his taxes.

Faber has proceded very cautiously in Smith's criminal case. The judge stated openly in court that people have a right to voice opposition to the government, however, he made it clear that Smith "is not entitled to harass and interfere with other people," and added that as a federal judge, he has a responsibility "to protect the public."

Faber ordered Smith to have a mental competency hearing exam locally, and scheduled a hearing on the matter for March 5, in Bluefield.

©Bluefield Daily Telegraph 2001

More news about the redemption process: December 13, 2001

12 Michigan Residents Are Convicted of Plotting Against Judges


A dozen Michigan residents who tried to instigate audits of 18 judges by filing bogus reports with the Internal Revenue Service were convicted yesterday on 67 counts of fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion.

The case is one of several the Justice Department has pressed against groups that deny the authority of the federal government and advocate the use of financial frauds to disrupt federal and state government activities.

The defendants watched the last half of their 15-day trial on closed- circuit television sets in their jail cells after repeatedly disrupting the proceedings in Grand Rapids, Mich., before Judge Robert Holmes Bell, the chief United States district judge in Western Michigan.

Each day the defendants were in court they shouted four questions that they believe shield them from all government authority on the theory that the Constitution was voided when President Franklin D. Roosevelt ended the gold standard for federal currency in 1933.

Donald A. Davis, the prosecutor, said that the defendants believed that the four questions "created a perfect shield from government authority." Mr. Davis said the questions were: "What is your name? Do you have a claim against me? Does anyone have a claim against me? I demand, or request, that the order of the court be released to me immediately."

Larry Phelan, the lawyer appointed to defend the leader of the group, Joan Anderson, 50, of Evart, Mich., told the jury that the defendants' beliefs were "ridiculous."

Mr. Phelan said Judge Bell "did the right thing" in removing the defendants "because they refused to be civil and act like adults."

But Mr. Phelan and other defense lawyers argued that the defendants should be acquitted because they sincerely believed that the uniform commercial code was the only valid law and thus they could not have formed the criminal intent necessary to defraud the government and evade taxes.

The prosecution introduced audio tapes of some defendants chuckling about using bogus government checks to cheat creditors.

The jury deliberated for just six hours before convicting the 12 of all charges, which could send them to prison for years.

One of those convicted, Rodger Yates, 66, of Jenison, Mich., had been with the Montana Freemen, whose use of bogus documents and refusal to pay taxes preceded the group's 81- day standoff with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1996.

As part of the plot, the Michigan group issued $550 million of bogus United States Treasury checks that resembled the real thing so closely that the I.R.S. initially accepted one for $750,000. The group also filed reports with the I.R.S. that the judges had engaged in a total of $490 million in business transactions in hopes that the judges would be audited.

Ms. Anderson, in a letter introduced in court, said the bogus reports were designed to "bring the I.R.S. down on" the judges and she urged others to "strike your enemies where it hurts the most."

Some of the 16 judges who testified said that they were worried that the false reports would never be fully deleted from I.R.S. computers.

Mr. Davis, the prosecutor, said the defendants continued to produce fake documents even as they were in jail during the trial. They even sent the Make-A-Wish Foundation a fraudulent $250,000 pledge in the name of Mr. Davis.

The promoters of this "process" are clearly idiots.
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I want to think that it is possible to redeem oneself. That there have been no replies to ItsToDieFor makes me think there is no reply. Does redemption in Jesus require a giant understanding of taxes, legal fiction, code, law, in's and out's of SSN, etc.? If so, then all are doomed. Who is going to spend hours and hours and hours, days and days and days, weeks and weeks and weeks, learning something the government will quickly laugh at as they lock you up. Come on. If there is no magic bullet or simple out, what is the point? It lies within. If redemption from the great whore took studying all Roman law, etc. it is no different than so called needing to be a scholar of the bible to be socalled saved. If the answer is not simple - I do not have time to spend looking at endless volumes of words. That surely is the game they want us to play. Who in providing for his family has the time to become a scholar of the meaningless? Don't kid yourself into thinking your knowledge of redemption is redemption. One who is bound by all the chains in the world can still be free on the inside regardless of his external slavery. THE KINGDOM OF GOD LIES WITHIN. Male/female, Jew/Gentile, slave/free, Christ/Anti-christ are reconcible by each man inside himself regardless of the external flesh. This body even in the mouth of tbe beast is still a cocoon for higher worlds. I NOW GET IT...This is something that has plagued me, I hope it helps you too.

