Are You a Terrorist?

From a brochure called, "If You encounter any of the following, call the Joint Terrorism Task Force,” by the FBI in Phoenix.

Right-Wing Extremists
* "defenders" of US Constitution against federal government and the UN (super patriots)
* Groups of individuals engaged in para-military training

Hate Groups
* Skinheads, Nazis, Neo-Nazis (usually recognized by tattoos)
* Black Seperatists
* Christian Identity
* White Nationalists

Common Law Movement Proponents
* Fictitious License Plates
* No license plates
* Fictitious Drivers Licenses
* No drivers licenses
* Refuse to identify themselves
* Request authority for stop
* Make numerous references to US Constitution
* Attempt to "police the police"

Left Wing Terrorists
* Political motivation is usually Marxist/Leonist philosphy

Single Issue Terrorists
* Targeting of law enforcement and emergency personnel
* Animal Rights
* Eco Terrorism
* Violent anti-abortion extremism
* Urban riot agitators
* Cyber penetration
* Non-aligned terrorists
* Doomsday/Cult Type Group
* Insurgents/Rebels
* Lone Individuals

Weapons of Mass Destruction
* Nuclear
* Chemical
* Biological

Another reason Call a member of the Phoenix FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is attempting to identify criminal activities with domestic terrorists. In this regard, the purpose of this information sheet is to assist uniformed patrol officers in identifying potential domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism is defined as: Groups or individuals operating entirely inside the US, attempting to influence the US government or population to effect political or social change by engaging in criminal activity. In the event questionable activity is encountered, contact the individuals named in this brochure for clarification.

Note: The individuals named are:

Investigator Al Shearer, Maricopa County Attorney's Office;
Intelligence Researh Specialist Jodi Stanul, Federal Bureau of Investigation; and
Analyst Terry Chapman, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

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