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 Call no man father

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Manuel Posted - 04 Dec 2014 : 13:02:31
Call No Man Father

And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Matthew 23:9

Have we not all one father?

No one is more sovereign than the Creator of Mankind. How does God the Father appoint the ruling powers over men so that they may exercise authority? To understand the present it is often required to look into the past. Man was not given dominion over other men by God. Men cannot acquire righteous dominion by force. Yet, by consent we may give ourselves into subjection.

Is verbal consent the only way we may be subjected to exercising authority? If we take from or damage others we may incur an obligation to make amends. If we refuse to pay for what we have damaged or taken it is reasonable to compel recompense.

Besides these two reasonable ways of creating a subjecting authority over our person there is still another system clearly sanctioned and even promoted by God the Father in Heaven.

Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers? Malachi 2:10

Read the rest of this foundational article at:

20   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Manuel Posted - 07 Jan 2015 : 07:33:36
Greetings everyone,
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a New Year to reflect and gather your thoughts in good works.

I think many here will find the following very edifying:
Altars and Sacrifice:

PS Happy New Ears - Eyes Right - Straight & Ease About :)
Manuel Posted - 31 Dec 2014 : 11:58:47
Hi bondservant,
Email did not tell me of response to this topic,
but saw it when entering ecclesia site.

Reminds me of the term "good enough for government work,"
but the answer should be, What form of government is one
talking about? When one rightly notices the difference, then
one can strive to detatch in baby steps, in order to reach
that giant leap in works.

Good to read from you and hope all is as well as possible
with you and love ones.


PS Big hug to Zoboli, the sicilian donkey :O)
Bondservant Posted - 30 Dec 2014 : 17:45:56
Manny, I found this on that site as well:


What does that mean?

It means to reduce and eliminate all dependency of the welfare state apparatus, by:

Taking care of yourself and your beloved ones

Solve your own problems within the family and the local community

Make sure you can still put food on the table (or in your root cellar) even if you lose your job, for example by starting up your own garden and plant a couple of fruit trees.

Follow your own moral codes instead of the (often) immoral codes of the state.

Create your own alternative means of payment to replace the counterfeit fiat currency of the state.

Trade services and favors with your neighbor instead of buying from others and thereby fueling the tax system. Prioritize local community instead of state sanctioned trade.

Assume responsibility for your personal security in your home and in your community through common sense, neighborhood watches and local militias (also see the book The Production of Security by Gustave de Molinari)

Lead the education of your children, no matter if they're stuck in a public school during the day or if you live in a country where homeschooling is legal (it's illegal in Sweden).

Plan for your old age, avoid debt, don't expect any state pension, and make sure that you have productive and natural systems in place that can provide you and future generations with food and shelter.

Make yourself independent of state-approved banks and central banks that enslave societies by first creating money out of thin air and then demanding interest on that monopoly money."

Render unto the State what is theirs. Render under the Lord what is His since the beginning.
Bondservant Posted - 30 Dec 2014 : 17:37:22
Originally posted by Manuel

Hi everyone,
Now that the 25th of December has passed, not
to mention the 6th of January (Three kings day),
"Coming right up," I thought of adding the following
very well reasearched and written in order to pass
along the dilligent to be approved:
The Beloved Anarchist


From the link:

"Christianity in its true sense puts an end to the State. It was so understood from its very beginning, and for that Christ was crucified."

I wish I had come up with that truth, but Tolstoy beat me to it
Manuel Posted - 30 Dec 2014 : 11:23:54
Hi everyone,
Now that the 25th of December has passed, not
to mention the 6th of January (Three kings day),
"Coming right up," I thought of adding the following
very well reasearched and written in order to pass
along the dilligent to be approved:
The Beloved Anarchist

Manuel Posted - 10 Dec 2014 : 10:18:48
Hi Kevin,
You know, reminds me of the walking wounded.
During times of trouble, they either keep on walking
with the others or stay back to keep the evils from
further tormenting the people seeking His Living Light.
It is said that there is no greater love.

Thank you for The Good News by way of The Free Church

A Dios,
kevin Posted - 09 Dec 2014 : 20:58:00
So then how do we be this gathering of idiots?

the free church report has some thing to say about that.
kevin Posted - 09 Dec 2014 : 20:54:52
Hey Thanks! Manuel...
As I got to get deepr into that what came to me was,
yeah okay Kevin u aint the first guy to come down the pike and have your life smashed to pieces,
quit lickin yer own wounds get up and gird your proverbial loins put on the whole armour. ( whatever that really is?)
seems to be the message
Manuel Posted - 09 Dec 2014 : 16:18:08
Hi Kevin,
Honestly, I was the one that made the connection due
to the events and images of the "Both sides of the story"
song and lyrics. Here is Phil Collins explanation, not mine:

Further, even though the song is a few years old, it reveals
that there is nothing new under the sun, per lyrics, images
and happenings. So, as the earth spins and travels, I thought
to pop it in and to further relay the very real article with very
real biblical and historical value - "Are Christians Idiots?"
kevin Posted - 09 Dec 2014 : 11:52:22
watched that and read that. but i don't get the connection?
Can you explain?
Manuel Posted - 09 Dec 2014 : 11:02:02
Two sides of the story

The Kingdom of God is at hand

Are Christians Idiots?

