eFloys (evolving Floys), are social, territorial, evolving artificial life creatures, implemented in Java.

They belong to the flocking Alife creatures variety, sharing with them the social tendency to stick together, and the lifelike emergent behavior which is based on a few simple, local rules. They differ from most other flocking Alife animals by having the following properties:

The eFloys applet and some instructions are presented below. Context sensitive help for each button is displayed in the status bar (not functioning in Microsoft Internet Explorer). For more details, click the Show Help and Show Rules buttons.

If you can read this then your browser does not support Java, and you cannot see the eFloys applet.

Author: Ariel Dolan


The overall movement of the creatures should appear smooth and calm, and if necessary, adjust it by clicking the 'Slower' or 'Faster' buttons (click several times to reach the desired effect). Insert a stranger and watch the local eFloys chase and attack him. Click the 'Scramble' button to introduce variety in the population. Click 'Start Evolution' to start the evolutionary process, where each generation begins when the older generation kills a stranger. Give specific eFloys (or all of them) a special personality by modifying properties in the 'Edit Properties' screen. Try all the other buttons to see what they do.

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