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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Caleb Posted - 03 Feb 2005 : 19:00:59
A few years ago I was taught to write my name punctuated as follows:

Gordon-Caleb: Smith

Discussion has arisen under the following topic that now calls this into question:

"BERTH" Certificates

I am very open to learning why this is wrong, or a better way of writing my name, so I started this as a new topic to explore this critical issue.

Here are the reasons why I believe it is correct to punctuate your name the way I have above.

Christian name.

The hypen between your given names creates a single Christian name, and Bouvier's 1856 says you can technically only have one Christian name. Your Christian name identifies you uniquely.

Family name.

The family name is actually not your name, but is associated with you. Thus the colon separates it from "your" name. This is such an important distinction that I have now added further punctuation to write the name as:

Gordon-Caleb: (Smith)

This makes it clear that "Smith" is not really "my" name at all.

The reason this is so important is that when they get you into court, the judge has got to have you stand surety for GORDON CALEB SMITH. Once you answer to this name, he will then call you MR. SMITH for the rest of the hearing. But Smith is not your name. Mr. Smith could be your father, your brother, your son, your grandfather, or even someone you have no relation to at all. Go to your great-grandfather's tombstone and you will find that he is MR. SMITH, as only the names of the dead are written in ALL CAPS.

The judge does this because he has no authority over you, and thus he must proceed against you under a different name. If you want to upset his apple cart, do not answer to "MR. SMITH". Instead ask him if he is addressing you. When he says he is, tell him, "Your honor, please call me Gordon." He will sputter and mumble something about not knowing you well enough to be on a first-name basis. He cannot address you by "your" name, as he has no authority over you. This is why he can only use the family name.

That said, I have never witnessed a case where how the name was written has made a difference. The courts in New Zealand have no trouble with colons or other punctuation. So while I want to write my name in such a way that rebuts their presumptions as to my identity, I do not think the punctuation I use is some magic formula that stops them in any way. It does not.

David, you stated, "The true name is the expression of nativity and peaceful asylum state. Keep that identity." This is all I am trying to achieve. I am open to any suggestions you or anyone else have as to how best to achieve that.

"Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end"
Isaiah 9:7
20   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Manuel Posted - 30 Jul 2005 : 16:49:21

There is no doubt that the Military Laws fit unto this whole or-deal with the admiralty and merging itself with the public policies being established.

Now, being that for a man or woman to be a partaker under nexus of Military Rules, then there must be an oath taken without threat, duress and coercion and a voluntary condition.

I came here as a very young boy escaping the grip of a faction known as a communist totalitarian regime. During those years we all where tagged as parolees/refugees/non-resident-aliens. Even my years on the military started with waiver from father and mother due to my age (seventeen), and even though I served "proudly and diligently," it wasn't until the early 80's AD, then unto the second voluntary enlistment phase (+6 years), that the trumpet began to sound a distinguishable tune. As the years passed unto adulthood I have seeked true freedom and full disclosure of the facts, and cleared the way from being ignorant of the Law into better sounding-bites.

Oh... so much for that... I sometimes get bogged on the passed... never mind...

But, if in fact, the old condition was away from the true intent of freedom, then the course must be taken to cut-off the chains which bind, extort, kidnap, coerce and aid and abbett same.

Semper Fidelis In The Almighty,

Bondservant Posted - 30 Jul 2005 : 14:40:11
Lewis (and all other registered members) --

We've had a copy of the Lieber Code available for download in the online Library here at for years:

There are many other library files of interest as well:
Lewish Posted - 30 Jul 2005 : 12:38:45
Dear David,

I am waiting on the case numbers as we write. I will be most happy to provide them so that others may pull them up and learn from them. I would not be surprised to find them sealed. I have a very good case cite out of USDC North Carolina. I have the in house case number and the Fed cite. Neither is available. If you call the Clerk of Court and ask for a copy of the case by the in house number, the clerk will tell you that number was never assigned. If you try the Fed number on West Law it comes up blank. They don't want the sheeple getting at the info. I have a copy of some parts of the case. Hope to have the whole filing soon. For a hint - Exhibit 14 in the case was a copy of the Lieber Code. You might want to take a careful look at it. The courts are operating under it.


An American National
David Merrill Posted - 27 Jul 2005 : 20:11:37
I get it. Lack of expatriation from the original condition. That makes sense because of the formal recognition Conress gave in the Expatriation Act the eve before ratifying the 14th Amendment in 1868. Ergo "red herring".

I had forgotten you were in front of the same judge. I never knew how many of those guys ended up in the prison but am glad to hear they are finally being released.

I am glad you have had genuine controversies prevail. I think you know that the feds were poised already and I just feel by the exact timing that my genuine controversy 'triggered' the Standoff. It may have been weeks before anything happened or they may have already had it scheduled. So without conditions like that looming in the background you may very well have a win ready to go! I hope so.

