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Posted - 04 Oct 2003 :  14:47:37  Show Profile
Greetings In His name, Yahshua,

Today I was observing the many "group goals" on this world.
There are many "groupies" with all kinds of different complaints. All of them have a leader or some kind of organization focusing on that particular mole. There are thousands of them, millions of them. Some focus in small numbers, and some are large numbers. The democratic and republican parties is an example. They partake of one wrongdoing only to dismiss it to further another evil. That is the way they pull the wool from their "followers" eyes only to snare them into another lie. All they are doing is fooling them to believe that the old management is "under new management." On the event of take over by war, they call it "reconstruction act."

God shows us the way when He tells us that when we leave, we must shake the dust off our shoes. Meaning that we must leave it all with them, even the smallest particles/particulars. His Word is the truth against all evil doers, for that which is crooked cannot be made straight.

Many come saying, "I/we will get you out of this mess, but we must "go after" this particular problem. Many say, "Then how can we get anything done... we cannot expose it all at the same time!" It is His Will. Our Lawgiver knows that the way to His house is through understanding that mans works will not deliver us to His Kingdom. Only patient endurance and perseverance, understanding all that He Is, will get us there.

When the times come, that all mans "remedies" fail and there is but One Way, who is to enter through that narrow path? Only those whom have refined themselves knowing that His Word is the beginning, now and everlasting will enter. Those which are still "caught" by the likeness of those that say, "I/we are the answer," will remain with them with endless repetitions of the same old deceptions, false hope, and lies upon lies working on their naive minds which do not want to lose what is left of them.

You see, on this world, the captain of his ship is the one who gives the order to abandon ship. But if the captain of the ship is insane, like the "rich rulers of this world," which many, In Him, know of them as criminally insane, then His Children must understand that all is Gods creation... and man, is created In His image. There is no authority higher than Him. Only gamblers "stick around" in order to recover everything they have lost, and even if they "catch up," it is only momentarily, for their lack of knowledge and "things will get better attitudes" is everlasting through and by the debt the evil doers snare them into submission.

A little humor: There is a tomato family. They have but a short time to get to the other side of the street. The baby tomato is way behind, so the pappa tomato screams to the baby tomato, "Come on... Ketch-up!!!"

Our Lawgiver warns us of fantasies, images and idols. He warns us, and commands us not to comform to any images but His Image. Have you not noticed of the many "fantastic images" on those dreadful places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City? The "worldly judges" who wear those long black robes, with that festering gang calling themselves attorneys, lawyers, counselors, and yes, even "Esquires," which have turned His Law into a cesspool of lies, moot courts, and dens of thieves? Have you not heard of their "court approved" guardian ad litems, psychologists, family mediators, children and family "services," etc., inhabiting huge buildings where families in turmoil imagine they are being fed good fruit? I am not sorry to tell them - His Law is not their "laws, rules, codes." His Law is everlasting, for the time is here where His Law will be fulfilled. It is their "rules, codes, statutes, etc., run by their legions, which will be abolished in sight of His Children within His house. The impostors will not occupy for long, for though they, through mistaken beliefs think they occupy, it is "all in their heads." His chosen have the understanding that, by the fruits of their labours, they shall be known. The tares have grown along with the wheat enough for His harvest. The time is now where the servants of Our Lawgiver know the difference of good versus evil, truth versus lies, and the wheat from the tares. His servants will not bring that falsehood In to His house. Lawgivers servants know the falsehood which contaminates the world, divides it, then sells it to the lowest bidder, dragging many souls inside that netting for long distances without being able to come up for air.

"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men," Our Lawgiver tells us. He leads us to His house built upon rock, with the foundation so deep and solid of what is true, and what is known, that nothing can shake it. No deceiving mole hill of lies, and distractions can keep us from His mountain of knowledge, for He warns us not to fear wars, rumuors of wars, famines, earthquakes, plaques, GOSSIP, and other events which the wicked ones use as their "clip art images."

