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Posted - 29 Nov 2003 :  17:59:15  Show Profile  Visit DanielJacob's Homepage
Greetings brothers,
I know this is a bit long but I found it quite interesting and thought others may find it so. This is from a book titled "A Chronology of Biblical Christianity" by Dr. R.C. Wetzel, 1995. Compiled from thirty years of research the author states "It began with the simple idea of trying to put a date on the major events set forth in the Bible so that a person can get a general birds-eye view of those events in their relation one to another. Then another idea was incorporated of showing "secular" events that happened at the same time as the "Biblical" events, so the reader can associate these events. Sometimes events in the "Biblical" world had an impact on the "secular" world, and vice-versa." The following is only a very small sampling of this work.

20 HEROD began reconstruction of the Jerusalem Temple. HILLEL led the Pharisees. AUGUSTUS gave Caesarea Philippi (Paneas) to HERODíS jurisdiction. TIBERIUS entered Armenia and made TIGRNES king. AGRIPPA quelled revolts in Gaul and Spain. .
8 The Census Decree of CAESAR AUGUSTUS. HORACE died. POLEMO was captured and executed. .
6 The Annunciation to MARY in Nazareth. JOHN THE BAPTIST was born in September to ZACHARIAS and ELISABETH. Judea became a sub-province of Syria. TIBERIUS retired to Rhodes. TIGRANES II died. Armenia revolted. Paphlagonia was added to Galatia.
5 JESUS CHRIST was born in Bethlehem in April. MATTHIAS, son of THEOPHILUS, became High Priest, succeeded the same year by JOSEPH, son of ELAM.

8 JESUS, age 12, was at the Temple in Jerusalem. OVID was banished from Rome.
10 SAUL (PAUL the Apostle) was born in Tarsus.
25 JOHN THE BAPTIST began his ministry. JESUS was baptized in the Jordan River by JOHN. CREMUTIUS CORDUS committed suicide. .
29 JESUS was crucified, buried and resurrected in April. He ascended in May. The Day of Pentecost was in June when the Holy Spirit came. JUDAS ISCARIOT, who had betrayed JESUS for 30 pieces of silver, hanged himself and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out. PHILIP traveled to Scythia in southern Russia where he ministered for 20 years. LIVIA died. AGRIPPINA and NERO, widow and son of GERMANICUS CAESAR, were banished. .
30 JAMES, son of ZEBEDEE, traveled to Spain where he established churches. NERO committed suicide. .
36 STEPHEN was stoned to death, becoming the first Christian martyr. SAUL (PAUL the Apostle) was converted on the road to Damascus. MARCELLUS was made procurator of Judea. CAIAPHAS was deposed and JONATHAN, son of ANNAS, was made High Priest. HEROD AGRIPPA I offended TIBERIUS and was imprisoned. PONTIUS PILATE was sent to Rome for misadministration. ARETAS warred against HEROD ANTIPAS. .
37 PAUL was at Damascus. The first church in Europe was started in Glastonbury, England by JOSEPH of Arimathea. HERENNIUS CAPITO was procurator of Judea. THEOPHILUS, son of ANNAS, was made High Priest. TIBERIUS died on March 16th and GAIUS CALIGULA ruled as co- consul with TIBERIUS GEMELLUS. CALIGULA killed GEMELLUS. FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS was born. NERO was born. HEROD AGRIPPA I was released from prison and ruled Syria. .
39 JOSEPH of Arimathea and SIMON ZELOTES went to Avalon in Britain and established a church there. TITUS was born. GAIUS CALIGULA left Rome for Germany. HEROD ANTIPAS was deposed and exiled. CALIGULA attempted to initiate worship of his image in the Jerusalem Temple.