Also Lewis. I think you know that my (mental) clerk cannot accept (file) your wins in Oregon and Colorado into evidence until you direct me to validation by case number and hopefully docket dates to save time and expense. Maybe even transcripts. I understand that you may not want people meddling and "jinxing" things up by getting people in the U.S. Courthouses nervous, stuff like that. So please consider my request that when you feel the time is good, to publish or release information so that I/we may examine these dropped cases properly.


David Merrill.
Lewish Posted - 27 Jul 2005 : 19:14:38
Hello David,

No expatriation/repatriation. That is a red-herring trap set into their "Code". I am simply doing a declaration that I have never given up being a Citizen of the United States of America, and any evidence to the contrary was created in fraud. I am NOT expatriating from anything. How can I expatriate from something that I never belonged to. The United States citizen is not a living man. That is a dilusion created by the 14th Amendment, which by the way was never properly ratified.

I think you know, but maybe not, I was before and will be again before the same Judge Coughenour who sentenced the Montana Freeman. Also, have you heard that they are one by one all getting out on appeal. Denial of Due Process of Law. Bang! Bang! Dead!

We had a win in USDC in Colorado and Portland, OR last week. Genuine controversy. Could not hear it. Dropped the case. I plan to win also.

One of the problems I see with the Montana Freeman is that they tried to expatriate. No good! You must comply with Title 8 of the U.S. Code if you want to be heard. There are also some pieces in Title 28 that must be done.


An American National
Manuel Posted - 27 Jul 2005 : 16:53:38
You know... the more one listens to that video on Leroy, and other reads and listen toos, key pointers pop-up, like "building the bench." These little router-bits setting/carving a pretty picture in its frame makes a good carpenter go to work and present a comfortable bench to sit on under the cool breezes and shades of The Fruitful Tree. ThanXs

I am,
David Merrill Posted - 27 Jul 2005 : 13:48:40
So, the first step is to get a hearing so that the evidence of a "genuine controversy" can be laid upon their BAR. Once that is done, they have an unsurmountable problem, and they will be forced to...

There is pure theory at play again, Lewis. Not to say do not do it; just never to think in your excellent engineering mind you can predict the outcome of putting them in a pickle. The Montana Freeman Standoff is a great example. Leroy Michael chuckled aloud when he saw me doing just that - laying a genuine controversy on the bench before them. I remember thinking how this was going to force them to revert to pre-Civil War currency overnight. I suppose that is what Leroy was chuckling about; we just kind of sat there chuckling about it. You can see by the video at the time Leroy had 100% confidence in the lawful state of Justus Township. That changed soon as my comptroller warrant hit the IMF in Ogden, Utah.

I admire your chutzpa and engineering talents Lewis. I want to have the process available for when my life requires me to interact commercially. For now it is not necessary so abatement for misnomer and using a certificate of search for ID work fine. But being out of contractual nexus has its limitations. It of course is not the way Daniel would live upon Jeremiah's advisement. Therefore I hope you detail it carefully enough that any of us may duplicate the expatriation/repatriation you describe.


David Merrill.
Lewish Posted - 27 Jul 2005 : 12:03:01

What I was doing at the Post Office was sending off the start of a "genuine" controversy. You see, the "court" (whatever that is, see other thread for discussion of it) can only see "fiction" controversy. They cannot deal with the genuine article.

So, the first step is to get a hearing so that the evidence of a "genuine controversy" can be laid upon their BAR. Once that is done, they have an unsurmountable problem, and they will be forced to dismiss the case and the 3 years of supervised release that the court ordered for the fiduciary of the trust that was sentenced.

It all boils down to knowing who you are, and being able to show it. Today I am mailing off to the U.S. Attorney General, to the Dir. of Public Affairs at the DOJ, and to the Sec. of State at the U.S. Dept. of State a copy of my Declaration of Citizenship, Dwelling and Sovereign Status along with a Declaration of Intention and asking them to see that the records in the NCIC are corrected to show that I am an American National, a non-resident alien foreign to the United States. This will set part of their records to the correct information.

Talked with a fellow down south yesterday. He got pulled over that morning by a state trooper (revenue collector) for doing 25 over the posted limit. When the cop asked for his driver license, he replied "I am sorry, but I am an American national and foreign to your jurisdiction." The cop asked if he had any evidence of that. He pulled out his Declaration of Citizenship and handed it to the officer. After the cop read part of it, he replied "We can work with that. Have a nice day" and returned to his patrol car. So, what do that tell you?

Some friends of mine attended a conference by attorneys for attorneys in the middle of June. It was by invitation only. The one point that was emphasized over and over was the need to control "time, place, space, and plane" if you intend to be outside of the control of their system. You look at the U.S.Code and you find that by simply using their time, you grant them jurisdiction over you. (I don't have the cite here, but will try to provide it later.) Thus, if you fail to use A.D. either before or after you write the year, you have just granted them jurisdiction under the time statute. And, so it goes.

