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 Schedule A: "Cracking the Code"
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David Merrill
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Posted - 27 May 2004 :  03:26:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear Readers;

There has been mention how lengthy the "'saving to suitors' clause of 1789" thread was getting at So that topic has been locked for reading only but the last posting is re-stated here to kick this thread off.

Now if you found the 'saving to suitors' clause thread amusing and maybe even edifying, then some of the nuts and bolts of how trusts (constructive and express) function, in fact how commercial contract law as dynamic international law between vessels (ships as legal names and vice versa) should be a gas. But the real gist, why I named this "Schedule A: "Cracking the Code" instead of ""saving to suitors" II", is removing oneself effectively from the assets list of the public trust operating in bankruptcy and national debt. [Without blowing the gaskets.]

In the mid-seventies a document surfaced announcing the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Harvard Economics Research Project. The document itself was supposedly Top Secret but the contents were quite believable. Of all the places Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars are available I prefer "The Lawful Path" site because it is the only one that just presents the document as found but specially because it contains the schematics and other graphics that I saw in my first reading of the paper over a decade ago.

Quoting from that paper:

Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.

All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?
So much in the same style as the man who butchered "The Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace" - not by changing the document, by spinning it through his introduction (which I must admit I still have to read [I have read the report, just skipped the introduction]) something strikes me as authentic about Silent Weapons. For one thing, I got it from the investigative journalist, Al Carter who claimed to have gotten it from its original finder. The man allegedly bought a surplus Army copier and the document had been hidden inside.

But what really strikes me is the paranoid assumption that the authors believe they are the beneficiaries. It is obvious that the authors feel a lot of discretionary authority as appointed trustees. But it is also obvious that they are questioning externally to themselves about who will be the beneficiaries (of the general public trust).

Again, this is the last Reply on the 'saving to suitors' thread:
Dear Readers;

The highly compressed infrastructure of stellionation, fractional reserve banking is best described as such in terms of parable. Parabola is first derivative of the original condition – the tangent line is the two-dimensional representation of a first derivative.

In 1916 Somerfeld formulated what was assumed to be the perfect number; 137 or the Fine Structure Constant. However Somerfeld had not the sensitive capacitive/inductive fluctuation sensing and transduction of a simple oscilloscope probe with a few millivolts/division sensitivity.

By “perfect number” Somerfeld predicted that the permeability of vacuum and the permittivity of vacuum would cancel the elemental force in the numerator. Thus there would be no units of measure remaining – a perfect numerical quantity. Symptomatic of Somerfeld’s miscalculation is that everything contains a complex waveform; the summation of its natural and harmonic frequencies, minute fluctuations in the inductive properties of various matter itself. But this is further integrated into absolute memory – genome and genetic signature.

Cracking the Code graphic

Some additional reading; New York Times article by George Johnson, Suddenly the Cosmos Looks More Fickle: But since you need a subscription/registration to read the article, I will just tell you that the number of the Qabbalah is 137. KOPH = 100, BETH = 2, LAMED = 30, HEY = 5. But the important thing to notice is the tangent line as parabola/parable.

To get from the first derivative (tangential parable) to the original state, one needs to integrate. Integration is to make whole. This ‘healing’ comes from proper application of remedy; the cure.

RLC theory equations (page 1)
RLC theory equations (page 2)


David Merrill.

P.S. The above two-page RLC theory equations are cited as "Zionism Cancellation Algorithm" on the bill of exchange. Both and more, as you read on are available certified copy from Cecilia at (719) 520-6200. Just give her the Reception #s and a few bucks.

The bill of exchange; I quote myself again, "Cecilia will mail a certified copy to you for a few bucks. (719) 520-6200; ask for Reception Numbers 201099293 7/16/2001 (the bill demands release of claim on August 13, 2001 - exactly thirty days to cure) and 201101604 7/19/2001 (Affidavit of Mailing by a professional process server). Please be informed before you make any acute responses or judgments.
And in addition you may find the Credit River Money Decision; here quoting a "suitors" open-faced group email:
Dear courts of competent jurisdiction;

I hope [name] went forward in establishing a group area. The Ecclesia folks might find that a useful liaison away from my idealistic notions. That seems to be the real obstacle between good people and remedy; this "How do I make them..." and "What do I do when they..."

You know I just keep my interest limited to drafting remedy. But others may find real life experiences quite edifying. Especially people in the real world of buying and selling property and real estate.

My thinking is that the forum, moderated by suitors, may be a place to hash out real worldly problems. You would get the experience I already have - mainly that almost every question these folks ask is pregnant with erroneous assumptions and conditioning that creates colors of authority. It is amazing how easy it is to get duped by an innocently asked question. But you would learn from the mistakes and hopefully get helpful quickly.

Speaking of which a coffee acquaintance outlined his MLM mortgaging plans based on a coordination of interest rates and managing Income Tax breaks. Sounds good but it is based on MORTGAGE (death bond). And the energy-based currency is taking hold with confidence and security building measures in the bill of exchange backing our judgments. He was heeding my warnings to subscribe to the FRB site etc. to monitor expert concerns in risk management but when I brought up the Achilles' Heel of the entire Tontine, the Credit River Money Decision, he glazed over in denial.

I think he prefers to just say since it undermines Capitalism in general it cannot be true.


David Merrill.

P.S. New suitors. You can acquire a certified copy of the CRMD (719) 520-6200 from Cecilia at Reception #203290555; four pages. Enjoyable reading at least. Properly used it may save your home.
Credit River Money Decision Page 1
Credit River Money Decision Page 2
Credit River Money Decision Page 3
Credit River Money Decision Page 4
District Court Seal
Miscellaneous Receipt

Notice the filing stickers on the Credit River Money Decision. Colorado City/El Paso county is the territorial capital (now tourist trap "Old Colorado City" on the West Side of Colorado Springs. Denver is of course the de facto meeting place of the General Assembly and thus considered the State Capital. But notice the document is also available from the district court clerk in Denver. Also noteworthy is the intrepid suitor grabbed the first "Article III" (quoting deputy clerks in Texas on an Internet rumor; a/k/a/ $39 miscellaneaous case jacket) case jacket of the year - "04-X-01".

Edited by - David Merrill on 23 Dec 2004 07:21:18

David Merrill
Advanced Member

1147 Posts

Posted - 27 May 2004 :  17:43:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear Readers;

I made inference to carefully orchestrated release valve systems to a highly compressed information infrastructure best called “fractional reserve banking”. Confidence and security building measures on the energy based (decrypted) bill of exchange is an integral part of the release valve system but the other operations work in conjunction as well.

Maybe one should accept that every time you buy a doughnut or gasoline for your car, you are building the standard confidence game, convincing the recipient that the debt backing the bill of exchange (dollar bill) has any value. Wealth, in truth is being able to control energy. Truth as I have quoted a respected macroeconomist, is experience. All else is hearsay and information. So now please ponder why I will not provide an image of the bill of exchange. I want you to experience acquiring a certified copy from Cecilia. I snapped a photo the other day of the proof of service of the bill as it was on Cecilia’s computer screen when I walked into the office after another document.

Cecilia’s computer screen

Well she got a little freaked out when she came back with my order and I said, “I will have three certified copies of the affidavit on your screen and likewise three of the accompanying bill of exchange.” while showing her the image of the bill’s Reception # on my Pocket PC. She probably thought I was hacking the computer system there at the clerk’s office.

So I will describe another instance of pressure release in a controlled manner. Study the Warrant below.

Warrant “FILED UNDER SEAL” Page 1
Warrant “FILED UNDER SEAL” Page 2

Something amusing is that Robert Garcia, a deputy clerk in Denver actually called up one of the suitors curing remedy and tried to convince the man that, “Admiralty is antiquated. Nobody does suits in admiralty anymore.” - within two days of Joe O’Hare signing this warrant; “FILED UNDER SEAL”.

Filed under seal means that nobody is supposed to see the warrant but the U.S. Marshal. But imagine trying to make a withdrawal one day and finding your life savings cleaned out of all three bank accounts. That had happened to Ronald Dean of the Joling family. Now I have cleared sharing these documents* with you here on the Ecclesia. Ron is a Christian (non-501(C)(3)) preacher up on the Oregon seaboard. So he calmly (under the circumstances) told the bank president that if he could not produce documentation of authority upon which he had made the seizures, Ron would hold him personally liable for grand larceny. The bank president and security team at US Bank contacted the U.S. Attorney office in Denver and apparently before anyone knew what was happening (rumors of panic and shredding careers by the afternoon) rattled loose the Warrant even though FILED UNDER SEAL. Through reverberation (advanced-resonance inductive plasma physics [at least that is a nice physics term for “leading of the Holy Spirit”]) the Warrant was on my fax machine within forty minutes of Ronald Dean acquiring it – and through at least five intermediaries of only the last one known to me. I called Ron and introduced myself.

Quickly it was revealed that the IRS had been hounding Ron with presentments to the tune of $1.5m. This is ridiculous for a small hotel owner/country pastor but proportionate to the offense of preaching not to tithe under “Christianity” to the Bank and Fund. So it was easy to convince Ron that if he chose conventional attorney representation he would only see what remained of his life savings after the IRS had recovered the $1.5m in alleged taxes due. Well you can guess that while a healthy nest egg, the alleged amount due far exceeded the nest egg. So Ron was quickly convinced he needed to fire the trustee of the three seized trust accounts.

Now we will call the trustee “John”. John was a professional trustee and had just had over twenty accounts, all with US Bank (I think) seized. This is good for scientific rigor because we can get back to John who was fired by Ron and kept to attorney representation for the rest of his accounts. We can see the difference in recovery success between methods. I will get back to John.

Now what was going down I believe about scared the pants off John. Ron wanted me to talk with John and explain how to successfully recover the funds (for all the seizures). John called me from a Denver area code phone number but later denied being in Denver. Well, Ron hired me to draft remedy so I did not share the concerns for the other accounts that Ron did. So John and I never took to the air.

I went straight to work drafting the papers here. You see by the signature line the county clerk in Coos county had not the decency to even file these good people’s cause so Ron sent them for filing at the El Paso county clerk. That worked because the Warrant was federal and also supplemented by being originated by the State of Colorado U.S. Attorney in Denver.

Verified Statement of Right Page 1
Verified Statement of Right Page 2
Verified Statement of Right Page 3
Verified Statement of Right Page 4
Verified Statement of Right Page 5
Verified Statement of Right - Affidavit of Service

You may not know that the bonding avoids arrest of the party deemed liable in admiralty. This is explained in the Statement. So notice that the three year deadline start-date is April 4, 2003 meaning the Bretton Woods Agreements are to be sunset by the same day in 2006.