Manuel Posted - 07 Dec 2014 : 12:30:45
Yes siree Bob, I hope Robert - James says:
It is I, here at your service :O)

kevin Posted - 06 Dec 2014 : 20:06:45
ah ha,
like setting aside the sin that so easily besets us, and press on toward the mark of the high calling.
I do have some setting aside to do and desire it,
Since it is now.
begin again.
On track,
Manuel Posted - 06 Dec 2014 : 17:14:47
Hi Kevin,
The important way to go I think, and do, to the best,
or almost the best, due to limitations as being one, is
to gather together or apart towards the goal of helping
ourselves be stroger, not weaker, and too strangers,
which deserve, the help.

Times are going to get tougher, as they have been,
and if we do not gather our thoughts to action, and
come together, then days of sorrows, alone, will pick
and switch us out of His Kingdom. We should devote,
starting NOW, how we can gather The Way into our
beings, right here on the Ecclesia forum and hopefully
gather with others In His Kingdom, and really start


kevin Posted - 06 Dec 2014 : 04:49:53
YEAH!! my brother idiota!!
I see what ye mean now yes.
that is why i believe we must hang together.
So, what can we do.
This is no accident that we are even having this conversation.
We can en courage one and each other for today.
Seems there are many flickering wicks around.
We just need a little breeze maybe?
may the wind of His Spirit kindle the fire in our hearts,
Me thinks this is the weakness in my testimony when it seems one has no eyes or ears.
Maybe it is not that at all.
Maybe it is because i am just some guy parroting things a read about.
Sure I believe but so does the devil.
I recall reading when The Messiah was speaking to some folks and they were amazed at the "authority" in which He spoke.
I mean the teachers all taught in the temples and they be liev also.
But they knew this Messiah guy really knew some thing.
How did they know?
Not cuz He was smart and knew all things.
When He spoke His word (cuz it's living and active) resonates and your whole chakra suddenly illuminates.
I think it is just too much to be hold this unapproachable light.
it can be a fearful thing to suddenly become illuminated see all things at once, because of our nakedness?
Or i could be evil and to willing to dwell in the light as He is in the light.
I may have my little desires to tend too, im sure the list is endless but some of my favorites are mind and body altering substances, any thing that can dull me to the agony of living in darkness. So on the one hand i desire to do good but evil is right here with (in) me?

It a thing to consider, when i think one does not see what i think im seeing, it could be cuz I aint seen nuttin yet and only read about it in a book.
Well that was interesting?
More Peace Manuel to you and your loved one(s) also!

Manuel Posted - 05 Dec 2014 : 17:14:09
Hi Kevin,
Thank you for filling me in on who said that, and his
position. I was thinking more on the manner in which
when I talk to some, not all though, about the purpose
and true doctrines in Christs teachings, some are so
caught up in their material things, or simply, have not
ears to hear, or eyes to see, that it seems, seems, as though
it goes in one ears and out the other.

In the mean time, I could even be called an "idiota" (idiot)

Peace Kevin, and Blessings to you and love ones,
kevin Posted - 05 Dec 2014 : 14:53:53
Yeah I wonder about that
Vanity on the one hand is like I look in the mirror and I love myself so dang much such, a wonder special being..
I am a Kings child I am special...
Ah ha yep....
On the other hand Vanity is like oh man fergit it pack it in just go suck on a gas pipe.
Or I can be sui juris that will do it then I will have arrived and be more than i am.
The man that said that was Solomon if I remember correctly, now there was a great man did many wonders had hundreds of wives and concubines property everything even Wisdom and still at the end of the day he said that.

Me thinks that we bring ourselves to this state of being from not tending to my Fathers business.
We just have to stop the warring and come together ,is that even possible any more even so it is worth it.
cya Manny;)
Manuel Posted - 05 Dec 2014 : 11:17:23
Greetings Kevin,
I am so glad for you Kevin. Yes, narrow is The Path,
and The Way.
Stuck between a rock and a hard place, while still
knowing of the meaning of Living Stones, and striving
for His Kingdom.
Just yesterday I was thinking of "Vanity... all is vanity."
Thinking of why that was said? I think I know :)


kevin Posted - 04 Dec 2014 : 17:02:29
Hi Manuel,
Yes I have read books there in fact, I bought a bunch of them to pass around.
We have a congregation of record up here in the northeast, we are small and we get together as much as we can.
It seems a mountain sized task and most people do not have time ,many like the system the way it is. As I go to and from I look for people.
Blessing and peace to you Manuel,
Manuel Posted - 04 Dec 2014 : 15:30:44
Hi Kevin,
I know of what you mean. Believe you me.
Have you read any of the books at
and gotten the message of the actual history so relevant
as to what real Christianity, and other major religions are meant
to be? Big wake up call!


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