But the biggest criteria is to stop being a U.S. citizen and rebuke all presumptions of same. Now, obviously I have not yet completed that, but I can tell already by the way "they" are reacting to me now, that I have made serious progress in that direction. Hopefully, within 3 months I will have completed the task and be completely free to live my life the way I want to live it, for my Lord and Savior.

Peace to you all,

An American National
David Merrill Posted - 26 Jul 2005 : 18:14:25
Is that what you were doing at the Post Office?

Bondservant said

German names are the same. I have a friend named Hans Jurgen von Nageshuwski. His name is "Hans Jurgen" and he comes from the Nageshuwski family. His German Driver Licence simply says "Hans Jurgen", yet when he got a US licence, they entered Nageshuwski as his "Last Name". Pretty odd when you really think about it.

I am thinking that the real capital integration is focused around the Manhattan Patroons, United Nations charter law and METRO organization. But that is why we find the United States so insistent on indenture through chattelizing the vessel. There is a project to capitalize on every legal name, to the fullest extent possible. Therefore each legal name must have a death certificate (to cash in on like a life annuity - why war is so prosperous to the economy) or a breathing man or woman to work (for) it.

For instance the best I can get seems to be "David Merrill Van Pelt a/k/a David Merrill". I can abate but that gets a little shaky because it might turn up a warrant for the vessel and they put on the cuffs.

So please tell us more details about rescission or revokation of the presumptions on the vessel.


David Merrill.

P.S. I have pointed this out before. But behind a lot of the custodial principles is the pretense of a Bloodline and that is in France. The Club of Paris is a non-organization that manages central banking loans.

Take a look at their convention on names.

Lewish Posted - 26 Jul 2005 : 17:10:02

Regarding the name they use in court. Please refer to Title 18 United States Code Sec 7. They are prosecuting a commercial vessel, which is a United States citizen. They are not prosecuting you a man. It doesn't matter, and they don't care how you write your name. They are holding you the man because you have not rescinded the contract that you or your parents entered into to make you liable for the commercial vessel.

Friday, July 21, A.D.2005 we had a win in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT on this very issue. THEY could not show any evidence of legal liability between the man and the commercial vessel which was to be prosecuted for failing to pay the I.R.S. its dues. The man was not a United States citizen and thus was not in their jurisdiction, and they could show no evidence of any liability attaching to the man.

Once you break all the presumptions and stop being United States citizens but instead become Citizens of the United States of America, i.e. American Nationals, then "they" have no way to make a claim against you. When you have the records in the NCIC and the SSA corrected to show the true you, then police, tax collector, the .... whatever, will NOT be interested in you. We are proving it in the Courts and in the streets. All I have on my car for a license plate is a piece of plastic with the name HUGHES and the word sovereign on it. The cops are totally ignoring it. One tried to write me a ticket for no plates, registration, proof of insurance and no Driver License. After 20 minutes on the radio he found out he couldn't. So he wrote the car a ticket for being illegally parked. I wrote "Refused for Fraud - no current contract" across the face of it and mailed it to the court. No one has bothered me since.


An American National
Manuel Posted - 06 May 2005 : 16:11:28
The majority of Spanish decent here, when asked to fill out a form, follow up by writting where they come from on the "last name" box/line.

If from other decent, lets say Williamson, then that should properly be from/von/de William, or son of William.

Looks like both the Castellano (Spanish laws) and English laws have too been adjusted by perception/deception. I way to keep closer tabs on debtors.
Bondservant Posted - 06 May 2005 : 13:34:39
How correct you are, Manuel.

You've brought up a very important point with this as most North Americans do not understand why Hispanic names do not "translate" correctly into the surname category on computers. When you ask a Dominicano what his "name" is, the answer is always his name and the apellido (appellation?), such as "Juan Carlos de La Vega" signifying his name is Juan Carlos, but identifying that he is the Juan Carlos from the town (or perhaps family) of La Vega.

German names are the same. I have a friend named Hans Jurgen von Nageshuwski. His name is "Hans Jurgen" and he comes from the Nageshuwski family. His German Driver Licence simply says "Hans Jurgen", yet when he got a US licence, they entered Nageshuwski as his "Last Name". Pretty odd when you really think about it.
Manuel Posted - 05 May 2005 : 10:18:25
Last night I was thinking of the names. You know how in English they ask:
First Name.......... Middle Name..... Last Name........ In English
Nombre.............. Apellido......... In Spanish

Now, if you notice the Spanish version under the English version, it says Apellido. I looked for apellido using a "modern" spanish dictionary and it described the word apellido as: "Nombre (name) de familia (of family) que distingue (which distinguishes) a las personas (persons). Also notice "Last Name," that doesn't mean Apellido, but Ultimo Nombre in Spanish.