HR 3812 Page 1
HR 3812 Page 2
HR 3812 Page 3
HR 3812 Page 4

A couple weeks later Ron was still using the same account for small change when the ATM told him there were no funds. Ron thought, “Oh God, they’ve done it again.” But when he went inside and checked all the money had been restored to all three accounts. However the bank wanted Ron to sign a waiver of indemnity (for US Bank) before they would allow him usage of funds. Well it sounded like the lady at the bank heard how ridiculous that sounded as she said it; even without Ron laughing. So the bank issued apologies to all recipients of rubber checks.

But later I heard that John was trying to convince Ron that the action and papers did not exist because John had tried to get the clerk in Denver to produce the filing; nope. But John has had marginal success recovering “some” of the seized funds and encourages Ron how much trouble the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is in. Rumor has it that John Ashcroft and U.S. Attorney (State of Colorado) were only trying to seize four accounts on hard evidence with the warrant but a zealot at US Bank thought he was doing Public Law 9/11 a big shot-in-the-arm by attaching any and all suspicious looking “sovereign” trust accounts. That’s plausible for a rumor. Even if it came from John, I like it.

Well judge for yourself the authenticity of the seal. It sounds as though if you do not have it, you cannot get it; at least from the United States. I am certain however that you can acquire it in its state before filing in Denver from the Cecilia.


David Merrill

* It is noteworthy that the amount seized was what one might expect from someone with honest business practices, hard-working for decades and good saving and money management skills. But the great thing is that the amount is not mentioned in the Verified Statement of Right. This is important to understand this is simply the report of theft; not a civil action.

Edited by - David Merrill on 27 May 2004 22:22:22
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Werner Maximilian
Senior Member

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Posted - 27 May 2004 :  18:19:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a story.

I live in my body. In order to keep my body alive, I shelter it in a small house in Colorado Springs. I built this house on land in my stewardship. The house is solar powered for the most part and is very comfortable and warm; it suits me well. I admit to having certain sociataly (is that a word?) induced pyscosies. Of course, that means I think I'm well adjusted. Like most of you who are here (virtualy) not all of my conditioning has stuck and I root it out where I find it. In that regard, David Merrill has been of great help to me and I am privledged to call him friend.

I embarked one day to build this warehouse, and a couple of months later there she stood. I neglected to ask if I could do this horrible thing... build a shelter, with my "money", on my land, without utilities, without The Bank. Men came, notices appeared with threats attached, prayers, David, Saving to suitors case, glorious solitude!

I know details are sketchy, but I type at glacial speed. I have been reading this forum for a long time now. I sympathize with many of your plights and am happy so many hack at the roots.

Werner Maximilian
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David Merrill
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1147 Posts

Posted - 27 May 2004 :  19:07:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear Vern;

Greetings and welcome. We hope that you make it to "advanced member" (over 50 postings) in time to see the sunset of the Bretton Woods Agreements.

Suae Potestate Esse

That means loosely “lord of the soil”. Broken down it is closer to “moving in the essential full power of the man being the state”. So one must consider what the state is. The formation of a state politically is described in The Urantia Book p. 800, Paper 70; Development of the State, first sentence:

“The state is a useful evolution of civilization; it represents society’s net gain from the ravages and sufferings of war.”

I like the definition, limited as it might be mainly because it excludes the theater of war, Roosevelt’s War and Emergency Powers from properly forming the organic political state. Common law requires a state for competency. Therefore the “federal common law” only exists within the illusion it exists – the District is not a state (see Bennett v. Butterworth 52 U.S. 669 - Texas 1850*; law and equity cannot be blended but Zionist Brandeis did just that in Roosevelt's "stacked" Court; Erie RR Co. v. Thompkins 1938, forming the "federal common law"). Manifest are the want of enacting clauses [see Charles Weisman’s The Authority of Law] on all the Colorado REVISED Statutes which are in fact in a constant state of revision. That instead we find the General Assembly de facto ends each bill with a “necessity” wartime clause and has since 1933.

Vern is a wonderful example of suae potestate esse. He bought four lots and built conventional houses and acquired the permits and inspections as he moved into each home as he finished it. On the fourth lot he put up a “ToughShed” but that is I hope proper for a strong shed-like structure. After a while he built onto it a small house. But the three surrounding houses are proof he was competent to inspect his own carpentry. Therefore the City’s advances were against RICO and monopolized on the inspector for hire market.

Vern's True Bill

One day the City METRO came by and put a notice on Vern’s door saying that he had ten days to hire the City to come inspect his home so they could decide if he could continue living there. Otherwise they would lien him out of everything he owned. So Vern brought this little doorknob notice to me.

We drafted out an elaborate counterclaim. I do not remember what we titled the action and things like that. But I do remember pondering the condition suae potestate esse and what that would mean to sanctify Vern’s property from the lots around it. It was a quandary indeed; the idea of a fence to the center of the earth around Vern’s property that would somehow remove it from the Grand Register or whatever; maybe the Carpetbaggers’ version of Real Estate as a novation to land.

But a subtler solution came to mind. Vern could cure a waiver of tort on the proposal they were to force him from his land and home and make the claim amount the national debt. That felt appropriate and since waiver of tort is one of the more ancient bills of exchange on the foreign exchange market.

The Deadline
Rule for 2X Bonding

The graphics shows that the bond became due on March 14, 2001. The Supplemental Rules for Certain Admiralty and Maritime Claims stipulates that the bond amount, to avoid arrest is twice the claim amount. At the time the national debt (domestic) was $5.5t and sure enough $11t disappeared from the Stock Market for no reason. I was actually expecting that this would come out of the banker’s pockets; some kind of stock holding/clearinghouse or something. But frankly I just had not given that any thought through trying to just execute the cause properly according to common law. It turned out to make sense though, that the bond should be paid by the weeping “merchants of the world” whether Christian or not. I have met a lot of people with hurting wallets and some who lost jobs over that bond being met.

But there was a second stipulation. The release of the national debt had to be announced by President Bush. Which he did on May 2, 2001 from the Rose Garden in his Social Security speech. If you were expecting the President was required to say it out loud, then it is exactly what he said:

“Personal savings accounts will transform Social Security from a government IOU into personal property and real assets; property that workers will own in their own names and that they can pass along to their children. Ownership, independence, access to wealth should not be the privilege of a few. They're the hope of every American, and we must make them the foundation of Social Security.”

You can judge for yourself if I heard what I think I heard. But you have to admit, President Bush’s words are contrary to the Social Security System being a chattel tontine on human flesh and bone like we understand backs national debt action in assumpsit.

Jamaica/Rambouillet stipulation of stabilizing money with SDRs not gold

The photo above was taken from the State Department Bulletin in latter 1975 and you may see it quoted in Ronald Dean's Statement above too.


David Merrill

* To comprehend this one should read the Constitution of the United States of America 1982 around pages 782 or so. Brandeis was actually correcting Swift v. Tyson error from 1842, that gave too much power to federal government against the 10th Amendment. But this tainted the stare decisis, case law (common law cites) between 1842 and 1938. So Bennett v. Butterworth and other worthy cites lost credibility within the newly formed "federal common law". Zionism in the Court prevailed.

P.S. A special thank you to Bondservant who must be putting quite a bit of time into linking these graphics. I believe they really help people understand what I am saying.

Edited by - David Merrill on 28 May 2004 07:37:11
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David Merrill
Advanced Member

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Posted - 28 May 2004 :  17:06:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear Readers;

If you read the latter half of Vern's paper (which I authored) about state prayer, you may have felt left to infer that I am talking about an alternate method of mathematics. Possibly that Pythagoras had picked up in Babylon. Maybe even from the real figure of the Bible, the Prophet Daniel [historians agree that the book was not written for centuries afterward (175 BC) but there may have been a famous figure and the accounts in the book may be factual].

The following is a composite sketch and so you may have trouble at first putting the pieces together. I suspect that it is a paradigm shift in number line* and mathematical processing ability that makes me somewhat unique. In that to date, I seem the only man who can teach others to be courts of competent jurisdiction in the current (meaning the First Judiciary Act of 1789) law environment. [No suitor to my knowledge has drafted remedy for a potential suitor that has been properly cured.] We have to consider some of the items on the end of the other thread "'saving to suitors' clause of 1789" indicating encryption in the formation of our country by Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminatti; combined with the possibility that there is a thread of Hebrew heritage and authorization to form the "transplant vineyard" legitimately conveyed through the Iroquois Federation.

Daniel's Calendar

Aside from Washington's fantastic angelic visitation is another mystical account that the Rosicrucian Movement in America inaugurated Washington, before he rose into political power for the Revolution. Book Second; Wissahikon of George Lippard's "Washington and His Generals" - The Consecration of the Deliverer describes the humble servants who waited for Washington to arrive at their little home church and that George, lost in the woods on New Years Eve while riding on an unexplained urge submitted to the simple ceremony and accepted a sword which would help to build the Republic and defend the Revolution. I have the book in hand and also read the account in a book by Clymer defending the true Rosicrucian Movement from the advances of Aliester Crowley's occult AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Rosicrucia) c1933. So if you plug "Rosicrucian Washington Lippard" for instance, be aware there is a counterfeit movement based in Crowley's brand of Satanism. I am sorry there does not seem to be a digitized account of Washington's "inauguration" to link.

Babylonian/Pythagorean philosophy and theology around the solar calendar is based in 360º, which is an early but inaccurate calculation of the solar year. But 360º is however deeply ingrained into our thinking of circles and cycles just the same - common law. The Gospels deliver distinct keys about mathematics.

But first I would like to talk about resonance. Like a number line, equal spacing on a number line develops "wholeness" and so natural and intermediate, octaves, fifths, etc. all come into existence ringing out. To view this is like the Holonation posters. Remember them? But you have to let your eyes blur and relax your concentration so that the FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) part of your brain can reconcile what is only patterns to your usual optical processes.

For instance we are expected to behave courteously (moderated). When we fail to keep that demeanor a moderator takes charge for what one of us may be lacking. But what does that actually look like? I can show you by linking you over to a Usenet Daily Report like used on large newsgroups:

A lot of them are brief but some have pretty pictures and graphs. But notice who gets censored: like supposedly moderated sites submitting unmoderated reports. If you examine the domains you will see that many of these are pornographic websites.