44 PAUL was at Antioch. The disciples of Christ were first called "Christians" at Antioch. SIMON PETER went to Caesarea from Joppa and CORNELIUS was converted. SIMON PETER also ministered in Bithynia, Cappadocia and Galatia. JAMES, son of ZEBEDEE, was beheaded by HEROD ANTIPAS. HEROD AGRIPPA I died, eaten of worms, at age 54. CUSPIUS FADUS was made procurator of Judea. CLAUDIUS was victorious in Britain.
49 THOMAS, JUDE and BARTHOLOMEW went to India where they ministered in Nisibis, Malebar, Socotora, Camboia and Mogar. They even went to Cataio, Bisnaga and China.
54 PAUL and SILAS began a third missionary journey. PHILIP, after having ministered in France, was pierced through the thighs and hung upside down on a cross until he died at Heliopolis in Phrygia at the age of 87. CLAUDIUS was poisoned by his wife AGRIPPINA on October 13th. Her son, NERO, became Emperor. Zealot terrorism in Palestine.
62 PAUL, at Rome, wrote "Philemon", "Colossians", "Ephesians" and "Philippians." ANANUS was made High Priest and had JAMES, brother of Jesus, cast from a pinnacle of the Temple, showered with stones and finally his skull smashed and his brains beaten out with a fullerís club. He was buried on the Mount of Olives. BURRUS died. SENECA fell. NERO divorced OCTAVIA and married POPPAEA SABINA. OCTAVIA was banished and killed by NERO. LUCCEIUS ALBINUS was made procurator of Judea.
68 LAZARUS of Bethany ministered in Citium in Cyprus for 30 years, then traveled to Marseilles in Gaul where he spent 7 more years and also visited Britain. He retired to Cyprus where he died (again). JOHN MARK was dragged to death through the streets of Alexandria, Egypt on Easter. BARTHOLOMEW, after having ministered in India with THOMAS and JUDE and with PHILIP at Hierapolis, died after being beaten with clubs, flayed alive and crucified in Armenia by the priests of Albanus, led by ASTYAGES, the kingís brother. PAUL was imprisoned in Rome and wrote "Second Timothy" shortly before he was beheaded in May by NERO. JUDE wrote his epistle. HEBREWS was written, probably by PAUL. VESPASIAN attacked Jerusalem. NERO committed suicide on June 9th and was succeeded by GALBA. JOSEPHUS wrote his "History of the Jewish War."
69 POLYCARP was born. After having ministered in the foothills of the Caucasis mountains, to the Scythians in South Russia around the Black Sea, establishing churches in Scythia, Byzantium, Greece, Thrace, Macedonia and Patros, ANDREW was crucified at Achaia on a cross in the form of an "X", hanging there for three days before he died on the last day of November. LUKE, who had been ministering with ANDREW, was crucified at Patros, Greece by being hanged on an olive tree by the idolatrous priests. GALBA was murdered by OTHO in January. The Senate declared OTHO Emperor on April 16th. OTHO committed suicide and was succeeded by AULUS VITELLIUS. VITELLIUS was murdered on December 22nd and TITUS FLAVIUS VESPASIAN became ruler, founding the Flavian dynasty. HORDEONIUS FLACCUS was murdered.
70 VESPASIAN arrived at Rome. TITUS, his son, with 80,000 men, captured and destroyed Jerusalem in August. 700 Jewish prisoners were taken to Rome. Judea was detached from Syria and made a separate Roman province.
74 MASADA fell to the Romans on April 15th.
76 JOSEPH of Ariamathea died in Britain and was buried at
135 The "Epistle of Barnabas" was written at Alexandria, Egypt. Jerusalem was razed and the Jews dispersed. Jewish history ended. Jerusalem was renamed "Aelia Capitolina" and made a Roman colony. The Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus was erected on the Temple site with an equestrian statue of Emperor HADRIAN. The Pantheon was rebuilt. The Arch of Hadrian was built in Athens.
138 MARCION left Pontus for Rome and founded the Gnostic church with two "gods"; the Old Testament evil one, and the New Testament good one to redeem. HADRIAN died, succeeded by ANTONIUS PIUS. .