Asta Luigi

Manuel Posted - 21 Feb 2005 : 23:40:06
Greetings to you as well oneisraelite,

You reminded me of this writting I stored on floppy a few years ago:

Unholy Roaming Empire - a satire
Paul Walter and Michael Sieradzki

Preying on greed, casinos everywhere lure people and extract billions of dollars each year. It is such a profitable enterprise, that government is cutting in with lotteries to entice vulnerable low income groups. But there's an even greater casino scheme playing out -- right in the American Justice System! The justice system today, indeed, functions like a BIG CASINO, but without the inexpensive food, drinks, rooms and entertainment. It's the Biggest Casino around! It's also the Oldest Game in the world first instituted by wives upset about their husbands' involvement in the Oldest Profession in the world.
In gambling casinos and Big Casino you will loose because the odds are stacked in favor of the house. However, you are not forced to game in the gambling casino. But in Big Casino you are aggressively preyed upon, constantly stalked and forced to play the game by Big Casino Staff who build their business by busting in new players. The game begins when the feds, state or somebody else accuses you of something and, although you are theoretically presumed innocent at the start of the game, you are treated as if you are guilty. Big Casino demands your time and money, ruins your family's financial savings and can also take possession of your body.
One game in Big Casino is called Gladiatorial Warfare. You will find this game in the Criminal Justice System room. In this game you are thrown into an Arena with a seasoned, battle-hardened Gladiator who has spent his whole life dedicated to destroying people like you. He is trained, armed and financed by all the resources of Big Casino to demolish you. He is called The Prosecutor and has many allies in the Arena.
Every game, including Gladiatorial Warfare, is played out before the Pit Boss, also called The Judge. This Big Casino Worker dons black robes and holds a threatening, life-affecting gavel. The Pit Boss has the admiration and awe of all fellow casino workers -- even though he is not the highest paid among them. The Pit Boss pleasures himself with almost absolute control over the money, life, hopes and resources of anyone dragged before him. The Pit Boss' principal attribute should be one of compassion and justice. However, casino politics, power lust and the standard corruption of posted rules easily sway these self-important mortals. Such is Big Casino's way!
As with any effective casino enterprise, Big Casino has its muscle team, or The Enforcers. There are three varieties of these. The Hunters bag victims to throw to the Gladiator. Then, if the victims (whether deserving or not) are defeated and condemned, they are sent to the Slave Galleys where the Keepers tend to them. Hunters and Keepers wear nice hats, shiny metal star pieces and carry that ever-prized gun. Watchers, also part of the muscle team, are less privileged, but can draw satisfaction from hounding and humiliating those victims released from confinement in the Slave Galleys. Together, the three arms of the Muscle Enforcement Team ensure continued Big Casino business. Since the Enforcers and the entire Big Casino Staff get paid by the public, unlike gambling casinos who must make it on their own, the Enforcers try not to spook the general public with their darker side. They try to act as polite and friendly as you can get while packing a gun and other assorted killer weapons. Just don't knock the chip off their shoulders.
In the Arena, these Hunters assist the Gladiator by attacking and destroying your character in front of the Pit Boss and a stack of selected and underpaid Spectators called the Jury. In fact, it is the Hunters who roam around and look for victims to bring into the Arena. They get paid bonuses to do this by Big Casino which gets paid by the people in the land. The people believe the Hunters are all good guys and all victims brought into Big Casino must be bad guys and worthy of destruction. The public is also made to believe, the more victims thrown into Big Casino's Arena, the safer they will be. Once in the Arena, you are defamed and demonized, dirt dragged up on you, until the Spectators consider you as someone who would not be in the Arena unless you deserved to be destroyed by the Gladiator. In this Arena the selectively Pit-Boss-informed and carefully indoctrinated Spectators get to vote thumbs-up or thumbs down, sealing your fate.
There are also Big Casino Kiddie Games and, while kept apart from adult venues, they are an integral part of the lucrative Big Casino business. Unlike the gambling casinos, Big Casino has no age restrictions. Even unborn babies can be lured into Big Casino's games by the eager efforts of Big Casino allies, called Child Watchdog Baby Services (CWBS). CWBS are much coveted business partners having, in recent years, greatly expanded Big Casino operations and financial accounts, spawning an endless array of affiliated entities: child visitation authorities, counseling services, parenting programs, etc., ad nauseum.