Now imagine listening to a radio and suddenly crosstalk between stations has you listening to three stations at once. Confusing huh? But there is a device for listening to all the radio stations at once called a spectrum analyzer. It shows spikes corresponding the strength and frequency of the radio stations; all the electromagnetic emissions within the selected range. But you are not trying to hear the song(s) anymore are you?

Picture that you have shifted 90 degrees out of the time domain, where you could tap your foot to a beat, and into the frequency domain where if you tried, you would hear all the stations at once.

Experiencing the numero-linguistic interface as the Veil in the Holy Bible's Tabernacle model, the barrier between us in the world, and that holiest place; that is what it is like when this is tuned. Christians are brought up externalizing. The expert on the Bible was likely the pastor at the church where your parents took you.

Well that is an incredible chore now. To read the Bible without looking to confirm the experts you believe in are right. You find this passage and that snippet/sound byte and say, "Aha! There is that verse pastor so-and-so was talking about."

But we know that the Gospel stories are by and large the Parables. They are a first derivative of the truth and specifically designed to keep the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven on earth secret... By whom? The Saviour of the world Himself. Now how much sense does that make?

I will get to that next but we should first discuss keys. Keys decode mysteries; encrypted truth.

So there is benefit from mathematician experts like Robert Edward LEWAND, who wrote Cryptological Mathematics^. But the value of keys for decoding hidden messages is important when approaching the Parables Jesus spoke. I will elaborate more on this in the next day or two.

Now get this. Try putting "Werner" or "Maximilian" into an encyclopedia search. Note that Werner is the first Hapsburg and Maximilian I is the most famous. Werner's family crest is the two headed hawk:

Capital Integration Coin Image

Maybe you caught from the "Mathematics worth pondering" thread at that the pentagram has been in existence for about two thousand years longer than the hexagram. Try drawing a perfect pentagram and hexagram. This makes no sense that the pentagram is so much more ancient and even evidenced as the symbol for Jerusalem and Israel (Solomon's regime was definitely under the pentagram and so then was likely David's).

Dictionary of Symbols "hexagram"
Dictionary of Symbols "pentagram"

Insert the Mogan David snippet from Leo Rosten's Joys of Yiddish here.

Laser Through Gemstone

Note that a pentagram's intersections are at 61.5% of the length of a segment. This is in agreement with the Fibonacci Sequence - 1+2=3; 2+3=5; 3+5=8; 5+8=13 ... As we go up this sequence the ration of the first two numbers is 61.55%. This ration is also found in nature from the Precedence of the North Star (1 degree every 72 years), the Nautilus shell and pine cone, to the Table of Relative Weights when tweaked for optimum resonance. That is to say when the decimals are reduced on the entire Table by selecting an optimum standard (instead of Carbon 12) the shift from above whole numbers (xxx.0001) to below whole numbers (xxx.9999) occurs at Germanium 72.

360/5 = 72.

One application is how easy it is to solve Fermat's Last Theorem. I should have used the conventional "Epsilon" symbol instead of the arrows for 'subsets' but that was not quite correct.

Fermat's Last Theorem

Proper handling of negative questions is important in integration - wholeness with your property rights. Pierre de Fermat was a lawyer foremost so that would explain why mathematicians have never mastered the correct inductive logic to tackle Fermat's Last Theorem.

The 72-fold Name of God

So with that long winded lead-in, some of you are writing to me asking for reading materials etc. One of the most difficult obstacles for any of us is to read the Holy Bible, cover to cover. Not just that but try it without reading into it what you have been taught about the Holy Bible.

Otherwise all the materials about common law are good study material. And you know I am not talking about Internet authors like myself. But diversity of citizenship between States is the subject. History tells us that States and the U.S. are not courts of competent jurisdiction. So accept that and apply the machinations to the proper players.


David Merrill

* The Hebrew alphabet is the Hebrew number system. But it is a natural logarithmic function (increases exponentially). Aleph to Yod (1-10) are 1-10 but Caph (11) is 20. And so through 90 when Koph is 100 and so on through Tav, 400. See Psalm 119 for the Hebrew alphabet handy.

^ First I ordered the book from McKenzie White, a regular bookseller and decided to renew my library book from the repository.

Intelligence ID Card

Then about six months later I decided I wanted my own copy so I tried to order it again. The bookseller told me the book was no longer available so I called New York, the Mathematical Association of America and found that it could be ordered. Strange. So I inquired and the copy I had ordered earlier was still in the store but they wanted my "last name"/legal name before they would sell it cash. I just let them figure it out on their own while standing there with the cash. They sold it to me (I have no last name/legal name until I say so) and the almighty dollar prevailed over acquiring information but the "requirement" revealed that there was something or other special about this book "Cryptological Mathematics".

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David Merrill
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1147 Posts

Posted - 29 May 2004 :  06:45:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
[Dear Readers;

A little crosstalk from the open-faced suitors' email group.]

Dear Suitors;

[I looked at yesterday’s response and worded the first sentence incorrectly. I meant that if you can avoid the bank that slighted you, consider them fired from your employ. Since they maligned you unlawfully in an act of grand larceny, do like [name] and to the best of your knowledge and capability, prosecute. Try not to build the façade you trust them in any way.]

[author] makes a suggestion that is one step closer to my arrangement – a private or personal banker. Instead of indorsing any debts however, when someone distant wants to send me cash compensation they send it to someone with a bank account and legal name.

Now the IRS might pester someone (if your banker reports personal records) and ask, “What is all this extra money going through your account?” IF answerable (arraigned) the banker could say, “I gave all that to David Merrill.” Well, “What is David Merrill’s tax ID number?” Answer, “David tells me he has none.”

[Afterthought: "You better speak to David Merrill about that."]

Then the hypothetical conversation goes into the absurd. The agent trying to buffalo the banker into thinking that he is not allowed use of his bank account that way. So refer back to the contract, the signature card and find out where one agreed that such use, for the benefit of a third party without SSN is breach of contract. The Patriot Act (all laundering is presumed connected with terrorist activity) would only have jurisdiction if the banker were trying to hide the activity.

But I add that you might offer to compensate your private banker with a flat rate or even a percentage. How about this mind-bender? The legal name of my private banker is his (true name’s) private banker too. And your legal name is your vessel for commerce also. [name]’s best stance in any forum is bad faith at the time of signing. He would not have opened the bank account except the community banker fooled him into trusting that he would not be honoring these bogus ‘prior liens’ (Notice of Levy).


David Merrill.

Dear [name];

Thanks for clearing up that confusion about the execution dates.

It seems that the IRS agent is trying to buffalo the Sheriff into thinking he may make the standard raid, even though your obvious properties are not on the papers. That is at first glance. Possibly the wily IMF attorneys are hoping for a collateral action; to make you start up a suit that they can manipulate you with.

Therefore non-action is the best thing. (Of course refuse for cause what is on your bench.) Also you can befuddle the attempt and at the same time use it to your advantage.

Any one of these banks and creditors mentioned in the warrant, all of which you have no account, could be used to communicate your sovereign position and prowess in a libel. Sit down with one of these bank presidents, especially if like you indicated, you have a check to cash with his institution from a third party. The president's contract is with the third party, the signor on the check (until you indorse it). Get the president to admit he will violate that contract due to the warrant of restraint against your vessel in commerce "[legal name]" - that he will either seize the funds or refuse to cash it. When this gets uncomfortable enough that he cashes the check for you free and clear, upon your indorsing [true name] dba [legal name (or BUSINESS NAME)], then use the precedent to open an account, carefully examining the contract obligations so that in the future, the president will disregard these bogus third party "prior lien" claims from the IMF.

Otherwise you have an excellent libel of review against the IRS agent and the postal manager, presuming you have retained evidence that he would not deliver notices to your legal name there for a stint. If you go that way, maybe work some of the more conventional items from Jim's memorandum of law. But maintain your name is [true name] - therein lies the right of avoidance.


David Merrill.

Dear [name];

I want to remind you that your case was closed, not dismissed. The United States is aware that [true name] is separate and distinct from the "national debt".


David Merrill.

Dear Suitors;

There may be some helpful information gleaned from the experiment. I am no psychotherapist but one of you suitors who is says I am so...

What I encountered several times was resistance from people who would redefine name. Your name is what your parents decided. That has always been my definition and one should distinguish that from "legal name" which is to include your family nomen with your name. This pseudonomania (false name craziness) was consistent with people who protected symptomatic paranoia; the insistence that someone called "they" will always do whatever "they" please and will break "their" own laws arbitrarily and capriciously.

The third time one of these contentious people emerged I just said I would not go around that block again and left with my data and results.

Webster defined the pseudonomania and it appears in the 1901 addendums to Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary: "A form of insanity characterized by a morbid propensity to lying." Nowadays I think our psychotherapist suitors would agree that "pathologic lying" has replaced the same term.

Contracts are simply relationship definition. Two life incidents come to mind. One suitor (years before becoming a court of competent jurisdiction) had a roofer drop off a written bid. The suitor said he would think about it and get back if interested (far from a clear R4C). Four or five days later the man came home from work to a new roof! They settled for a compromise price between nothing and the bid. The other instance is when a man informed the officer that he would not sign on a traffic stop the officer said, "See that 'If the defendant refuses to sign this citation, he or she may be arrested, detained and jailed until brought before a magistrate...', Just strike through that word 'may' and write above it 'will'". Well if the suitor knew then what he knows now, he would just strike through the contract terms, like the officer was suggesting.

You all know by now I do not advocate confronting a revenue gunman on the side of the road*. But the point is that to spot and engage in proper contract cause-and-effect paradigm with agility, know your name.


David Merrill.

* Renew your license signing "True Name dba FIRST MIDDLE LAST". This clearly retains the right to refuse for cause even within the subsequent 72 hours according to uniform adoption of the UCC among the States. So do not risk the officer forgot to take his lithium. Scared people are dangerous, especially if armed.

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Dear Readers;

Survival of the Cross

I should address the work product of properly applying the Key inferred at Mark 4:10-12. Maybe three parts. What are the benefits of applying true inductive reasoning to the Gospels? It is necessary to understand the purpose of concealing the mystery before one can comprehend the right to remove oneself and possessions (portion) from Schedule A of the public trust.

Part 1: Survival of the Cross
Part 2: Survival of the Bloodline
Part 3: Fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant

The only place I have seen the parables properly decrypted was in “The Nazarene Gospel Restored” by Robert Graves and Joshua Podro. This book is rare here in the States most likely because of Christian censorship. But for about $300 you can find it in good condition from a bookfinder - out of Britain. The Gospels are treated topically. All scriptures on a certain event or subject are expounded at the beginning of 119 chapters. Then very methodically, the similarities are cross-confirmed and the discrepancies explained away in very logical manner and with Joshua Podro an expert on the entirety of Jewish literature and cultural context during the life and times of Yehoshuah H'Natzrith - Jesus of Nazareth.