140 MARCION formed the first New Testament canon, which included only ten of Paulís epistles.
175 The New Testament canon was substantially completed.
179 The Church of St. Peter-Upon-Cornhill was founded in London.
200 Rabbi JEHUDAH HA-NASI compiled the "Mishnah." Later, the "Gemara" was added, to become the Palestinian "Talmud." SABELLIUS formulated a false doctrine of the Trinity, called "Sabellianism", teaching that the trinity was a manifestation of forms rather than of essence; there were not three persons in the Godhead, but three manifestations, denying separate personalities. Afghanistan was invaded by the Huns. .
213 TERTULLIAN joined the Montanists.
215 TERTULLIAN wrote "Adversus Praxean", stating the Doctrine of the Trinity. CLEMENT died.
230 ORIGEN wrote "De Principus." The earliest known public churches were built.
257 Christians were commanded to conform to the state religion in Rome. The Goths invaded the Black Sea area and the Franks invaded Spain. .
267 The Council of Laodicea ordered a reciting of the creed at baptism. ODENATHUS of Palmyra died, succeeded by Queen ZENOBIA, who declared independence from Rome. .
296 The title of "Pope" was first applied to the bishop of Rome. ATHANASIUS was born. NARSES of Persia drove GALERIUS from Mesopotamia. .
297 Armenian king TIRIDATES III was converted to Christianity. CONSTANTIUS ended the revolt in Britain. The Romans took Armenia from the Persians. .
316 The first civil observance of Sunday. CONSTANTINE ruled against the Donatists and closed their churches. MARTIN of Tours, patron saint of France, was born in Hungary.
321 CONSTANTINE declared Sunday "a day of rest."
325 The Council of Nicaea with 318 bishops present was called by CONSTANTINE. The Arian controversy was arbitrated and the Deity of Christ was settled. The Nicene Creed was presented. The Trinity was established as: God the Father, the Virgin Mary, and Messiah their Son. Sunday was established as the day of worship. A fixed date was set for the observance of Easter. The Quartodecimans disputed the date of Easter, holding its celebration on the same day the Jews observed Passover. The Vatican Manuscript was produced. The Church of the Nativity was built in Bethlehem.
336 Christmas on December 25th was converted to a Christian holy day.
370 The first record of infant baptism, as Emperor VALENSí son, GALATES, was baptized on the Emperorís order. BASIL the Great, one of the Cappadocian Fathers, became bishop of Caesarea.
378 The Pope of Rome fell heir to two keys from the pagan divinities JANUS and CYBELE and became the Supreme Pontiff of the Babylonian Order. VALENS died at the Battle of Adrianople against the Huns and THEODOSIUS the Great became joint emperor with GRATIAN. .
384 SIRICIUS claimed universal jurisdiction and formally adopted the title of "Pope." AUGUSTINE went to Milan to teach. DAMASCUS died. .
395 Christianity was recognized as the official and only religion of the Roman state. Roman dominion of Christianity split. THEODOSIUS died. ARCADIUS became emperor of the East and HONORIUS became emperor of the West. .
397 The Council of Carthage confirmed the New Testament canon. AMBROSE died. The Visigoths were expelled from Greece by the Vandals. .
416 Infant baptism became compulsory. AUGUSTINE baptized new-born infants in Africa. An African Council was held at Mela. Only Christians were allowed to serve in the Roman army. The Visigoths invaded Spain and drove out the Vandals. .
422 Pope CELESTINE I asserted papal supremacy.
431 The Council of Ephesus, called by THEODOSIUS II and VALENTINAN III and attended by 250 bishops, emphasized the unity of Christís personality. MARY, over the opposition of NESTORIUS, was first declared "The Mother of God."