The drug industry, legal and illegal, has been a boon to Big Casino's Kiddie Program, supplying drugs and forced prescriptions to children and supposedly unfit parents, particularly to pregnant teens, whose offspring are very valued with a government bounty on every little confiscated head. The money is paid through the government's Safe Adoption Act. But, that is a sideline business handled by CWBS and accounts are settled between the government and Big Casino Bankers.
In the case of the children, Big Casino's games are the cruelest. Everything is left up to the Pit Boss who makes up the rules with no accountability. There is no due process provision for a thumbs-up-or thumbs-down vote by Spectators. Consequently, there are none of those underpaid thumb-wagging Spectators around to temper the Pit Boss' self-righteous pride or prejudice. There is no interference with the Pit Boss' pronouncement, which is final.
A child, being a minor, is considered a Ward of Big Casino, and as such, does not have the same rights as older victims. Instead, the Gladiator pummels the child and his parents to sway the Pit Boss in black robes to terminate the natural parents' rights and scoop up the youngster into Big Casino Worker's hands, collecting Big Buck Bounties for Big Casino.. No Spectators allowed.
In the adult arena, in addition to the Hunters, there are also Warriors, hired by the Casino, called Expert Witnesses who further harass and defame you in front of the hostile Spectators, often carefully chosen from the ranks of Big Casino Workers' family and friends, whose motto is “We never met a Hunter we couldn't trust". In Big Casino you are considered incompetent to play your own hand and the Casino coerces you into using a Representative Warrior. You'll be the one to suffer all the blows, financial destruction and character assassination in the Arena, but you will not be allowed to defend yourself or attack the Gladiator who pummels you with deceptions. Your Representative Warrior, called the Pretender or Lawyer, must do that. The problem is, this Public Pretender is an employee and officer of Big Casino. He has been assigned by Big Casino to defend you in the Arena, but his livelihood is dependent upon good relationships with Big Casino's Pit Boss, Hunters and Gladiator. In fact, he pleases them most when he can convince you to admit you are a bad person, and willingly loose the game, and take your financial, mental, emotional and physical punishment without resistance. However, if you force this Public Pretender to protect you, he will resent you, and be an ineffective shield. Odds are 49-1 you will lose the game in the Arena.
If on the other hand, you have enough money at the outset, you can hire your own Pretender, but Big Casino rules say they must belong to the same Club as the Gladiator and Pit Boss. This Club, or Union, is called The BAR, and their sole purpose is to further their own interests at your expense. In fact, they always make money for themselves.
You are now thrown into the Ring with the hardened Gladiator and his minions to pummel you until you are senseless on the ground. At that point, the Spectators get to choose who wins or loses. If the Spectators put their 'thumbs down' you are condemned to a Slave Galley where you will spend your time attached to an oar while a big Keeper beats out a rhythm on a drum for you to row to. Sometimes the Keepers get a little carried away and abuse the Galley Slaves, but no one ever hears about that and, besides, you deserve what you get or the Spectators would not have condemned you to the Slave Galley.
Now you will spend years rowing in the Slave Galley, part of an expanding fleet with proliferating crews. Citizens pay all the bills for the Ships and their varied expenses. After a prescribed time, Big Casino rules let you out of the Galley and throw you back into the world, minus your normal citizen's rights. Then a Watcher is assigned to watch you, and you shall pay for reporting to this Watcher. It is very easy for the Watcher to get you thrown back into the Slave Galley on any of a hundred reasons, which they usually make up. Finally, you may reach a point where you are no longer assigned to a Watcher, but then you are fair game to be used by any Roaming Hunter who knows he can drag you back to the Arena since the Spectators will not look kindly at an ex-Galley Slave. Sometimes Hunters will use an old Galley Slave to help them trap other victims for the Big Casino games. They force old Galley Slaves to snitch, cheat and lie on such victims, doing whatever it takes to save themselves from going back to the Galley. Business is business, after all.
Chances are, old Galley Slaves will be sent back to the Ship along with new victims of the Arena battle. Big Casino Games have been so well attended that the American Slave Galley Fleet contains more inmates than any other nation in the world. We are at over 2 million Galley Slaves, with 4 to 6 million ex-Galley Slaves on assigned Watcher's probation. The cost for the citizen-taxpayers to finance Big Casino's activities are hundreds of billions of dollars a year. This does not include the destruction, financial or otherwise, to the families and friends of the Galley Slaves and those thrown into the Arena.