So expert that I am in my own mind, having solved Fermat's Last Theorem above, Fermat being a founding father in inductive reasoning; I applied my experiences while reading The Nazarene Gospels Restored. In general I heartily agree with the method used to reconcile the Gospels into one account of what most likely happened. In general I also agreed with most of the conclusions Graves arrived at. One consideration found in a footnote is that Graves was critically wounded in WWI and excluding transport delays was declared dead under the same comatose conditions, lack of bleeding from a shrapnel piercing, as Jesus was on the Cross by the Roman guard. Graves laid with the cadavers in the corner of the MASH unit for an additional 36+ hours before signs of life saved him and he fully recovered.

So major and minor supernatural events are methodically explained away. Not only did Jesus find and leave Lazarus dead in the crypt*, but many others.

So without expounding on the entire book and the many discrepancies, I will explain what I have induced to be the real story; at least in part.

My focus is around the Last Supper account of the Gospels because the prophecy of Zechariah that Jesus was trying to fulfill is a true fulfillment that is now coming about through heirs apparent claiming their portion from the original estate. This is the topic "Schedule A: "Cracking the Code.""

The prophecy is known as the Worthless Shepherd prophecy and is seldom talked about or preached in modern Christianity because, in my opinion, it creates more questions than answers. Mainly is the fact, if a true scenario, that in the last couple days of Jesus’ life, he spouted false prophecy in order to complete the Worthless Shepherd fulfillment.

YEHOSHUAH of the New Covenant, Jesus, knew by his name (God has saved) and being quite literate, could probably be expected to have known especially toward the end of his ministry, that he was the Messiah of God. Understand that the popular writings in Israel, now canonized, were among many other writings.

It would seem that Yehoshuah had a photographic memory, at least for things he read and found interesting. His life was nearly completely plagiarized from the writings of Israel around that time. Writings that defined from prophecies what and who the Messiah of God would be. I am circumventing the nearly Sci-Fi cause and effect argument about whether this was because Jesus fulfilled true prophecy or had simply read them and metaphysically fulfilled them all in his ministry and life; all but one.

By the time of the Last Supper Passover, Jesus had fulfilled satisfactorily all the Messianic prerequisites and was in the act of fulfilling Zechariah's "Worthless Shepard" prophecy. Among other things that may have missed your attention, at least in context, was the barking of the fig tree. The fig tree was a prominent symbol of Israel and Jesus, especially on (probably) David's route up the Temple Mount (the underwear dance) made a public spectacle of killing a fig tree. What this signified to at least two poor witnesses was that the God of Israel had abandoned Israel - time to resort to violence.

So the main quote most misunderstood was "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do." This pleading was for the two "thieves"^ put to death on the crosses across from Jesus. They were zealots who took Jesus' advisement seriously.

"Sopping" or dipping unleavened bread into the King's soup bowl was a definite sign of favor. Also, Judas was the purse carrier, accountant of the group. So having studied the scriptures thoroughly it was tacitly understood that to fulfill Zechariah's prophecy, Judas was to purchase a sword and return to kill Jesus in front of the other apostles to witness:
“There is a voice of the howling of the shepherds; for their glory is spoiled: a voice of the roaring of young lions; for the pride of Jordan is spoiled. Three shepherds also I cut off in one month; and my soul loathed them, and their soul also abhorred me. Thus saith the Lord my God; Feed the flock of the slaughter; Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the Lord; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not. And I will feed the flock of slaughter, even you, O poor of the flock. And I fed the flock.

And I said unto them, If ye think good, give me my price; and if not, forbear. So they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver. And the Lord said unto me, Cast it unto the potter: a goodly price that I was prised at of them. And I took the thirty pieces of silver, and cast them to the potter in the house of the Lord.

And the Lord said unto me, Take unto thee yet the instruments of a foolish shepherd. For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces. And I took unto me two staves; the one I called Beauty (Noam = Grace), and the other I called Bands (Hoblim = Corrupters).

And I took my staff, even Beauty, and cut it asunder, that I might break my covenant which I had made with all the people. Then I cut asunder mine other staff, even Bands, that I might break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel. And it was broken in that day: and so the poor of the flock that waited upon me knew that it was the word of the Lord.

Then said I, I will not feed you: that that dieth, let it die; and that that is to be cut off, let it be cut off; and let the rest eat every one the flesh of another. For I will no more pity the inhabitants of the land, saith the Lord: but, lo, I will deliver the men every one into his neighbour's hand, and into the hand of his king: and they shall smite the land, and out of their hand I will not deliver them.

And it shall come to pass, that when any shall yet prophesy, then his father and his mother that begat him shall say unto him, Thou shalt not live; for thou speakest lies in the name of the Lord: and his father and his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth. Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. And his father and his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth.

Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith the Lord of hosts: smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn mine hand upon the little ones.And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon. And the land shall mourn, every family apart; the family of the house of David apart, and their wives apart; the family of the house of Nathan apart, and their wives apart; The family of the house of Levi apart, and their wives apart; the family of Shimei apart, and their wives apart; All the families that remain, every family apart, and their wives apart.

In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness. And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered: and also I will cause the [false] prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision, when he hath prophesied; neither shall they wear a rough garment to deceive: But he shall say, I am no prophet, I am an husbandman; for man taught me to keep cattle from my youth. And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.”
The terrible “sin” that Judas was guilty of was attempting to save Jesus – thinking with his head instead of completing the task before him as prescribed by prophecy. But Jesus, the Messiah had come for, in his own mind and by his own mouth, the lost sheep of Israel. Jesus did not seem to understand the Messiah’s role in the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant; that Israel was, and is a light unto the nations of the world. Trying to bring about his own death by encouraging Judas was a high crime called Imminentising. No man knows the hour and Jesus presumed it was time two thousand years ago, which would have left the Gentiles in the dark regarding the Word of God that was spread through Paul’s religion Christianity.

Substantiating this theory is that Peter had to go out (drunk) and buy swords with coats. Jesus was, in this scenario confused that Judas had not returned. He was left with eleven drunken apostles and Peter, returning with an extra sword did not seem to know what Judas understood. Jesus was not to tell Peter what to do because that would truly Imminentise things. But Jesus was obviously annoyed that all the disciples wanted to do (instead of killing him) was sleep off the Passover wine.

Judas went to the Herodian accountants and was probably hoping since the afternoon coronation, that they would capture Jesus and that Jesus could convince them too that it was time for a God-lead revolt against Rome under the new King of Israel. That Messiah ben Joseph and Messiah ben David were coming imminently and nearly simultaneously. But foremost, this logic would get him out of killing his best friend Jesus and in front of the other apostles at that. This explains why when the plan backfired, Judas regretted changing things so badly that he committed suicide.

Peter had a role too. Jesus was relieved when he perceived that the Herodian guard would be killing him, in lieu of Judas. A drunken Peter may have perceived the prophecy enough to think that it was Judas to be stabbed but cut a guard’s ear instead. Thus Peter was marked for the same fate as the “thieves” for being a “murderer”. It was a felony to carry a long blade. It was a capital crime tantamount to murder to become violent with it. But Peter only identified himself upon capture the next dawn as “my father’s son” Barrabas. And the Sanhedrin, reluctant to condemn two men during the Passover holiday, invoked a rule of court and Peter was spared.

Two major theories exist about Jesus’ survival of the Cross and there may have been elements of both at play. Of course Graves’ theory was a coma saved Jesus. The Roman guards hired by the Herodians were likely raiding the tomb for the fine perfumes they smelled inside; only to find that Jesus was recuperating~. The other theory involves Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’ wealthy uncle who donated the expensive and brand new tomb. This theory relies on “at a distance” references that would have been out of place contextually. People typically could witness crucifixions up close and under Roman guard.

But the idea here is that about seven years later, rumors that Jesus survived the Cross were generating pagan Roman/Greco syncretism with the Jews in Asia Minor (now Turkey), Paul’s hometown Celicia. Jesus must be the Messiah. Paul, a wannabee Pharisee purchased his “in”, to marry a Herodian daughter for the capture of Jesus from the Damascene Jewish community where Shaul a/k/a Paul had intelligence Jesus was living. But in making the arrangement to go capture Jesus when the telltale scars were shown while paying the Temple tax, Peter somehow got wind and raced ahead enough to warn Jesus.

Peter and Jesus confronted Shaul during the “heat of the day”, the siesta. Shaul was apparently so intimidated by the known violent Peter, possibly armed, that he went psychosomatically blind for three days. Buying a Roman citizenship with alms for the Ebionite widows (wives and children of the Asia Minor missionaries) and lying to James and the Roman guard about stopping in Cyprus to do so are further evidence of Paul’s cowardly character.

Lengthy as this posting has become, I will address the Bloodline and Mary Magdelene, Jesus’ wife and sons fleeing to Gaul, now France later.

But please understand that I will be describing the consequences of this truth as I believe it and how it affects the world we live in today. Especially banking policy. So even if you find this line of thinking repugnant, just stick with me long enough to hear it out. Also keep in mind that the Trustees are now making blatant violations of international law and when that happens, when the trustee claims ownership of items on Schedule A, the trust is disrupted as an alter ego. This frees up the wealth for conveyance to the true beneficiaries. So all this, correct or not, is on point.


David Merrill

* This event only shows up in one of the Gospels as a supernatural revival. The other Gospels have inferences to Lazarus, a cousin of Jesus but also infer that Jesus was beside himself because the people he sent ahead to heal Lazarus failed. Probably out of guilt that he trusted psychosomatic hypnosis abilities to green rookies compounded by grief that he delayed meeting with Lazarus because he was evading some of his many enemies, Jesus was angry with the entire family. But this incident of pagan sun worship/rebirth only crept into one Gospel. Since this revival would have been a crowing achievement in Jesus' ministry and almost all the "factual" events, even minor collaborate each other among the Gospels, Graves induces that Jesus never revived Lazarus.

^ In the remote stretches of the Roman Empire (Outreamer), with such deputies as the Herodians in place, it is unlikely that thievery was treated so draconian and by the Romans instead of local Jewish officials at that. It would far more likely be the death penalty was reserved for violations of a firm Brady Bill. Wielding a blade over a certain length.

