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 When was Jesus really born?
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David Merrill
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Posted - 19 Dec 2014 :  03:31:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
“In my blood” is an interesting term here. My father told me how excited his Dad was about researching the Visitation of the Magi and discovering that the Magi actually visited Jesus when he was a toddler, not a newborn infant. I took no real interest at that age, maybe 10 or 12 years old. But now I recall some of the details. Grandpa was being rejected in his local church about his discovery and it may be no coincidence that as he was getting ready to publish his findings he was at his table at the library. He got up to find a book or use the restroom and came back to find his briefcase stolen!

So I really wish I could somehow communicate this technology-backed research to him. I recall my father conveying how disappointed Grandpa was about the theft.

For years now I have been calling the birthday of Jesus September 11th, 3 BCE simply because this falls in the middle of the Tabernacles festival and matches up to HEROD’s (Archelaus) Census falling during the holidays. There are some details given in the Gospels, including the Greek word for “toddler” rather than infant that help us believe that the Magi actually visited Jerusalem some time later. With the technology being a paper library I do not know what Grandpa was using for his evidence but I was excited to hear about The Star of Bethlehem video presentation supporting this with the retrograde motion of Venus, that the Magi found their way to the City of David, south of Herod’s Temple by viewing Venus in the middle of its moving backward in the sky around midnight of December 25th, 2 BCE when Jesus was fifteen-months old.

Today though, I clicked on a video that collaborates the birth of Jesus to be September 11th, 3 BCE from the Book of Revelation, to within about an hour! In particular the author points out why the Stars moving backward in the sky is in plural; Jupiter in retrograde motion caused the bright conjunction on Jesus' birthday. So both Jupiter and Venus moving backward in the night sky tell the story.

Merry Christmas everybody!

David Merrill.

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Posted - 12 Apr 2015 :  18:59:21  Show Profile  Visit melewis's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hello David Merrill, I did some research on this topic based on the Book of Luke a few years ago and included the results in my Word of YHVH Bible. Here is the article:

YHVH is making us work for this knowledge. We have a number of hints to calculate the possible time of year. Our calculations must be made from certain Bible text and ancient Jewish law concerning the service of temple priests. There are some Jews today who are well-versed on the ancient subject of the Law of Moses, yet, even they have differences of opinion.

The search for the birth month of Jesus begins with the Bible text about the temple priest, Zachariah and his wife, Elisabeth. Even though Luke provides strong hints concerning Zachariah’s temple service and the coordinated conceptions of John and Jesus, there is no way to pinpoint the exact day of Jesus’ birth. However, three things are key in the process of estimating Jesus’ birth month:

1) his age when he was baptized,
2) the season of Zachariah’s temple service,
3) the upcoming Passover, the latter being primary.

To begin, the Jews used two calendars. The Civil calendar, beginning in the Hebrew month of Tishri, was used for official business, childbirth, and contracts. The Sacred calendar, beginning in the Hebrew month of Nisan, was used to compute the sacred events of the Feasts of YHVH. Since temple service was under Sacred Law, it is assumed here that Zachariah’s temple service and the conceptions of John and Jesus were also by that calendar. The evidence for that assumption is that the prophecy of Daniel’s seventy sevens is based on every level of Sabbath within which is Jesus’ birth, anointing, death, ascension and return. In short, his first and second coming.

Using the markers in the Book of Luke and some outside research, we learn that Zachariah was priest of the temple in the division of Abijah in the line of Aaron. (1Chronicles 24: 10) His priestly duty was to tend to the altar of incense and the lampstands twice a day for seven days twice a year. His appointed time of service was in Abijah’s eighth division (out of twenty-four priests) in the month of Iyar (April/May) or the end of May for spring service. His fall service was at the end of Heshvan (Oct/Nov). The conceptions of John and Jesus were only six months apart, and Passover is so closely associated to Jesus it is unlikely John was conceived at the end of Zachariah’s spring service, therefore, this calculation is based on his fall service.

Elizabeth conceived soon after Zachariah’s service was fulfilled at the end of Heshvan (November) putting John’s conception in the month of Chislev (December). In Elizabeth’s sixth month (Sivan or end of May), Mary conceived Jesus. Since the timing was likely at the end of May, Jesus’ conception would have been in the sacred month of Sivan or the beginning of June. Nine months later Jesus was born in the sacred month of Shebat or the beginning of February. Eight days later Jesus was circumcised. The family would have been able to celebrate Passover after Mary completed her days of purification time of thirty-three days at which time Jesus would have been presented in the Temple. (Leviticus 12:1-4) The family returned home from Jerusalem after they performed all of their duties according to the Law. The family visited Jerusalem every year at Passover, according to the Law.

John the Baptist was a Levite. His father was one of the keepers of the flames of the temple lampstand. The lampstand is the relational representation of the Spirit of YaHavah and his seven spirit anointing. John the Levite announced Jesus who would baptize in the fire of the Spirit.

The Bible teaches us that Jesus is King of kings and High Priest. Jesus was born in the line of Judah giving him rights to be King of Judah. He is also called our High Priest. The required age to enter the priesthood is thirty. Jesus turned thirty prior to his baptism by his cousin John, a Levite. Since Jesus’ crucifixion associates him with the sacrificial Passover lamb (John 1:29) and he is pictured as such in Revelation 4 and 5, it would seem there is no question that he was born in the month of Shebat in the beginning of the Gregorian calendar month of February several weeks before Passover.

• Jesus was born several weeks before Passover
• Jesus was presented to YHVH at Passover
• Jesus celebrated manhood at age 12 when he sat with the priests speaking scriptures at Passover
• Jesus was baptized and anointed before Passover at thirty years of age
• Jesus was crucified at the time of Passover

The Feast of Unleavened Bread or Passover was initiated when the tribes of Israel began their exodus out of Egypt. Only those who marked their doors with the blood of a lamb could be counted in their exodus. In much the same way, believers are sanctified by the shed blood of YHVH’s Passover Lamb. Jesus is the only way for believers, living and the dead, to escape the wrath of YHVH described by the seven bowls in the Book of Revelation and the second death at the White Throne Judgment. Passover is indeed important in calculating Jesus’ birth month.
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Posted - 25 Jul 2015 :  13:21:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here is a video that shows the Sept 11th, 3 BC birth date, but then goes on to show that the fulfillment of the prophecy of Revelation 12 occurs on 23 September 2017:

Honi soit qui mal y pense
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Posted - 26 Jul 2015 :  11:13:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sure does cause earth expansion, all the planetary

Keep your eyes and ears open for Kick Em' Jenny volcano out
in the Caribbean. Not to mention other places too.

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