There is another Big Casino game called the Civil Litigation Game. This game is as brutal, corrupt and prejudiced as the Gladiatorial Warfare Game. The gameplay and results are the same but in this game they don't vie for your body. Instead, the Arena battle is for your money, business, home and everything your family has saved up over the years. Here the battle for your future is between Pretenders on either side, who all profit regardless of whether you win or lose. In this arena, Spectators still vote thumbs-up-or- down and Big Casino Pretenders, Pit Boss and Administrative Staff get paid, no matter what the outcome.
Most recently, Pretenders, having a nose for Big Bucks, have drawn the tobacco companies into Big Casino's Civil Litigation Game. They came out of it tremendously enriched and encouraged to seek other similar avenues. This pleased the country's Big Kahuna who appoints many Pit Bosses. This Maker of Executive Orders and Commander in Sleaze, who recently seemingly recovered from his own scandals (and probably with dues and favors to pay), has enabled Pretenders to target gun manufacturers. Not only will money be plentiful for the Pretenders, but they can help the Big Kahuna settle accounts, as well as substantially aid Big Casino Business. The resulting increased revenue, destruction of weapon manufacturers and elimination of pesky weapons in the hands of the Public that could trouble Hunters in their unlawful seizures or other distorted, illegal operations is a boon to Big Casino business. Getting three birds with one stone is better than the Proverbs. Pretenders, Big Kahuna, Casino Workers -- everybody is all smiles except those who find themselves at the wrong end of the only guns left, those in the Hunter's hands.
It's not uncommon for one branch of the Casino, like the Pretenders, to benefit another, like the Hunters. This is the essential secret of the Casino's great success -- where today we are nearly overcome with overflowing Slave Galleys and over-abundant Pretenders slithering their way into the highest posts in the land, right up to the Big Kahuna himself, and his 'lovely', if no longer loving, wife. They are both members of The BAR of Pretenders, as are most Rulers of the three branches of government.
The Cartel of Big Casino is better than Organized Crime: it's organized brutality, it's criminal, but it's totally legitimized despite its unconstitutionality. That dream, which the Mafia failed to accomplish, has now been successfully carried out -- the respectability of Big Casino: fear and greed flourishing to the destruction of our society. But unlike Organized Crime, which invited you in, Big Casino reaches into everyone's home and no one is protected. The Mafia pretended to honor their own family. Not so in the Big Casino, which thrives on family disruption, and thus can come to anyone's doorstep, at any time, for nearly any reason as flimsy as a vindictive, anonymous report. This is worse than the Third World, this is the Fourth World of evil and insanity.
So, next time you get to feeling smug about yourself remember, all it takes is for an Unholy Roaming Empire Hunter or Pretender to notice you or be hired to force you into Big Casino. Once that happens, you are trapped with no complimentary shows, food, drink or room, unless you consider the provisions on the Slave Galley as compensation for everything that you will lose in Big Casino's Arena.
Of course, for safety and income, you could try applying for a job as Big Casino Staff and perhaps get a Hunter's Badge and Whip, and go about finding victims to feed the growing Slave Galley Fleet. Maybe you get excited guarding Slaves? Perhaps you are a good liar, cunning and subtle enough to make Big Bucks as a Pretender? If you are really heartless and tough enough, you could become a Gladiator, pummeling victims in the Arena. If you're particularly pompous and have a knack for the hypocritical Big Casino Games, and like dressing up in black robes, you can even try to be a Pit Boss.
However, if you can't bring yourself to sell your integrity, don't join Big Casino's Staff. They don't understand Spiritual matters, and compassion is not rewarded with Big Bucks in Big Casino. Reject corrupt Big Casino Games, and remember that your greatest treasure is the Spirit within you, and your greatest joy is offering that Spirit to those around you. If you enjoy treating others as you would like to be treated yourself, you won't make it in Big Casino anyway. If you don't qualify as an employee of a corrupt, rotting system that will pass away, nothing is lost. Your true treasure can't be beaten out of you or stolen on Big Casino's Arena floor. Your treasure is safe and grows as you reveal it in living expression.
Times are changing, and the old heaven and old earth are passing away. The painful and greedy Big Casino Games will fade. You know the Truth because Spiritual things are Spiritually discerned. Knowing the Truth brings real freedom that cannot be taken from you. Love the Truth in your heart, and courageously reveal it on Earth.