~ Any contemporary pagan would interpret this ‘miracle’ as the resurrection myth. It is amazing that Christians who believe Jesus sprung back to life from the dead cannot comprehend how pagan that belief is.

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Dear Readers;

Sidebar: Extant suitors are generating all the "business" I want by referral for now. It seems like a business from your end but when an individual wants my time to assist through judgment following my intellectual property, shared freely on the 'saving to suitors' forum, I require compensation. Here in this forum I have some quandaries about approach (my appearance). [Mainly that I have only produced 'researchers' and 'academicians'; no suitors.] So I am hoping that I am not some kind of freak occurrence (like The Mule in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy) with my ancient mathematics who is required liaison between at law and in law for a man to cure remedy. Read the other thread carefully for system definition of my experiment here. I truly hope my words and what I fully expect are offensive beliefs are somehow useful to those of you concerned about this world (property rights) as well as the next.

Survival of the Bloodline

Star of David placard

Notice the identical symbols on this Templar robe and sword.

Templar Sword

There are intimations throughout history that the king of Israel had sons. The factual existence of the Priory of Sion is a direct manifestation of this belief but I prefer induction. In the setting of Israel and Jerusalem, an unmarried king with no bloodline inheritance would be mentioned long before all the smaller and more trivial details of Jesus' life we find in the Gospels.

So I am not going to dedicate much effort into proving things out for you. Experience tells me if you want to believe whatever, that is what you will protect anyway. I will however start with an incident where Jesus took stewardship as host over a wedding and his mother Mary was obviously feeling in charge of hosting.

Graves also finds convincing inferences that John the Baptist's special Mikvah for Jesus was actually a makeshift coronation for the new king. Being that there was no institution or formal place to do this. The inference includes at least a ceremonial wedding between Judah and Levi. That is to say Miriam M'Ga'adla (Mary Magdelene) is the Levitical title for "The Braider".

In the Temple days of Israel, the Veil partitioning the most holy place was an elaborate mathematical (based on 613 MITZVOTH - lesser laws) design and because of its size, was always in construction. Meaning that by the time it needed replacement, it was time to start the next Veil. The work was of course done by the Levite maidens (young virgins); hands deemed pure enough for the task.

The political Torah structure of Israel is indeed a united front of both civil (Judah) and religious (Levite) leadership. So Graves' notions of this atypical "Baptism"* may be quite credible.

The next topic to integrate is the tribe of Dan. Judges 18 tells us that the tribe was dissatisfied with their portion early on and moved, going into idolatry to boot, up to the northern extremes of Yehoshuah's (Joshua's) Canaan claim. Around that time Deborah (chapter 4) calls Dan to battle and they fail to enlist. These events and maybe more label Dan the snake they are prophesied to be in Genesis 49 by Jacob/Israel.

Unger's Bible Dictionary describes Ahiezar, Dan's prime minister to have changed that prophetic label from the serpent to the serpent-killer, the eagle.

Dan placard

There is definite mention of the Israel connection to the Romans (Trojans in the Horse) being integrated into Sparta, being lost "brothers" to Israel. This is found in the Book of Macabbees (Apocrypha). So leaving you to read books like "The Guardians of the Grail" by J.R. Church etc. I will let you consider the deeply situated Roman civil law we find today. The proposition is that the tribe of Dan was working as trustee, until 1997, for the Scepter of Judah through by and large, the Khazarians and other forms of deputized (Herodian) "Roman" Jewry - Zionism.

And what you may find alarming and offensive is that by looking at the general lifestyle around you, you have a difficult time convincing me that "they" did a poor and irresponsible job of it. Roosevelt was criticized for declaring war on the Great Depression but the New Deal worked to recover the (albeit debt/death based) economy.

So back to Jesus' wife Mary and his son(s). By 70 AD when Israel was being destroyed by the Romans, and after Damascus proved by Shaul was not far enough from Jerusalem for safety, Mary and Jesus' sons had been without their father for a decade or two. Speculation is that Jesus went to now Susa, Iran to live out his life in the Jewish community there at the Mesopotamian/Euphrates River delta.

Evidence supports that Mary fled with other Jews to Gaul, now France. Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent and other historians brings this account forth from an historian's eyes. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown stands on the research for an amusing murder mystery. The Priory of Sion and its military arm the Knights Templar exist to guard the "Treasures of Jerusalem" and Baigent points out account of the Treasure being transported over a high cliff by four rappelling Templars. So we can rule out gold. The Treasure turned up in a French villa several centuries later and has been guarded by the Vatican since - at least by Baigent's historical account. By Brown's fictional mystery it is under the lesser pyramid at the Lou'vre in Paris. I imagine the curator is a little annoyed with Brown for forming the incessant question.

Fleur-de-lis placard

When first I photographed these placards I was using a flash and a deputy sheriff was quickly on the scene. But I was done and left while he stood there trying to form a proper accusation; taking photos downtown in a tourist trap??

I took the photos to "Take Ten" with the Mayor of Colorado Springs, Mary Lou Makepeace. She was a little baffled that I had no questions but wanted her to witness the photographs. She interpreted my photos as a complaint of some sort so she informed me that she had no control over what they do at the county clerk's office.

The next topic to integrate is the Crown Templar/Freemason aspect of this Star of David comprised of Biblical symbols. The symbols are mentioned specifically in the Book of Daniel and Britannia played the role of Eleanor of Aquitaine (water) mothering Richard Lionheart - the Crusader of Crusaders. Among the treasures brought out of Jerusalem was a law system to protect the trust. Admiralty. Britain prophetically took the prowess in admiralty and adopted the Laws of Oleron forming the Black Book of the Admiralty cited in Story's opinion Delovio v. Boit 1815.

Britannia placard

The earliest evidence of Jesus' offspring coming into the public is with the Merovingians and even King Merovee was fabled to be spawned by his mother being raped while pregnant by a sea monster while swimming in the sea. Maybe you see it; maybe not. But early on in these threads I was confronted for saying that the Constitution is an admiralty document.

And I will leave it there with the "history of banking" as I have coined the placards on display. Next I plan to link parts 1 and 2 to cohesively explain how this 'project' fulfills the Abrahamic Covenant through the Messiah of God.


David Merrill.

* To compile topics logically, this quasi-public ceremony and John's loud opinions of incestual relations in the Herodian leadership marked him for death. Also we find this to be why Jesus was hesitant to take the direct route to administer to Lazarus. [He was hoping the 'trainees' had mastered his healing techniques enough to help.]

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That which was hidden shall be revealed

See? If a tree grows in a spiraling motion,
then why are the rings and age of the tree
so well difined?

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Dear Readers;

[I see you added a question. To see the Fibonacci Sequence, spirals in nature there are a lot of better examples. For instance even seeing the spiral of a nautilus shell would require some care about how you cut the shell or how you held it while looking; which axis.

Stained Glass Vitruvian Man

So a cross section of a tree is a poor demonstration as compared to a pine cone. Mainly I suppose because the trunk of a tree is dead cells. Like fingernails and hair. It is built as you see, in this 50 year old trunk out of the living wrapper. There is a radial line upward in the photo from an injury the tree sustained at about twelve years of age. That injury line very likely spiraled up and down the tree from your cross section here; into and out of the screen's plane. Evergreens at high altitudes show definite spiral growth. I once attributed that to cold winter north winds so the tree has to turn every summer to keep from getting lopsided. But now I doubt that really makes as much sense as Coreolis effect and this 'signature' of life found in spirals. I just noticed it first because the bark is off standing trees a lot more at high altitudes. I began noticing spirals on all barked logs. "The Bank" by Robert Connolly and "Pi; Faith in Chaos" by Darren Aronofsky are two movies about mathematics in nature, the markets and banking.]

Beautiful cross section of Douglas Fir. Thank you Manuel. You make a good point. I have long abandoned the idea that I have "arrived". The next discovery kept proving me wrong.

Fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant

I am confident that God's grace allows for a man to adopt the concept that since "Jesus loves me this I know..." that a successful relationship can be developed. But this thread is about Mark 4:10-12 and the mystery of the kingdom of heaven on earth; a couple promises made quite clearly that the wealth would eventually (in the Messianic Age) be conveyed to the meek - those in relationship with God. Especially decrypting the Key to unlock the Parables and apply this to conveyance of wealth – our portion.

I would like to bind parts 1 and 2 together, supported by the Bible and Daniel's calendar to help convince you of the things I understand, being that I was in the middle of the events as they occurred.

Eli Marcus Ravage wrote a couple interesting articles published in early 1928 in Century Magazine. One of the articles is a convincing treatise about what Shaul, who became Paul, was doing. Ravage takes a perspective that Paul meant to develop a weapon - war by propaganda – and that may be true. I agree that while sitting in house arrest for two years in Rome, writing the letters Paul did may have been oriented toward using the only thing competent to withstand the sword - passive/resistant martyrdom. The center of decadent Rome, gladiators and all that, had no regard for life. But that was always someone else's. The last thing that mentality could possibly comprehend was to convolute the perspective.

I have prepared you for the possibility that Jesus in-the-flesh and Peter confronted Paul on the road to Damascus. Paul was now shamed on his contract with the Herodians and also, duping and capturing Jesus would only be more challenging after the first failure. So it would seem that during three days of blindness, many interesting alternatives might have been rambling around in Paul's brain.

Remember that Shaul was from Cilicia*. Tarsus in Cilicia was probably the heart of Roman/Greco paganism and sun worship. That locale is likely the spawning pool for the syncretism that Jesus, surviving the Cross, was the Jewish Messiah and only begotten Son of God = God. A supernatural stigma would easily attach and prosper in a place like that. And Paul, if he went to Jerusalem to become Jesus' bounty hunter, was already showing creative initiative and ambition.

The theory I present here probably revolves around Acts 20:22. What motivated Paul to disregard warnings of the Holy Spirit? I doubt even the scheming genius of Paul could have predicted two years of house arrest in Rome and that he would be allowed to minister by the epistles that later became by and large the canonized New Covenant. However Ravage at least intimates that Paul, once there, devised the weapon, deifying Jesus consciously. I can see that but do not buy it outright.

That is probably because I would never underestimate God's grace. I have seen direct evidence God is not impressed when I am clever or beat Vern at chess. The only thing a supreme being would be impressed with is the compassion I have for widows and orphans, and pursuing a viable relationship with Him; things like that. We are stewards of emotive force and have choice of its use. Love, peace, hate, fear... are all on the menu. We pick.