451 The Council of Chalcedon, with 630 bishops present, approved the New Testament. The Doctrine of Mariolatry was adopted. The two natures of Christ and their relationship one to the other were settled, asserting that "Christ was complete in Godhead and complete in manhood, truly God and truly man, having two natures, without confusion, without change, without division, without separation." LEO the Great declared Roman primacy. The Mongols, led by ATTILA the Hun, were driven back at the Battle of Chalons in Gaul. .
500 The Babylonian "Talmud" was compiled. Incense was first used in church services. First plans for the Vatican Palace in Rome were prepared. The British won victory over the Saxons. .
550 DAVID brought Roman Christianity to Wales. Church bells were first used in France. The crucifix was first developed as an ornament. TOTILA conquered Rome. .
590 GREGORY I (the Great) became Pope, calling himself "Godís Consul", and claiming unchallenged supremacy over other bishops. Ancient Church History ended and Medieval Church History, "The Middle Ages", began. Plague in Rome. AGILULF, Duke of Turin, ruled the Lomgbards in Italy. CHOSROES II ruled Persia. .
595 MOHAMMED married KHADIJAH, a wealthy widow.
610 MOHAMMEDíS "Night of Power" vision on Mount Hira launched him as the "Prophet of Allah." Episcopal rings were first used. ISIDORE of Spain published a treatise on officers of the church. The Irish monk COLUMBANUS brought the Lombards from Arian Christianity to the faith of Rome. SERGIUS became Patriarch of Constantinople.
611 MOHAMMED established the new religion of Islam. The Persians sacked Antioch. .
624 MOHAMMED married AISHA, the 10-year old daughter of ABU BAKR. MOHAMMED defeated the Meccan force.
627 MOHAMMEDíS enemies from Mecca beseiged Medina, killing 700 Jews. EDWIN became the first Christian king of Northumbria in Britain. TAíI TSUNG became emperor of China. HERACLIUS invaded Assyria and Mesopotamia. .
630 MOHAMMED invaded and captured Mecca. First publication of the "Koran". HERACLIUS made CYRUS Patriarch of Alexandria. Cotton was first introduced to the Arabs. .
632 MOHAMMED died at Medina on June 8th, succeeded by his father-in-law, ABU BAKR. Buddhism became the state religion in Tibet.
633 At the Council of Toledo, single immersion was adopted by Pope GREGORY. Damascus was beseiged by the Arabs. .
658 Babylon became the spiritual center of Judaism. MUAWIYA, governor of Syria, siezed Egypt. .
688 Construction began on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. CHARLES MARTEL was born. .
691 The Dome of the Rock and the Mosque of Omar were completed by the Moselms on the Jerusalem Temple site. CLOVIS III was king of all Franks. .
700 "Psalms" were translated into Anglo-Saxon. Easter eggs were first used by Christians. WILLIBRAND became the first Christian missionary to Denmark. Greek replaced Latin as the official language of the Eastern Roman Empire. .
710 Byzantine Emperor JUSTINIAN II became the first emperor to kiss the Popeís foot. Nara became Japanís first permanent capital. .
755 BONIFACE, Father of the German Church, was martyred. Pouring was first substituted for immersion in baptism. The pope became the temporal Prince. The Lombards surrendered to PEPIN III. The Byzantine empire warred with the Bulgarians. .
772 CHARLEMAGNE imposed tithes to support the clergy, the church, schools and the poor. .
787 Empress IRENE called the Council of Nicaea and established image and saint worship. The English church tax, sent to the pope, known as "Peterís Pence" was begun. The Danes invaded Britain. The Arabs invaded Afghanistan. .
800 Pope LEO III separated from the Eastern Empire and set the office of Pope above all law. CHARLEMAGNE was crowned first Holy Roman Emperor in the West by Pope LEO III on December 25th, marking a final and official division from the Byzantine Empire. LEWIS of France took Catalonia from the Moors. The Franks invaded Bohemia. The Northmen invaded Germany. The Irish reached Iceland. .
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