Paul Walter

Oneisraelite Posted - 21 Feb 2005 : 08:08:29
Greetings brothers and sisters of this Ecclesia:
Peace be unto the house.
Thought perhaps this thread would be the appropriate place for the following example of how far back this "name issue" goes, though we perceive it most probably goes back much farther than what we are now presenting. Hope you all enjoy.

Just a Worthless Tramp

by Leo Tolstoy, translated by Mrs. Louise Maude

The following story is an excerpt from the Russian novel, RESURRECTION, published in 1899.37

As this story begins, a man named Nekhludoff is being ferried across a broad river. He is listening to a conversation the ferryman is having with an old man who has no name.
"And have you long held this faith?"
"I? A long time. This is the twenty-third year that they persecuted me."
"Persecute you? How?"
"As they persecuted Christ, so they persecute me. They seize me, and take me before the courts and before the priests, the Scribes and the Pharisees. Once they put me into a madhouse; but they can do nothing because I am free. They say, ‘What is your name?’ thinking I shall name myself. But I do not give myself a name. I have given up everything: I have no name, no place, no country, nor anything. I am just myself.
‘What is your name?’ ‘Man.’ ‘How old are you?’ I say, ‘I do not count my years and cannot count them, because I always was, I always shall be.’ ‘Who are your parents?’ ‘I have no parents except God and Mother Earth. God is my father.’ ‘And the Tsar? Do you recognize the Tsar?’ they say. I say, ‘Why not? He is his own Tsar, and I am my own Tsar.’ ‘Where’s the good of talking to him,’ they say, and I say, ‘I do not ask you to talk to me,’ and so they begin tormenting me."
"And where are you going now?" asked Nekhludoff."
Where God will lead me. I work when I can find work, and when I can’t I beg." The old man noticed that the raft was approaching the bank and stopped, looking round at the bystanders with a look of triumph.
Nekhludoff got out his purse and offered money to the old man, but he refused, saying:
"I don’t use this sort of thing, bread I accept."
"Well, then, excuse me."
"There is nothing to excuse, you have not offended me. And it is not possible to offend me." And the old man put the pack he had taken off again on his back. Meanwhile, the post-cart had been landed and the horses harnessed.
"I wonder you should care to talk to him, sir," said the driver, when Nekhludoff, having tipped the bowing ferryman, got into the cart again. "He is just a worthless tramp."
Later that day, Nekhludoff visited the prison in regard to other matters. In one of the exiles’ cells Nekhludoff, to his surprise, recognized the strange old man he had seen crossing the ferry that morning. This old man was sitting on the floor by the beds, barefooted, with only a dirty, cinder-colored shirt on, torn on one shoulder, and similar trousers. . . .
As in all the other cells, so here also the prisoners jumped up and stood erect when the official entered, but the old man remained sitting. His eyes glittered and his brows frowned with wrath.
"Get up," the inspector called out to him.
The old man did not rise and only smiled contemptuously.
"Thy servants are standing before thee. I am not thy servant. Thou bearest the seal-" The old man pointed to the inspector’s forehead.
"Wha-a-t?" said the inspector threateningly, and made a step towards him.
"I know this man," Nekhludoff hastened to say; "what is he imprisoned for?"
"The police have sent him here because he has no passport. We ask them not to send such, but they will do it," said the inspector, casting an angry side look at the old man.
"And so art thou, too, one of Antichrist’s army?" the old man said to Nekhludoff.
"No, I am a visitor," said Nekhludoff.
"What, hast thou come to see how Antichrist tortures men? There, look, he has locked them up in a cage, a whole army of them. Men should eat bread in the sweat of their brow. And he has locked them up with no work to do, and feeds them like swine, so that they should turn into beasts."
"What is he saying?" asked the Englishman.
Nekhludoff told him the old man was blaming the inspector for keeping men imprisoned.
"Ask him how he thinks one should treat those who do not keep to the laws," said the Englishman.
Nekhludoff translated the question. The old man laughed in a strange manner, showing his teeth.
"The laws?" he repeated with contempt. "He first robbed everybody, took all the earth, all the rights away from men, killed all those who were against him, and then wrote laws, forbidding robbery and murder. He should have written these laws before."
Nekhludoff translated. The Englishman smiled. "Well anyhow, ask him how one should treat thieves and murderers at present?"
Nekhludoff again translated his question.
"Tell him he should take the seal of Antichrist off himself," the old man said, frowning severely; "then there will be no thieves and murderers. Tell him so."
"He is crazy," said the Englishman, when Nekhludoff had translated the old man’s words, and, shrugging his shoulders, he left the cell.
"Do thy business and leave them alone. Every one for himself. God knows whom to execute, whom to forgive, and we do not know," said the old man. "Every man be his own chief, then the chiefs will not be wanted. Go, go!" he added, angrily frowning and looking with glittering eyes at Nekhludoff, who lingered in the cell. "Hast thou not looked on long enough how the servants of Antichrist feed lice on men? Go, go!"

37 - When this novel first appeared it was banned in Russia as both a threat to the church and the state. It presents a revealing look at the techniques used by lawyers, courts, the prison system and the state church in keeping the people enslaved. Though the novel takes place in Russia in the late 1800’s, there is much similarity to the United States today.

fellowcitizen of the commonwealth of Yisra'el, NOT the man-made, fictional STATE OF ISRAEL.
Manuel Posted - 13 Feb 2005 : 13:37:10
Greetings oneisraelite and Kathleen, In His name Yahuwah,
and all on this day,

A few days ago I was given the oldest Bible I have ever had to read.

Under the title "an introductory history of the manuscript and early printed editions of the holy bible" there is a paragraph (not parable) which I believe clears up much darkness to wit:

"Human laws labor under many imperfections. They extend to external actions only. They cannot reach that catalogue of secret crimes which are committed without any witness save the all-seeing eye of that Being whose presense is everywhere, and whose laws reach the hidden recesses of vice and carry their sanctions to the thoughts and intents of the heart. In this view, the doctrines of the Bible supply all the deficiencies of human laws and lend and essential aid to the administration of justice."