So I believe that once this theory is studied out, it actually glorifies God. God would use Paul in his cowardly lies to fulfill the Abrahamic Covenant. Just as he may have used the weakness of a young Levite royal daughter, falling in love with a lowly carpenter and ignoring the rabbis’ admonitions~, to bring the Messiah of God into the world.

Daniel's Calendar

Overlaid upon Daniel's (Matthew 24:15) calendar is Daniel's "Week". Darius conquered the Scythians (Assyrians) shortly after taking Babylon from Belshezzar - 520/519 BC. This disbursed the Jews mainly into Babylon but eventually many synagogues and communities were established north in the Caucusus Mountains. There they waited for the Trustee; the Thirteenth Tribe, the Khazars who converted to Judism of expediency for need of a state religion in 740 AD. Notice this is exactly 1260 years later or half a Week. And in addition 1260 more years completes the Week in 2000 AD.

So the KEY of 2520 is on the top of the image. MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This measurement in gerahs also defines the 1290 days. Take a look at the added suitor crosstalk above. Within the scope of the national debt, a case is never properly “closed”; it can only be dismissed. So when a federal “Judge” (attorney in a black robe) closes a case, that is admission that the issue is without the scope of the debt system; and for all intents and purposes if a debt does not apply, it is considered forgiven. So the two incidents in the timeline, Daniel’s calendar, begin and end about 1290 days apart. It’s hard to say that happened to the day way back then but it is easy to know recent history. So look at the scriptural references on the image.

Daniel's Books
Darius conquers Scythians
The Khazars convert

Considering the theory I am putting together here in these three parts true, one can see that Yehoshuah, at least from the evidence of the Gospels was primarily concerned, like the two men on the road to Ammeas, with the Messiah’s advent immediately retaking Israel from the Roman incursion. The conversation indicates that Jesus knew better after his coma. Like myself here, he may have been seeing how the pieces fit so wonderfully together to expand the covertures of the Abrahamic Covenant to the entire world^.


David Merrill

* Declaring municipal (home rule) citizenship instead of provincial (Tarsus/state; Cilicia), has interesting ramifications in conjunction with Romans 13 and 501(C)(3).

~ Joseph’s reluctance to be open in the community about the taboo marriage seems to have been the seed for the pagan virgin birth mythology to flourish.

^ Jesus expounded the Old Covenant and Books of Moses with a new enthusiasm.

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Greetings David, my point on bringing this example on rings was due to my coming to understand that "there is more than meets the eye."

One other example was while watching the movie "Troy" recently. While finding out where "Achiles[sp?] heel" (unprotected area) comes from, there where other signs, logos, and symbols which purposefully appeared too. Given the fact that script writers, editors, producers, and directors give way to what they want to show in the movies, books and other methods of communication, we should be cautious of their portrayal of history.

The next movie, coming to a screen near you this summer is regarding King Arthur.
These showings "during these times" have definitely much to do about the current events of our state.

I am,
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David Merrill
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Yes indeed.

With Holy Grail being Sangre Royal - Bloodline, I am interested to see how much history of the Templars etc. shows up in King Arthur. It should be chocked full of mystical symbolism.

Your point on Rules of Evidence is preaching to the choir. Today over coffee I remarked how the Christians are Dan Brown's publicity machine for The Da Vinci Code. Does anybody realize that it is a murder mystery? So learn about history from proven research methods only. Not fictional books and movies.


David Merrill.

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David Merrill
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Dear Readers;

I want to recapture three things about how I think before concluding this treatise:

1) my experiment here
2) correlations between standard Judaism and the Book of Revelation
3) METRO 1313 - municipal and police powers.

A certain amount of careful self-examination may help you understand why I have 100% confidence in an otherwise absurd bill of exchange. But then there’s that word “absurdity” used to describe the national debt by many experts. A debt that cannot possibly be repaid; a contract obligation that is an impossible task to accomplish is called “absurdity”. In scope of things like people issuing and investing into Social Security when I have a newspaper article released by the Associated Press; [Experts say] “The System is Broken”.

Well forgive me if the mathematics works out and I see the Bretton Woods Agreements being sunset by the deadline and am confident that by April 4, (maybe June 4 – 30 day cure in law) 2006 the Agreements will be completely unrecognizable. Werner Maximilian watches various markets and often surfs around reading expert opinions. Many believe the Bretton Woods Agreements were sunset shortly after the “secret” Jamaica/Rambouillet Accord in the late ‘70s. So how can I lose on this theory?

Paris Club - Home
... the enhanced HIPC initiative. Niger May 12, 2004 The Paris Club agrees to cancel 100% of Niger's debt. Dominican Republic April 16 ... - Cached - NOTE: "Not until 1993, 33 years after independence from France, did Niger hold it's first free and open elections."

My experiment here indicated that your general consensus here in the Ecclesia (notice the noun in specific “E”) is a healthy and valid concern for life after this one – the afterlife or “life everlasting”. But there is an injury called Futurism that weighs your concern out of proportion to the Jewish-root (Qabbalistic) concept that we are spiritually developing beings in a material world. The kingdom of heaven on earth. Maybe it is helpful to consider the Rapture Theory popularized out of Colorado Springs here. This “Left Behind” book and video series is an absurd depiction of several irreconcilable and supernatural sound bites of scripture. Maybe you have gotten over Rapture Theology with Y2K fizzle, but I can almost bet many of you are still carrying and even acting on scars out of that injury; symptomatic Futurism.

As a scientist I am sad to announce the experiment showed exactly what I was expecting. I say “sad” because that is just poor science when that happens.

But there is a drive within you found in the subject matter of the threads. You absurdly fight against the Romans 13 doctrine of your very founder Paul. You examine evidence contrary to Hebrews 11:1 and study history, albeit that you try to fit people like me, the signor on your bill of exchange on the foreign exchange market releasing the wealth from the wicked to the rightful heirs just as the Bible dictates, as the antichrist of the same Bible. Well believe me, Christians who are in this confusion (and scared people in general) scare the pants off me a lot more than the Freemasons or Alan Greenspan*. I doubt Greenspan is actually praying for two-thirds of the Jews to be up to a horses’ bridle deep in their own gore as a prerequisite for the Return of Jesus Christ.

And so we lead into correlations between the Return (2nd Advent) of Jesus Christ and the Messiah ben David out of mainstream Judaism back in the days of John, who wrote the Book of Revelation. Many Jews, believe in the Dual Messiah doctrine to this day. The Messiah Texts by Raphael Patai reveals a lot. A Qabbalist I met, now living in the State of Israel, had a confession of faith on a website called Millennium7000, but I am striking no hits about him now. I was using him for an example of the doctrine and so wonder if that is not the same camp to be wary of in the end of the last paragraph (and that he may have been pressured into removing the site by the “modern” Jews). The point being Futurism and mainstream orthodox Judaism, without the backlash of deifying Jesus is the same religion.

It is this popular brand of Khazarian “armpit” Judaism; notice the “embarrassment” skirted around in Arthur Koestler’s quote found in The Thirteenth Tribe:

The Khazars convert

The embarrassment is that the Khazars just adopted the religion because they already had the dispersed Babylonian Jews among them complete with synagogues and communities there in the Caucasus Mountains. Pressures to find a State religion were surmounting from both Islam and militant Christianity. So for political expediency the pagan Khazars adopted Judaism.

Well an article about Harry Potter recently published in comes to mind. The author could not get his young teenage son interested in Judaism and his son was a Harry Potter fanatic. Well a couple trips through the narrow market alleys of Hassidic New York and the boy was completely enamored by the colorful mysticism of Qabbalah. I imagine the pagan Khazars had a far better time with adopted Judaism than the Roman/Greco pagans of Asia Minor did with the Jewish sect now known as Christianity.

I also believe the mathematical resonance and prophetic manifestation of Edom (Red – Book of Obadiah) insurgent through the Red Shield (Rothschild) into international banking. Is it any coincidence we find the only mention of the true Jews, the Sephardim, in the same short book?

We find Germanic and Austrian history heavily steeped in the Khazarian/Ashkenazim (that is to say Japhetic, not Semitic “Jews” – read Genesis 10:1-3) culture. So much that the Patroons of the early 1600s were commissioned by the Dutch East Indies Trading Company. Introducing METRO 1313 and the “capital of the World” according to mayor Guiliani speaking of New York City – Ashkenazi capital of the world, equal to the State of Israel herself.

Next I will talk about novations (innovative changes) in the State Constitutions that abrogate judicial power as it descends from government de jure for municipal and police powers under home rule cities and towns; this global “City” (of Babylon?) and the mysterious uniformity – UCC – across City of Colorado Springs/METRO, City of Hong Kong/METRO, City of Montreal/METRO …

Resignation of Judiciary


David Merrill

* I have the IBM computer program that reads text in the voice of “Woodrow” a pencil-like character attached to the voice. But I convert Federal Reserve Bulletins and speech texts to MP3 files, often by Alan Greenspan. So after a while I think that I am listening to Greenspan and that Woodrow’s voice is what Greenspan must sound like.

Then I transferred the Book of Revelation to MP3. Now I keep getting Alan Greenspan confused with God.

[That was meant to be amusing.]

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Dear Readers;

METRO 1313 is probably the most cohesive hub to focus on in finishing the subject matter. Sadly most of the material outside the boring but truthful reading, to study the history of the Rotary etc. is Internet yarn laced with paranoia. One thing that seems symptomatic however is that these authors lure the reader into the disease with a bunch of verifiable facts. So many times I read until the author comes to 'conclusions' then stop with that paper and go back to extract verifiable historic facts.

Point being that I found a paper published in 1995 from the American's Bulletin (3 Parts) titled "METRO 1313; Head of the Beast?" A few years back this was available for $10 but I hear that the publisher knows nothing of it anymore. The article stands heavily on a book that I have not read titled, "Metro Revisited" by J. Hindman best I recall.

The significant events begin with my ancestor Teunis Jansen Laenen who piloted the contract (if not the ship) the Red Tree with 70 souls to Manhattan Island under the coverture of the Freedoms and Exemptions to Patroons by the authority of the Dutch East Indies Trading Company. This made my ancestor (I am 13th son by generations) a governor or mayor in the colony, now Manhattan Island. [I have mentioned in other threads that the stone wall around the manor (which stood strong until the 1950s) is the namesake of Wall Street.]

