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 Schedule A: "Cracking the Code"
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Posted - 25 Dec 2004 :  03:04:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Publicans and heathen were despised and rejected from the ecclesia and often stoned if caught alone and no Hebrew was advised to go to caesars courts for retribution but rather to the Rabbi!Eg. Leviticus 6:2 If they would not redress the situation they were shunned or punished!
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David Merrill
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Posted - 28 Mar 2005 :  00:13:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Writ of Privilege:

In lieu of a territory the bill of exchange becomes the writ of privilege.
Bill of Exchange Image 1
Bill of Exchange Image 2

The appropriation of birthright, of Biblical promises.


David Merrill.
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Posted - 24 Jun 2006 :  13:40:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by David Merrill

Dear Readers;

I made inference to carefully orchestrated release valve systems to a highly compressed information infrastructure best called “fractional reserve banking”. Confidence and security building measures on the energy based (decrypted) bill of exchange is an integral part of the release valve system but the other operations work in conjunction as well.

Maybe one should accept that every time you buy a doughnut or gasoline for your car, you are building the standard confidence game, convincing the recipient that the debt backing the bill of exchange (dollar bill) has any value. Wealth, in truth is being able to control energy. Truth as I have quoted a respected macroeconomist, is experience. All else is hearsay and information. So now please ponder why I will not provide an image of the bill of exchange. I want you to experience acquiring a certified copy from Cecilia. I snapped a photo the other day of the proof of service of the bill as it was on Cecilia’s computer screen when I walked into the office after another document.

Cecilia’s computer screen

Well she got a little freaked out when she came back with my order and I said, “I will have three certified copies of the affidavit on your screen and likewise three of the accompanying bill of exchange.” while showing her the image of the bill’s Reception # on my Pocket PC. She probably thought I was hacking the computer system there at the clerk’s office.

So I will describe another instance of pressure release in a controlled manner. Study the Warrant below.

Warrant “FILED UNDER SEAL” Page 1
Warrant “FILED UNDER SEAL” Page 2

Something amusing is that Robert Garcia, a deputy clerk in Denver actually called up one of the suitors curing remedy and tried to convince the man that, “Admiralty is antiquated. Nobody does suits in admiralty anymore.” - within two days of Joe O’Hare signing this warrant; “FILED UNDER SEAL”.

Filed under seal means that nobody is supposed to see the warrant but the U.S. Marshal. But imagine trying to make a withdrawal one day and finding your life savings cleaned out of all three bank accounts. That had happened to Ronald Dean of the Joling family. Now I have cleared sharing these documents* with you here on the Ecclesia. Ron is a Christian (non-501(C)(3)) preacher up on the Oregon seaboard. So he calmly (under the circumstances) told the bank president that if he could not produce documentation of authority upon which he had made the seizures, Ron would hold him personally liable for grand larceny. The bank president and security team at US Bank contacted the U.S. Attorney office in Denver and apparently before anyone knew what was happening (rumors of panic and shredding careers by the afternoon) rattled loose the Warrant even though FILED UNDER SEAL. Through reverberation (advanced-resonance inductive plasma physics [at least that is a nice physics term for “leading of the Holy Spirit”]) the Warrant was on my fax machine within forty minutes of Ronald Dean acquiring it – and through at least five intermediaries of only the last one known to me. I called Ron and introduced myself.

Quickly it was revealed that the IRS had been hounding Ron with presentments to the tune of $1.5m. This is ridiculous for a small hotel owner/country pastor but proportionate to the offense of preaching not to tithe under “Christianity” to the Bank and Fund. So it was easy to convince Ron that if he chose conventional attorney representation he would only see what remained of his life savings after the IRS had recovered the $1.5m in alleged taxes due. Well you can guess that while a healthy nest egg, the alleged amount due far exceeded the nest egg. So Ron was quickly convinced he needed to fire the trustee of the three seized trust accounts.

Now we will call the trustee “John”. John was a professional trustee and had just had over twenty accounts, all with US Bank (I think) seized. This is good for scientific rigor because we can get back to John who was fired by Ron and kept to attorney representation for the rest of his accounts. We can see the difference in recovery success between methods. I will get back to John.

Now what was going down I believe about scared the pants off John. Ron wanted me to talk with John and explain how to successfully recover the funds (for all the seizures). John called me from a Denver area code phone number but later denied being in Denver. Well, Ron hired me to draft remedy so I did not share the concerns for the other accounts that Ron did. So John and I never took to the air.

I went straight to work drafting the papers here. You see by the signature line the county clerk in Coos county had not the decency to even file these good people’s cause so Ron sent them for filing at the El Paso county clerk. That worked because the Warrant was federal and also supplemented by being originated by the State of Colorado U.S. Attorney in Denver.

Verified Statement of Right Page 1
Verified Statement of Right Page 2
Verified Statement of Right Page 3
Verified Statement of Right Page 4
Verified Statement of Right Page 5
Verified Statement of Right - Affidavit of Service

You may not know that the bonding avoids arrest of the party deemed liable in admiralty. This is explained in the Statement. So notice that the three year deadline start-date is April 4, 2003 meaning the Bretton Woods Agreements are to be sunset by the same day in 2006.


David Merrill

Just curious. Whatever happened to this eventuality (emphasized in bold here at the end of this quote)?

Did it occur? If so, what is its significance? Was anything erected in its place to carry on status quo?
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David Merrill
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Posted - 24 Jun 2006 :  20:57:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The deadline came and went without any real evidence as far as I could see. However there are some economists that feel the Bretton Woods Agreements was sunset with the '76 Amendments. Obviously Ron Paul felt it was in place to strike a bill to sunset it in '02.

More people are using the BOE these days and of course there are no reports of indictments. Every suitor utilizes the BOE for backing default judgment of a Libel of Review published in common law.

Instead of reaffirming release of feudalist claims, the bankers tried to thwart the BOE with the final rule. I really liked seeing that in the Federal Register. I refused it for cause and since then the Board of Governors and IMF have been hoping to implement the [i]Basel II Accord[i] instead. Since the Basel II Accord allows for conveyances of original estate to transfer wealth without required oversight I am allowing it to go into place. But they are of course having a much more difficult time of getting the verbiage to make that attempt while staying within the law.
final rule
Refusal for cause in the federal register
Departure of John D. Hawke, Jr Comptroller of the Currency

I looked a little for dramatic events around April 4 and also thirty days after. I have some theories but nothing jumped out like the BOE curing on September 11, 2001.

I got some interesting commentary (literally) on the 2006 Government Budget Report today.

[Give my archiver some time to activate the link.]

My first instinct was to squash the little hatchling starling. But I warmed it in my hand and could feel that it was taking comfort in it. It calmed down and slept while I carried it to the federal repository. I figured I could find some college girls to keep it company in its final hours but the few I approached were somehow "good" (That's okay; I'm good) is how to say, "No, the little birdie is your problem, not mine."

I went into a mountaineering shop to buy a raincoat and the sales girl noticed my little friend and knew of a firm called Wildlife Forever. She was going to run it over quickly and even had experience bringing up a hatchling sparrow. So it was quite energetic last I saw and the sad story turned out happy. [Actually I think starlings and I have been at war for twenty years judging by the scoldings I get for simply being near them.]

I wanted it to act up, move around and all for the camera. After a few attempts when I would set it down, it seemed to think I was commanding it to stay still. Finally I got the shot linked.


David Merrill.

Edited by - David Merrill on 24 Jun 2006 21:00:41
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