Keep in mind that this bible was printed around the nineteen hundred and two, and many "busybodies" where at work at that time too, as today.

May His grace be upon you all,
I am,

Oneisraelite Posted - 13 Feb 2005 : 08:47:44
If it matters not how we write the Creator's name,
if it matters not what we call our Creator,
if it matters not how we write His Chief Officer's name,
if it matters not what we call our Chief Officer,
then reciprocally it matters not how we write our own names,
and it matters not what we are called.

fellowcitizen of the commonwealth of Yisra'el, NOT the STATE OF ISRAEL.
Oneisraelite Posted - 10 Feb 2005 : 20:52:38
To Whom it May Concern:

And how did Yahuwah redeem us without money?
He sent a Wonderful Counsellor to Yerusalem, just as He said He would.
And His Wonderful Counsellor brought Good Tidings, Lawful Advice, just as it is written.
This Lawful Advice was put forth in such a way that only those whom Yahuwah has preordained will see (perceive) and hear (understand); to those "of the world" it will seem foolishness.

And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: all these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

For the preaching of the stauros is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of Yahuwah.

For after that in the wisdom of Yahuwah the world by wisdom knew not Yahuwah, it pleased Yahuwah by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

But we preach the Anointed One crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness...

Because the foolishness of Yahuwah is wiser than men; and the weakness of Yahuwah is stronger than men.

But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of Yahuwah: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with Yahuwah. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

(Yahuwah entraps the wise in their own sophistry)

May Yahuwah bless all His children with eyes that perceive, ears that understand and contrite and humble hearts. Amein.

fellowcitizen of the commonwealth of Yisra'el, NOT the STATE OF ISRAEL.
Oneisraelite Posted - 10 Feb 2005 : 05:40:14
Greetings and salutations Manuel,
Peace be unto the house.
...when rulers are evil it is because many are evil. One cannot exist without the other.

As our dear brother, Gordon Caleb, has appropriately said, "We get the government we deserve," i.e. as it is written, "Ye are 'elohiym" [gods] and as 'elohiym [gods] we create [governments] in our own image, again, as it is written.
Governments are "things", they are inanimate objects, a.k.a. fictions, they cannot be good or evil, but they are made in the "image" of their creator, so, if a government appears to be evil, guess what....?
Yirm'yahu [Jerermiah] 5:31 The prophets [inspired men] prophesy [speak] falsely [shams], and the priests [principal officers] bear rule by their means [authority not delegated by Yahuwah]; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?
{Your politicians speak lies, and your principal officers bear rule by their own authority (Psalm 2:2), and you love to have it so...}
Some of us pay mere mortal men, hundreds or thousands of babel-bux to be our savior, to make for us graven images (written documents) that we believe will redeem us...simply amazing (perplexing), since it is written, "...Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money."! What part of "w-i-t-h-o-u-t m-o-n-e-y" did we not understand, or should we say, did we not believe?!?!
I find it quite interesting that the root word for "money" in the Hebrew is kasaph, which means, "BDB Definition:1) to long for, yearn for, long after; 1a) (Qal) to long for; 1b) (Niphal); 1b1) to long for (deeply); 1b2) being longed for (participle)" appropriate!
Good to see you again, brother Manuel, sister Kathleen: was asking after you, just yesterday, I believe.

fellowcitizen of the commonwealth of Yisra'el, NOT the STATE OF ISRAEL.
Manuel Posted - 09 Feb 2005 : 23:28:57
I greet you all In His name,

All understood, we underdstand that they all are dead within their own trappings... in fact, they are so used to their works that they want to paint us with their own brushes and dance to their "tunes."

But what sounds good to them does not sound good to us and that is clearly known.

I had a clear and distinct wave come across recently after my last visitation with them. They are so deceived by themselves that they would do whatever they can to con their jurisdiction back unto the new man, using any or all learned imotional black-mail they can spew from their tormented and control-freakish minds.

The answer is not to fall unto their traps, no matter how wonderful and pretty it might seem on the top. Remember they will use any and all emotional deceptions to lure and wiggle their tails to "catch" their prey. Yes... even your sons and daughters by way of the many "WHORES riding on the BEAST."

Seek His Light and mighty armour. Feel and see through the lies upon lies and who/what is being used as bait. Once one realizes that what we are thrown at us is with ill and wrongful intentions to cover-up the truth... we will understand, Father willing, that evil is evil and the reason it "seems" to prevail is because when rulers are evil it is because many are evil. One cannot exist without the other.

May His Glory and Grace protect and shield us all.

Until the next time, I am,
His servant,

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