I am going to skip a lot of history on the premise that you are more interested in the subject matter; "cracking the code" and lawful removal of yourself and your things from debt action in assumpsit of the national debt. Albeit sufficient to remind you that the War of 1812, an admiralty skurmish reversed the decisions of the Revolutionary War by and large. Also that War was over the proposal of the 13 Amendment to the Constitution - prohibiting attorneys from being "citizens of the United States" or a/k/a governmental officials. The 13th Amendment was properly ratified in 1819 anyway and this thwarted the Rothschild ilk for a couple decades until the slavery issue, which was resolving itself anyway, was seen as an opportunity to like in 1814 (August 24 British/Canadian troops burned the Library of Congress), to destroy courthouses and libraries in an unlawful attempt to annul the de jure 13th Amendment.

The international bankers, that is bankers to governments, were behind this with the intent of becoming trustee over the original estate (control the wealth) the obvious motive.

Now I feel obligated to explain that motivation in accordance with prior knowledge psychometrics given Jacob/Israel we can suppose through Divine revelation - Israel's prophecy of Genesis 49.
The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.
METRO 1313, the article quotes heavily from an obscure document called the Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Sion. The document is an obvious "forgery" but upon a glance reading, is also a misrepresentation of a prior document. Michael Baigent, author of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" convincingly points out that the document, prior to being utilized to stir hatred against the "Jews" (like pulling a bank heist and then signing the marked up floor plan of the bank "The Jews" and leaving it to be found by the police), conformed to the mission and agenda of the Priory of Sion - the Bloodline of Jesus Christ.

So thinking about it, the point of whether these descendants of the Frank kings were genuinely the seed of the king of Israel Yehoshuah being now moot, they were moving in the position of the Messiah of God as trustees over the wealth - through circles of international banking and subjecting nations to debt (Bretton Woods Agreements). Is this not an Historicist reading of "antichrist"?

And during the timing of the latter half of Daniel's Week - Jacob's Troubles at that. During which times, dating back to 1492 and beyond, the Jews have been subject to multiple pogroms to annihilate them from the world.

I have found a wonderful book "The Other End of the World; an alternative theory linking prophecy and history" by Roger Rusk infinitely delightful for the task of shedding Futurism for Historicism.

In other words, I am completely convinced that prophecy - accurate Divine or mathematical forecasting can be given to anyone. But to understand it enough to speak and act, that is the task.

The Key to removing yourself from Schedule A as asset collateral to the public trust (Article VI Constitution) manifest through positive law jural society uniformly called home rule, is that once properly refused for cause, trespass is plainly the trustees making claim to you and your property as an asset. This destroys the trust self-executing as an alter ego and leaves the assets ripe for harvest among the rightful heirs apparent.

As you may expect, this is about the conclusion of this thread. I hope you can direct your attention back to "saving to suitors' clause of 1789 and comprehend acquiring the control over the suits, all "voluntary compliance" in and out of your household.


David Merrill

P.S. As I helped another man cure remedy yesterday, you may expect that I will stick with what works. I hope it has been helpful to you. It has been edifying to myself to explain these techniques - the application of the Key MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN and its application to Matthew 24:15.

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Greetings David,
Thanks for the excellent posts. Funny, I started reading Rusk's book
about three weeks ago. It was given to me by a man who had some free copies. Rusk is from these parts. I am wondering if he knew Rusk since he had so many copies.

Thanks again,
Steve Webb

"I am YHWH, and there is no other; apart from me there is no Elohim."
(Isa 45:5, Deut 4:35 1 King 8:60, Isa 45:18, Isa 45:14, Isa 46:9)
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David Merrill
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Dear Steve;

You are welcome. This just in....

So enjoy your venture in advanced-resonance inductive plasma physics. To steal a catch-phrase from "Joan of Arcadia": I wish you all good ripples.


David Merrill.

P.S. I am writing some more treatises on a new thread; "advanced-resonance inductive plasma physics". Enjoy.

P.P.S. For some insight into banking policy see:

primarily consider what the Credit River Money Decision is doing to the risk management now that it is authenticated.

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Just some random thoughts . . . feel free to comment, argue, expound . . .

David Merrill Posted: Whenever you put your family's name behind your true name you have formed a legal name, a new creation that is a benefit of the social compact. You sign the social compact by using the legal name. No problem. Eustace Mullins is wrong. That is the purpose of Rule E(8). Limit the assumpsit to only the ink on the contract that proper notification has been served. We, that is the men and women (what is your name?) have always had the God-given unalienable right to contract honestly with others, be it Social Security or whatever.
Firstly, man-made law is always capricious and arbitrary and men do not follow the laws they make. No process in such boundless lawlessness can remedy anything. Your service to Yahweh is your remedy at Law.

I still believe that using the process outlined in this thread is merely remedial and of use only to those who have not yet entered His Glorious Rest. People are still seeking freedom on paper and in fictitious courts of men. Only God can administer justice, and justice comes through men only when they let God move them by renouncing all self-will.

I still see the same pitfalls in using the "saving to suitors clause" as with other "paper remedies" and UCC, expat, and notice of fraud schemes. Wading through a sludge of paper, men are still trying to set up the image of freedom in writing rather than the true vision of freedom which cannot be had by way of process with those who are not themselves working in the Kingdom of Liberty.

Rights don't exist on paper and filing process *does not* secure those rights. Nothing one writes will secure a right.

There is only one way to secure unalienable rights and that way is to exercise them. One must exercise his Rights according to the Duty that gives rise to those Rights.

Yes, the Constitution is an admiralty document as stated on this discussion thread, but it goes deeper than that. The US Constitution is foremost a commercial trade document that puts the burden of a price on those things which God has given men freely. Life, Liberty, and the ownership of land are converted to trade commodities by the constitution. The burden of a price is allegiance [citizenship]. If one must swear allegiance to a document to be recognized as maintaining a right, then that right is based on a false image instead of a living Lawgiver and emotive Duty.

And names, names, names . . . So much is said about names in courts and names relating to jurisdictions and the law of slaves. Your true Name is not what is written on paper or spoken in a court room. Your true Name is that which you do, whom you do it for, and why you do it. Your Spirit is who you are, not your body. All these "paper remedy" schemes fail because they identify a man as his body and the space his body and possessions occupy. You are not your body and your salvation is not dependent on any treasure you can save from the "maritime adversary." Your salvation hinges upon who you are, period. If you identify with the material world, your salvation may be had by your ability to use cunning in paper process to secure your "ownership" of possessions and rights. If you identify with the Spiritual Earth and the spirit that moves your body, then your salvation comes from serving your Creator moment-to-moment with no thought for tomorrow and no worry about whether or not robbers will steal your possessions.

When you are born you do not have a vocal or written name until someone assuming authority gives you a name and you accept that image as substitute for the essence of your real Name which can't be written on paper or spoken with mortal tongue.

The way to freedom under Yahweh and Father Ab-Ram is not trodden on papers or scribbled with hands that seek to preserve possession of things. It is walked in Spirit and Truth independent of anything filed in a courthouse and irrespective of signatures on legal documents.

I have not filed any paperwork to "get free" from the system. Yet I move almost as if unseen by the agents of commercial law. Recently I took a bus from one state to another. As the bus pulled into the Greyhound station, the bus driver opened the door and a customs/immigration officer blocked the exit. He demanded everyone on the bus to show him ID before they could get off. I walked down the aisle and told him I had no ID. He simply told me to have a nice day and I walked past him off the bus. He was only interested in claiming those who were within his jurisdiction. I did not need paper to walk by.

At the side of the bus I picked up my bag. A commercial baggage claim tag was attached to it, and I did not attach that tag to the bag. In the front pocket of the bag was a note I wrote rebutting the claims that the government had any right to administer that bag or its contents. I knew in advance that a tag might be affixed and my note was a simple reassurance that no one could claim the right to search or confiscate it. It was not baggage and I was not a passenger.

All these things were evident and I did not need court filings to prove it. If the "man" takes my things or my land, it is God's will that I testify of the truth. If God wants me to keep the land or things, then I will keep them without violence and without paperwork or legal process.

The secret is Love. One must have love to be free. Being able to hold onto your things is not freedom. That focus is material rather than Spiritual.

My all-to-frequent meetings with hostile Johnny Do-Goods are sometimes along the form of this representative speech: "I don't have a SSN or birth cert or any ID. I don't have a commercial address. I don't have a name I can render to you. If you want to beat me, cage me, kill me because I don't have these things, then that is your problem. If you kill me or harm me in any way you hurt yourself because I could have given you the bread of heaven instead of my blood, my body, or my trinkets. All that I have is yours if you wish to take it, for I would rather give you my last dime than have you guilty of stealing it."

Then when they take your stuff you go out and begin building again according to your duty instead of self-will. When Jesus slept in a tent or in a field, he was poor. When he supped with a rich man, he was rich. He did not try to maintain either state. He just moved with the flow.

Yes you do have a right to possess land and things made by your work. But you also have a duty to bless those who curse you, and do good to them that hate you, use you, steal from you, speak falsely of you, or even try to kill you. If your duty requires you to put your right on the back burner, do your duty. Redemption schemes seek to put the right above the duty.

Today I stood on a mountaintop at sunset and I looked over a vast expanse of wilderness as far as the eye can see. I scanned the lay of the land with binoculars. There was only one building and one dirt road visible from horizon to horizon, an area at least fourty miles in diameter. I could bring a thousand people up here and we could build a stake of Zion and it would probably be years before anyone knew we were here. There are many such expanses all over America and all over the earth.

So why are people staying in the populated cities trying to use paper process against a beast with guns and no compunction? Why are people resisting evil to hold onto dirt when they could instead build up mountains of good? Why not build altars of living stone?

Because men identify with the things they see rather than the Spirit within the heart. They see with their eyes but where is their vision?

-- Berkano
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David Merrill
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Dear Berkano;

You exhibit the same confusion about names I so often encounter. Also you express outright the paranoid delusion that men are not bound to laws. Well if you entertain misnomer in any forum, even here, you forfeit your rights to bind the other parties to law. Simple as that.

Your name is what your parents decided.

Start there. Get bearing on your identity and relationships should fall in place because you will be healed or at least be healing from the religious delusion that "His Glorious Rest" is functional doctrine for defending God-given unalienable rights to property.

For some time I was under the same delusion. I thought the name "Jesus Christ of Nazareth" was making the abatements functional and then discovered the wording "Therefore your papers are timely returned to you refused for cause without recourse to me." was the functional punch line.

But I have to add that you are quite articulate and have been reading and retaining the material, whether you agree or not. There is a loose rule on the open-faced suitor email list forum. That is that one should not broadcast until they have a common law judgment in place proving they are a court of competent jurisdiction.

