Remember Boulderdash from the old Commodore 64 days? Here it is as an applet, but without the scroll! Grab the diamonds, but avoid the falling rocks and swarming fireflies! Ten levels of excitement with full instructions on how to create additional levels! Source included!

Author's Notes:

Along the way, you'll encounter these elements:

Titanium WallAn indestructable wall
DirtYou can dig through dirt, leaving empty spaces
Brick WallThis wall can be destroyed if, say, you blow up a firefly next to it
Magic WallJust as destructable as the Brick Wall. If you drop a rock into the Magic Wall, it turns into a diamond. If you drop a diamond, it becomes a rock. There has to be an empty space under the Magic Wall, or else the falling rock or diamond will be swallowed by the wall and lost forever.
FireflyMoves clockwise. If you smash it with a rock or diamond, it explodes. Deadly to the touch.
ButterflyMoves counterclockwise. If you smash it with a rock or a diamond, it explodes into diamonds. Also deadly to the touch.
AmoebaGrows randomly. If you suffocate it so it has no place to grow, all of the amoeba will turn into diamonds. Amoeba is not deadly to the touch (so you can help suffocate an amoeba by standing next to it), but will kill fireflies or butterflies that touch it.
Closed ExitWhen you collect the required number of diamonds, this will turn into an Opened Exit.
Opened ExitPassage to the next level.

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