To see more about Christ/Anti-Christ, Male/Female, Slave/Free, Jew/Gentile, please see...

---> <---

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It is well that you bring up these disputes and issues. Caesar has been at this game for centuries, so he has honed his skills at the art of deception to razor-sharpness. The “news” articles are so blatantly slanted that it is laughable. It is not “news,” but obvious propaganda -- solely for the purpose of intimidation.

I will make a few quick points, and leave a point-by-point rebuttal to others more qualified.

“Flaw 1” indeed documents the way that debt is created. This does not negate the fact that birth certificates are the beginning of the process. They are not the security, but they create the security, which is the Strawman. So all those “arguments” in “Flaw 1” and “Flaw 2” are irrelevant. Nice try, though. The rest of the “Flaws” set up a “strawman” scarecrow of their own to knock down. Most of what is said is true, but the Redemption Process does not use these arguments. Sorry, but those arguments prove nothing.

As for the “news” (read: propaganda) story, I have no idea how Rodney Smith is proceeding -- whether his process is correct or not. He is litigating pro se, which is a major mistake right off the bat. So the rest of his process is very suspect. The other “news” story is about some idiots that are out for revenge. That nails them in their tracks, as their motives are corrupted. Their process can only follow in these corrupt footsteps, so they are getting what they deserve.

The above article was obviously written by someone who has no clue about what Redemption is all about. Examples of a couple of bad apples does not negate the thousands of success stories.

Be Well,
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By the way, people are starting to catch on. Caesar is getting mighty worried about those thousands of successful processes. The IRS itself notes that about 25% of people today do not file. What has begun as a trickle has now turned into a stream. The days are but numbered, when that stream will become a torrent. This will eventually catalyze the End Times -- and the downfall of The Beast.

Be Well,

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Well, let's see. How do you reply to a carefully crafted posting of such length that is meant to confuse and mislead others. For example, the story about the man using "bills of exchange", in it did it ever state that they are unlawful to use? No, but it sure implied it. Just go read the Dept. of the Treasury OCC Alert 2003 -0505. It does the same thing. It says they MAY be bogus, but it doesn't say they ARE bogus or that it is unlawful to use them. Half truths and inuendos. Just like the Its2Die4 posting. People have been using bills of exchange since about 1200 AD. I personally know people who have used them. I personally know one man who has been using them for 12 years. The Feds haven't come looking for him.

So, bottom line. I believe that Jesus (to use the english version of his name) died and paid all my debts. That means ALL my debts, whether sin debt, spiritual debt, or world created debt. I am REDEEMED. I owe nothing to anyone but my Lord and Savior. I am using the processes everyone here seems intent on discrediting. If you don't want to accept what has been offered to you, then that is your choice and is well and good.

Peace to all,

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Please understand that my posting was only an attempt to stir debate and to get answers for the points (flaws) made because in my infant understanding of these matters I need help defending this process. I do believe that there is something concrete matter within the theory of Redemption but I wanted to shake the structure to see if it could withstand the forces of intelligent critisisms so that I can learn - that's all, nothing more. I'm in sponge mode now so please let me have it, point for point, if you can defend this guys flaws point for point... Also, it is very revealing and helpful to me knowing that you have acquintances that have used BOEs for years, most helpful. Please tell me where can I find the Treasury Warning that you mentioned? Might you have a link?

Thanks Much!
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The 2003-0505 document:

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