Also thank you for making the posting lengthy. That moved it to Page 2. I will save Page 1 on my harddrive. It is nothing to be considered a slur against you. It is just that I am not going around this block again. I consider the thread ended at the end of Page 1.


David Merrill

P.S. These quotes may help:

"In the eyes of the Prophets, justice was a Divine, irresistible force."

"In consequence [man created in the image of God], a human being cannot be treated as a chattel, or a thing, but must be treated as a personality; and, as a personality, every human being is the possessor of the right to life, honour, and the fruits of his labor."

From the Pentateuch and Haftorahs; Soncino Press pp. 820, 821 on Deuteronomy 16:18. Why "Justice" is repeated.
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David Merrill Wrote: "Also you express outright the paranoid delusion that men are not bound to laws."

Response: Paranoid delusion? When men apply man-made laws the application has always been arbitrary based on changing political whimsy and shifts of political power and the novel philosophies of the day. This is how the sinful behave. It's their bread and butter to rob each other under color of law. This is a historical fact that is almost instantly fleshed out by the study of any political system of any civilization that has any written history to its name. How you are able to tansy that into paranoid delusion is beyond me. Rulemakers do not follow their own rules in this veil of tears called the world. Those who pay homage to such rulemakers get a sort of "instant karma" for supporting the flesh instead of the Spirit--despotism.

David Merrill wrote: "Well if you entertain misnomer in any forum, even here, you forfeit your rights to bind the other parties to law."

You cannot bind any party to law without the party's voluntary consent. If a crooked judge wants to imprison you under colorable law, he will do so, period, whether you give him jurisdiction with your mouth or not. You cannot force him to obey his own rules, which generally many administrative officers do not obey their own rules when politics, whimsy, or pressure demand breaking their own rules. Pilate crucified the Christ in clear violation of the law. It is unlawful to do violence to Ambassadors, let alone Princes and Kings of God.

The tick is to make sure you don't give a foreign judge jurisdiction so his action against you becomes criminal and he will then have to answer to your God for committing an act of war against a foreigner, if your God is Yahweh. Filing papers does not protect you against tyranny. But having an upright heart and knowing who you truly are protects you against Spiritual death. Christ is a blood debt that Rome will forever owe to those who call Him King. He didn't just atone, he was the atonement, the ransom, the price. Those who worship him do not have the burden of a price attached to their Rights because he is payment in full.

You do not now, and never will have a "silver bullet" for guaranteeing that one's rights will not be trampled upon. There is no such "silver bullet" or "surefire process." God put us here specifically to see who would do the trampling and who would not, so he could separate the wheat and tares. Job was *perfect* and upright before God, and look how Job's rights were violated! The lesson learned is that Job continued to confess Yahweh in spite of the fact that he could not hold onto anything in the material world for himself. Yeshua ha Moshiach was without sin and omniscient to boot, and look at how his rights were violated! And he was dealing with the same Roman legal system that "saving to suitors" purports to deal with. Being the omniscient embodiment of God made flesh, Yeshua did not appear to have any surefire paperwork to "protect his rights." He got nailed to a tree post.

It behoves all who confess Yahweh as their Lawgiver not to ensure that their own rights are not trampled upon, but rather that all who confess Yahweh make sure they do not trample upon the rights of others even when the pressure is high. The "secret" of this is to have Charity, which is the perfect Love of God and His Law. All the millions of hours collectively spent looking for silver bullet legal schemes could be spent building a social infrastructure so that servants of Yahweh could care for each other without ever needing to accept benefits and meats from tables consecrated to idols.

I do not fear oppression and death at the hands of despots. I only fear missing the opportunity to serve God with all my strength before and if I should be called to pass away. I do not need paper to do this. I only need to submit and admit that I am helpless and that my own strength and intellect are useless to the task.

As for misnomer, and suggesting I might entertain answering to one, you have not seen me the many times I have been face-to-face with champertors and administrative officers who have used physical abuse and threats to "convince" me to answer to a misnomer, which I still have not done. I know more about the true nature of names and the pitfalls of misnomer than you could possibly imagine, taking into account what you stated in your post. I cannot be identified by the world at all. This is the salvation of Israel, to be in a state where the world *cannot* identify you as one of theirs by any strategem imaginable.

" forfeit your rights to bind the other parties to law."

No man has a right to bind another without the other's consent. Any man who would approach me will know very clearly that to enter an agreement with me, it will be according to the Law of the Heavenly Father. I do not use or refer to man's written laws in carrying out my duty. I do not need man's puny strength and worthless words on paper to protect my Rights. My Rights are immutable because of the Duty that gives rise to them. If I fail my Duty, then I have no rights.

Furthermore, there is only one automatic right mentioned in Scripture. That is the right of the faithful to the Tree of Life. I will not besot my tongue by trying to use the filthy codes of men to protect myself. My mouth will speak the Law of My God, and that is sufficient. "Protection draws to itself subjection." If you take refuge in the laws of the world-system, you are subject to the world-system, by proclamation of the world's own judges.

If you are subject only to Yahweh, you are free. And Freedom is dangerous work. The slaves of sin have often tried to destroy the lives and possessions of the free. Paperwork is not going to stop that from repeating itself.

David Merrill wrote: "Your name is what your parents decided."

Response: Tell that to Abraham. His wicked sperm-donor father called him by a name that he no longer answered to when he left his father's house to follow the Father of All. A name is a note, mark, or token given to those in subjection by those who own or command the subject of the name. All spoken and written names can become misnomers because they identify and label the flesh and not the Spirit. You are not your body. If you answer when a Roman administrative judge calls your "name," or if you stand up upon request, you are identifying yourself as the body that hears the name, rather than the spirit that the judge has no power over. It is a logical corollary that an Almighty God with an unspeakable name would give his servants unspeakable names. "I will give him a white stone with a new name written thereon, which no man knows..."

If men want to "secure rights and treasures" that rot, rust, and pass with the death of the body, they are free to do so. As for me, I serve, and as I serve I hope for the day when my Duty allows me to leave the prison planet and return to the presence of My Maker. "To him that overcomes, I will make him a pillar in My House to go out no more..."

David Merrill wrote: "Your name is what your parents decided."

Tell that to the twelve Apostles of Jesus. Did he not rename them? He knew that a name is part and parcel of political allegiance. They gave their homage to him, and to prove it, they answered to the names he gave them, not the names their parents gave them.

I have one Parent, and He sets what my name will be. He does not decide, he sets it down. "Decide" means to cut off a path and originally the root comes from "of the father." I decide what name I will answer to. God sets it down for me to accept or reject, but he does not decide.

David Merrill Wrote: " ...functional doctrine for defending God-given unalienable rights to property."

There is no God-given right to property. "Property" is a commercial fiction. I have a right to stand upon the land, but I only have that right IF I DO IT FOR THE GLORY OF GOD, to carry out the Duty he gives me. If I am not carrying out my duty, I have no right! Rights and duties are inseparable. All rights exist because of a duty. One has a right to possess land because of his duty to tend the garden and raise up children. If one does not tend the garden and if one despises his children, his right is vapor. "Patriot redemption schemes" seek to preserve the right but reject the duty that the right springs out of. Men want to keep their "property" so they can do their own will, and they keep wondering why the system comes to take their property. No man can serve two masters. If one serves his own will, he is not under God's protection and everything in his possession is up for grabs by the children of Cain. Cain is the master of self-will and all who indulge in their self-will. God rejected Cain's sacrifice not because it was fruit, but because Cain offered the fruit in his own self-will. Cain has no right to possess anything, which is why he and his steal from everyone. But "patriots" are no more justifed when they try to rob Cain.

And you put words in my mouth which I did not speak. I did not say I was expounding a "doctrine for defending God-given unalienable rights to property." I said almost the opposite, that I will let God do the defending, at His will and pleasure. I am trapped in a puny flesh tabernacle that is defenseless and relatively powerless up against the beast. It is vainglory for a man to think legal strategem will defend his property against a ravenous beast. If God wants me to have land, I'll have it. If I do my duty, he *might* let me keep the land a long, long time. The land and possessions are not what are important. What matters is that I do my duty. My King lived like a pauper on the path at times, and I am not greater than He. Therefore I do not expect to hold on to any dirt possession on this ball of rock unless He wants me to. But I will "bliss out" with gratitude for every good thing that I have in my hand until He calls me away.

My Duty is mainly to give and build up rather than to lay in store for myself. I don't need paper abatements, paper process, paper notices, paper recissions, paper, paper, paper. The Law of God cannot be written on paper and it cannot be defended on paper. His Law needs no defense, and he is the Defender of His servants. He is testing us to see where men's treasures are, for there is where men's hearts also will be. He is my treasure, and the Duty he calls me to is my pleasure. My Father in Heaven will have every despot, theif, and robber confessing His Name at the last day. There is nothing for me to defend. My faith defends me.

And My Name cannot be written here: "and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it."

The white stone is symbolic of pure Spirit manifested in the material world but without any attachment to the material world. It is a symbol of Spirit moving among the material world without becoming corrupt. In other words, the white stone symbolizes God among man, the Christ.

Try to find a judge that can turn that White-Stone-Name into a misnomer!

David Merrill wrote: "I consider the thread ended at the end of Page 1... "
Response: For me it is just beginning!

Peace be with you.

-- Berkano
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A Message Forwarded By Request

Message: 2
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 20:16:44 -0700
From: "Gregory" <ekklesia[--at:-- ]>
Subject: Re: Saving to Suitors Clause of 1789

----- Original Message ----- > You cannot bind any party to law without the
party's voluntary consent.

forward my answer
If you take something that is mine or my masters then you are bound to the law of my master even without your consent.

Participation in sin amongst sinners binds you within the whole repercussion of those sins with or without your consent.

If you have a master he may consent for you. No child is bound under his father by his consent but by the reality of his creation and or the dining at his fathers table.

If you have not your own rations you must feed out of your tribes hands, with all that implies. Rudyard Kipling

Can a man be a nation unto himself.The key is the kingdom of Heaven. Yes there is a debt of Rome to the king but freedom is not free. One must obey the king.

And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? Lu 6:46

His burden is light but it is a burden.

Yes, if men would seek the infrastructure of the kingdom which is a system of liberty requiring faith hope and charity they would find freedom as a people. They must not only love the rights given them by God but love those rights also in their neighbor as much as themselves.

Are men saving their rights, their life or are they serving life in others and giving up their life to do so. In this question lies the way to the kingdom.

precept upon precept pattern upon pattern.

The Polity explained

Peace on your house
Gregory[--at:-- ]
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I was surprised to see a photo of maples trees there! Beautiful

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