All those with their group agendas are casting stones, and then hiding behind the rocks. Their trumpets are not understood because they have been blowing confusing alarms. They adore their traditions while overlooking the very "party lines" deceitfully leading them to destruction, all for the sake of mob rule, for since the beginning of time, the "moral majority" is neither cold nor luke warm. The blind is blindly leading them till they reach the very edge of the cliffs where there will not be enough neither time nor space to turn back, but only trample each other. There is weeping and gnashing of teeth, while "friendly fire" comes back to haunt them, because they imagine that to keep your friends close and your enemies closer is wise. Casting pearls among swine is not His Law when the enemy is within the gates.

Those which accept God, with all their mind, heart and soul, understand that those which bare false witness against them through persecution, abduction of their earthly children, and plunder their worldly labors will not temp God, for He is the Lawgiver, Judge and King no worldly actors can come close to. An "act of god" does not exist, for He is the Supreme Law, anchored In truth, not opinion, In which His Word is tempered, refined many times, and the seed which will but pierce through everything, for His seed is planted on fertile soil and His root has taken hold.

The deceivers have taken mans name for granted, stamped their false names on dog tags, all the while they shed blood for the wrong ideals the false prophets, history teachers, and the rest of the profiteers continue to impose upon them. They greatly err...Gods Children are not fooled, their names are written In His book of Life not of the dead. The wicked ones illusions will be revealed, much anger will rise. Nations are rising against nations, all because they have taken His name in vain. Vanity upon vanity, all will attempt to regain their sovereignty to no end, until the wicked ones are once and for all revealed. You see, these battles are not fiscal, material nor because of land, but spiritual.

Comform to His Image and prevail.


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Posted - 20 Oct 2003 :  22:38:24  Show Profile

How much does man endure, thinking that what he has been led to believe, still prevails. From the Constitution, to the Bill of Rights, to justice for all, it is all gone. It does not exist, for our now dead have been slowly giving it away, all the way up to us. By the time we realize that the whole world is corrupt, and can no longer be fixed, the reality is that mans works has “fixed it.” Those which think that way, a way that will change things for the better, will soon wake up to a rude awakening. Those letters of mans wisdom and purity are dead. They might sound encouraging, but the facts are that they are but old garments, rotting away, being eaten away by the moths of this world.

Time and time again I hear mans troubles. Constantly complaining of the way they are being treated. Usually the way they are being treated results from judgements, findings, and other court related conclusions, the very sign of government catastrophy.

One thought they usually forget is that those who lead into captivity will fall into captivity. While these “trouble makers” of these so-called courts and their dogs appear to be wealthy, honorable and powerful, there is one conclusion that will be the final straw. That straw which will break the camels back is the time when His chosen see His Light. His Light which those dreaded ones will not be able to enter, for they have accumulated so much junk, that their packs will be too heavy to carry. They will not be able to submit themselves to being humble and meek for their gods require heavy extravagance, self endulgence and all that which is for show.

His Children are as light as a feather, pierced through their hearts, minds and soul of His Truth. His Children know of this world, but are not of this world. His Children have suffered and through the suffering, have quickened to the truth through their attempts to get to the truth which only our Lawgiver can set us free. We do not lick the chains around our necks, thinking that someday the locks will break free from those sinical, sadistic evil ones using their tactics.

If our earthly fathers ever knew the seriousness of His Truth, we would not be on the stance we are today. Our earthly fathers still think they where of the “wonderful generation.” The same generation where millions of men, women and children died from battles and wars, made to believe that it was to preserve freedom. Some of us even gave in to voluntary servitute believing the same lies, wanting to be heroes only to understand that hero is only a myth, favored by the gods.

You watch and see the desperation of those who can no longer keep their standing armies marching in cadance to the same tune. From all parts of the earth, they will loose loyalty due to their own deceptions. It is a crying shame America has not been able to hold it together either. For if America was not held captive by the impostors, all would fight to preserve all they knew existed, for real, not imaginations.

His Grace and Truth be upon you,
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